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Ould be fine It s not offensiveWe as a society have a way about us We tend to apply our modern terminology and our modern way thinking to the a way about us We tend to apply our modern terminology and modern way of thinking to the and way of thinking during the Antebellum Period and so on It cannot be done but often than not it is Uncle was often used as a term of endearment during that time In the modern world we Black Americans use it to describe someone as a sell out etc If you read Slave Narratives and other books interviews etc from that time you will see the term Uncle Poppa Mammy Mother used that time you will see the term Uncle Poppa Mammy Mother used in my mother s time and my own the Whites would say Hey Momma Morris We took care of them We were wet nurses ironed their clothes cooked for them emptied their chamber pots held them when their hearts were broken We earned those titles of endearment The olden days and the titles used in that time should be respected in the modern world not resented The story from a historical perspective was well rounded A few things I did not like Uncle Hewlett uoting Shakespeare How many white or black could uote Shakespeare Reading Don uixote Not many people had that type of reading selection back then I don t uestion his ability to read history has proven that some Blacks were literate not many but enough I did not find this unbelievable Would he read in front of his master Hmmm But none of this took from the story for me at least I never felt like I would run into the N word in this book But if I had that would not be offensive to me I am not one It is a historically accurate word for that time Gone With the Wind used it It was used Period I am offended to read historicals and the N word is ignored and not in it We cannot erase history We cannot change it as hard as we may try I am offended by romanticized history where everyone loved their negros I will say this genre has no place for that particular word I am grateful as a friend of mine pointed out to me the lady who recommended this book that romance erotica etc do not portray men they way they often were in that time Controlling cruel abusive taking slaves as their mistress even often against the slaves wishes seeing women as property If we stuck to generalizations and historical accuracy the RomanceErotica genre would have a small audience But then again who reads erotica for that I read it for the sexFor this genre I highly recommend this bookNow where is a fan pacemaker and my iced te. Assion she admires until those very attributes prove to be the catalyst that could destroy their newfound love Publisher's Note This book contains explicit sexual content graphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal playintercourse femalefemale sexual practices. ,

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African American Women of the Old West
BeguiledVery well written historical ff romance Set towards the end of the Civil War Belle Must War Belle must the best she can to ensure that she and her mother have a roof over their heads and food When the Yankees come she makes a
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to house two their wounded One man is mortally wounded the other is not a man but a woman Belle is fascinated by Alice At first neither trusts the other b Alice and Belle make a memorable sweet and erotic couple What I particularly like about Beguiled is Smith s ease in creating a solid relationship between the two heroines prior to their sexual involvement I think sometimes authors writing erotic romance have it so rough because if they invest too much time in developing emotional intimacy and sexual tension readers seeking erotic titillation feel their time is wasted I enjoy the tension leading to consummation and this book doesn t disappoint The historical content is accurate and believable I wish civil war romance fiction was available and this one was a rare treat because it s so well done Recommended This was so sexy I had to put it down once or twice to cool off I ve been searching for strong lesbian erotic romance that read like the many mm books I read and love without either heroine ending up dead or alone After sending an email off to a few folks in the industry whose reading tastes are similar to mine and who I know read lesbian romance I was recommended this author and book to read Loved this uick historical romance and am so grateful to the several people who recommended this book to me Am picking up of Paisley s books for sure BeguiledI have to say I love a historical based romance and this is a great example not too much detail that it becomes onerous but enough to be a convincing read with a fairly realistic plot No time to lose onto book 2 This might be a 35 star read but it gets 4 stars for avoiding a lot of Civil War fiction cliches after making me think it was totally about to succumb to themMost importantly Belle and Alice are a beautiful couple who made my heart ache Each physical encounter between them upped the ante so much that it hurt to read and yet I couldn t stop and read the whole thing in two sittingsMy biggest issues came from the telegraphing in the writing style but either it stopped after the first two chapters or I got over it because I wanted them to be together so bad Either way I count that. The Civil War has torn Belle Holloway's world apart Left to manage her Georgia plantation with little help she is exasperated when the Union Army adds to her burden by leaving a wounded soldier behind But upon closer examination Belle is shocked to discover the soldier is actually a beguiling. A win 3 12 starsThis story started strong but then the plot took a turn and I didn t enjoy it as strong but then the plot took a turn and I didn t enjoy it as Being tagged as historical I was looking forward to reading about The Civil War and the MC s fight for survival BUT it seemed that was used as a means to get the two MC s togetherOne thing that didn t sit right with me was her new love interest wearing her missing view spoilerlater revealed dead hide spoiler I haven t read the entire revealed dead hide spoiler I haven t read the entire ust bits and pieces while I was formatting it but what I read I liked very much Lesbian erotica isn t necessarily a huge seller for us which is a shame I m sort of an eual opportunity reader I ll read mf mm and ff as well as menage in whatever combination If the book is good the gender really shouldn t matter IMHO A decent readI would give this one 35 stars I m not much for historic pieces but I do like hiddenmistaken gender reads and this one starts off as that for like the first 10 pages After that its not a secret any really Anyways the story is actually pretty good but I wouldnt have minded a love scene being cut short or not included for of story regarding the world outside the bedroom so to speak i dont know if that makes sense The ending is what threw me off completely I wont give anything away but to me it was too easy and it didnt fit the era or the story Overall it was a story i than liked but didn t love I first Must Say This Book say this book recommended to me Now you can imagine my hesitance at first I approached this book with the mentality I might be 60 something but I am not dead I like what I call smut or what I also refer to as my dessert Beguiled was my first lesbian encounter with smut With that in mind I truly enjoyed the book I can only speak from my experiences in life and the knowledge I have gained from those experiences Throw my education in there and I would like to think I have a healthy stew of educated opinions But then again I am biasedI noticed Uncle Hewlett caused a bit of a stir with the reviews Such an interesting character and a hard one to write especially for white people The phrase often comes to mind You are damned if you do damned if you don t I will bet money not knowing Miss Smith she had several people read her book specifically to see if Uncle Hewitt was okay Having worked in the acedemic field and being the Black reader for many of my White friends I often found myself saying It sh. WomanClad in male attire stubborn brash Alice O'Malley awakens a passion in Belle she never knew existed Alice dominates Belle's lonely existence with taboo pleasures and erotic escape Soon Belle realizes she is than willing to submit her body and her heart to the woman whose strength and comp.