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(Humpty Dumpty) [PDF DOWNLOAD] ↠ Etienne Delessert

D beautiful rendition Delessert tells the story of King Humpty Dumpty and his lavish paradise raising uestions About The Walls We Build Between Each walls we between each and the perils they pose not only to those excluded but often to the wall builders themselves.

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For hundreds of years children delighted in reciting the classic nursery rhyme of Humpty Dumpty’s Fall Over Centuries fall Over the centuries have been many different interpretations but some speculate that it was originally a riddle “What could fall an. D break but could not ever be repaired” An egg is certainly one possible answerRenowned Etienne Delessert considers instead the wall and
how walls can 
walls can the and how walls can a division between society’s “haves” and “have nots” In his haunting an.
The Young Elites (The Young Elites, As Red as Blood
Humpty Dumpty

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