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E–book/E–pub Devil's Food Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke

Devil's Food Cake Murder

Joanne Fluke ✓ 6 read & download

Since this is on NY Times Bestseller list I m really concerned about my ellow American readers The book is a bust but there are some good recipes Sometimes I wonder why I like these bust but there are some good recipes Sometimes I wonder why I like these much I don t make the recipes which are increasing in number with every book it seems taking up a lot of space I get annoyed by Hannah who is 30 but acts kind of like a grandma she doesn t know how to use email and cell phones and is shocked at any implication of sex and I reuently eel like the author has not been back to Minnesota in a while referring to MN s basketball team as the Minnesota Wild is unforgivable The mysteries aren t even the ocus of the book any it s about revealing recipes and character development But they are a un ast read and I do like the characters Will she ever choose between Mike and Norman What will Moishe get into next Who is Delores The Gingerbread Man and the Leprechaun Loose at School flirting with now Will anyone ever mention that serving only cookies at a cateredunction is ridiculousI loved the cliffhanger ending After so Many Books Where Hannah books where Hannah love affairs were left right where they started this was refreshing and I m looking orward to the next installment when I will not make the recipes and will chafe at Hannah s elderly behavior Hopefully Hannah s new nemesis will be the next one to turn up baked in a pie or somethin. Ng uestions She soon discovers that the good Reverend wasn't uite the saintly ellow he appeared to be It will take some digging to The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School find the culprit but Hannah is sure of one thing even the most half baked murder plot can be oh so dead. Dd behavior at the end of the last book is explained as is his habit of running off and lying to Hannah about his dental emergencies I can t say I saw that twist coming but it s really cruel to have that as the cliffhanger Next book now pleaseAlso While Mike is still doing stupid things he s dating Bev too and doesn t say a single word about it to Hannahor the entire book he isn t as obnoxious this go round Maybe I just had enough Moishe to distract me or the act that Hannah Is Finally Realizing is inally realizing Mike will never be the right choice or herNow if only Doctor Bev would get herself knocked off If you don t mind poor story construction aceless characters dialogue driven children s Book Plot Complete Lack Of Imagination Random plot complete lack of imagination random of pro gun propaganda wtf Joanne No really wtf references to Christianity every third or ourth sentence and a mysteriously octogenarian sounding 30 year old emale protagonist and a mysteriously octogenarian sounding 30 year old emale protagonist sounds like every crappy romance novel heroine I ve ever read about her hair tis unruly her igure tis no Poor grammar Boringly predictable plot Unbelievable and annoying characters Tedious detail with no imagination Unnatural repetitive dialogue An unfinished ending in order to get you to read the next book in the series which I will never do Poor writing and story construction. Te A new minister is in town to cover or Reverend Bob Knudson who's honeymooning with Hannah's good riend Claire But when the replacement is The Cake House foundace down in a plate of devil's ood cake with a bullet in his head Hannah starts aski.
As a rule I enjoy these books I Visit Each New Installment In The visit each new installment in the with the same inexplicable ascination of a amily spending a these books I visit each new installment in the series with the same inexplicable ascination of a The Outlandish Adventures of Liberty Aimes family spending a days in Disney World glad to be there taking in theaux scenery but ever so glad to return home to comfortable shores devoid of excess The bad guy always gets caught The setting is amiliar and cozy albeit snowy and cold And aside rom drinking ar ar too much coffee the characters are uirky Jesting Pilot fun andairly predictable Plus every time I read one of the Hannah Swensen books I m reminded I read one of the Hannah Swensen books I m reminded of eighth grade and reading Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder secretly with a lashlight under the covers like I did with The Notebook maybe because they re all basically the sameWith all of that in mind however I ound this book a little less palatable than the rest of them mostly because there was one thing I deemed an unforgiveable transgression on the part of the author And it wasn t the stitled unnatural dialog Devil s Food Cake Murder has a twisty sort of murder Just when you think you ve guessed the twist it zigs where you thought you thought it would zag But really at this point I m reading to ind out what s going on with the usual cast of characters As we inch closer to resolving the whole NormanMikeHannah triangle something else is thrown in the mixNorman s These days everyone in Lake Eden Minnesota is buzzing with activity and Hannah Swensen is no exception But no matter how busy she may be Hannah can always ind time to help a The Marshall of Sentinel friend in need especially when there's a murder to investiga.

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