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Ten Myths about CalvinismMs Hoodwinked history and that because of myistorical and theological nerdness I m aware than #most However I really don t think that s the case I think it s #However I really don t think that s the case I think it s likely that most young evangelicals dabbling in Calvinism outside of just podcasting Matt Chandler sermons love im ave a general idea of the Best Practices In Leading The Global Workforce history and significance of the Reformed faith Kenneth Stewart s Ten Myths about Calvinism is an interesting well informed andelpful puncturing of ten myths about Calvinism four originating from Calvinists themselves and six from non Calvinists Stewart four originating from Calvinists themselves and six from non Calvinists Stewart basic premise is that these myths tend to portray Reformed Christianity as narrower than it actually is His points are always well supported with impressive HORROR STORIES historical citations In the end I found the book to be encouraging and educational Some people bring light reading for airplane trips I bringeavy reading and Sloane Monroe SeriesBooks 4 5 heavy reading only because if it s something I really want to read but probably won t get around to in the daily round being stuck on a plane with nothing else forces me to read it Such was the case with this book It took me a chapter or so to get into it but it s really well researched and actually very interesting at least to anyone with a moderate interest in theology Like most of Stewart s anticipated readers Iad my own presuppositions of Calvinism which I feel were well addressed and treated in this analysis Some of the points made made me want to get up out of my airplane seat pump the air and say Amen But I only actually do stuff like that in Gospel choir concerts Added note

guy who wrote this book my uncle Yay Uncle Ken 3 4 Young restless and reformed Good correction of some popular myths of Calvinism The Reformed and non Reformed can benefit from this boo. Oach to Christianity encourage the belief that the redeemed will be saved irrespective of their conductDoesn't the Calvinist track record show an at best mixed legacy on critical issues such as race and gender relationsHasn't the Calvinist concept of the church's role vis a vis the state tended toward theocracyIsn't it true that Calvinistic expressions of Christianity ave been a damper on the creative arts whether the theater or painting or sculptureTen Myths About Calvinism is sure to enrich both promoters and detractors students and scholar. Pter on TULIP in particular was really elpful in thinking about the over usage of an acronym that is really unhelpful outside of an introduction to a larger theological system I d encourage the book for that chapter alone A ualm thoughIt could just be the grumpy Presbyterianism just kidding kind of but it seems like the author Oeuvres de Ennius Quirinus Visconti, Vol. 3 has a bone to pick with the New Calvinism Most evidently inis conclusion He goes to pains to look
various movements of Calvinism from French Revolution until the early 1990 s to show that the New Calvinism isn t really new Though I m thankful The Mobius Twist, Alien Abduction and Judgement of the Human Race he gave a briefistory of things like the Princeton school Lloyd Jones Kuyper etc I think The Love of a King his objection is largely baselessIt appears to me thate s written the book to those who think that Calvinism disappeared after Jonathan Edwards He cites the now famous 2006 Christianity Today article as leaving a gap from Jonathan Edwards until the date of the first Passion Conference in 1997 While I agree that a gap of over 200 years is pretty ridiculous I don t think that the majority of these New Calvinists are unaware of various streams of Calvinism since Edwards For example I d venture to bet that New Calvinists are familiar with the works of CH Spurgeon than of #Calvin Similarly I also don t think that going to pains to talk about Lloyd Jones #Similarly I also don t think that going to pains to talk about Lloyd Jones necessary since one of the Mystery: 3 Books in One: The Rockingdown Mystery / The Rilloby Fair Mystery / The Ring-O-Bells Mystery highlights of this years Together For the Gospel Conference a trueotbed of New Calvinism was the announcement that all of DM Lloyd Jones sermons were going to be posted online Lastly as far as I can tell Knowing God by JI Packer was as much New Calvinistic must read material as Desiring God by John Piper It s entirely possible that most New Calvinists are largely unaware of the Reformed strea. T explores in this provocative informative and thoroughly researched bookIs the role reserved for John Calvin possibly exaggeratedAre there improper as well as proper uses of the doctrine of predestinationTo what extent is the popular acronym TULIP a elpful device and to what extent is it detrimental in encapsulating key doctrinesShould the Calvinist position towards movements of spiritual renewal be one of support or one of suspicionDidn't Calvinism or less 'bring up the rear' in advancing the cause of world missionDoesn't the Calvinist appr.

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The stuff on Servetus was super helpful explaining the political situation in Geneva in the 16th century that led to is death explaining the political situation in Geneva in the 16th century that led to Aliens Music of the Spears Aliens his death the documentation of the Calvinistic emphasis on world evangelisation is thorough and dispels the myth that Reformed theology is antimissionary A good overview of Reformedistory The author rarely takes it upon Made in Yorkshire Series Box Set ( himself to debunk this or that myth usually preferring to citeistorical sources so the whole is less rhetorical and of a reference guideMost interesting to me was the chapter on Calvinism and the creative arts Outstanding book on the nature of Calvinism Steward divides the book into two sections four myths that Calvinists circulate about Calvinism and six that non Calvinists propagate Consider the following myths TULIP is the yardstick of the truly Reformed Calvinists take a dim view of revival and awakening Calvinism promotes antinomianism Calvinism is antimissionaryAll of the chapters were enjoyable I do suspect that some will accuse the author of cherry picking certain sources and omitting others The strength of the book is its weakness the Untitled The Wicked Powers historical perspective Stewart does a great job revisiting theistory of Calvinism I would like to see interaction with contemporary CalvinistsCB Review to follow I d probably give this one 35 stars if I could It s been a while since I read a solid istory and this definitely satiated my fix Some good since I read a solid istory and this definitely satiated my fix Some good that I d never really thought about or eard before Takes on a lot of myths and in the process does a great #job of educating on various aspects of the Reformed faith Particularly elpful chapters were Calvin s View of Predestination #of educating on various aspects of the Reformed faith Particularly Sinful Paradise The Davies Legacy helpful chapters were Calvin s View of Predestination Be Ours TULIP Is the Yardstick of the Truly Reformed and Calvinism Undermines the Creative Arts The cha. Historian of Christianity Ken Stewart is intent on setting the record straight about Reformed theology He identifies ten mythseld by either or both Calvinists and non Calvinists and shows Blood of the City how they are gross mischaracterizations of that theological stream Certain of these persistent stereotypes that defyistorical research often present a truncated view of the depth and breadth of the Reformed tradition Others although erroneous are nevertheless used to dismiss outright this rich body of biblical theological teaching Some key uestions Stewar.