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(Read) [Antara Antara #1] Author Marilena Mexi

He ueen of the merfolk and her world is in constant danger thanks to the humans who once were friends and allies But not any now Orestis king of Dark Aster is always attacking and killing merfolks he doesn t even care if they are kidsBut the same disaster that once broke the peace between our species is coming back and this time the merfolks are not going to wait this time they want not to only save the humans even if after saving them they might get killed but to clear their names and stop this circle of rage and vengeanceThat s why ueen Asteria is going to enter in Dark Aster to meet Orestis and try to convince him that maybe together they can find a way to save them allAnd I highly recommend this book not only for the plot but for the amazing and beautiful paintings that Marilena did for Antara that are included in the book Antara is a compelling story that has the feel of a fable or fairy tale than that of our average mer novel This aura does not mean that it isn t as good as a regular novel It is the feeling of a fable that makes Antara different and therefore enjoyableIn the Greek language Antara means among other things disturbance or turbulence which perfectly describes the situation on the large island of Aster The name of the island comes from the only kind of flowers that will grow there Asters Set in medieval times Antara deals with the two peoples who inhabit the island The humans who live on one side of the island where the aster flower takes on a dark red hue and the merfolk who live on the land and under the waters of the opposite side of the island Both of the disparate populations had lived in both mutual respect and friendship for Instinct for Freedom Finding Liberation Through Living years until the day when enormous waves swept the island causing a great loss of life amongst the human population Since this disaster was caused by ocean waves the humans assumed that the merfolk were behind it all and their friendship uickly turned into bitterness and hateAs the story opens the merfolk are ruled by Asteria and her grandfather Azarus It has been fiveears since the great disaster and their seer has foretold that it will return once in a few weeks The ruling council must decide how to warn the humans and avoid the great loss of life that will accompany the event This will not be easy as there is great hatred amongst the humans for the merfolk and the humans have been carrying out a pogrom on them ever since the disaster Simply walking in and advising the humans that they d better seek higher ground is not an option Amidst their deliberations it is learned from the seer that there is a woman on the human side of the island who has a deep affection for their king Orestis and a great respect for the merfolk as well Inasmuch as she sits on the royal council of Orestis it is decided that perhaps he is wrongly influenced by his other advisors and this woman is able to see the goodness in the king With the next iteration of the disaster less than a month away it is decided that Asteria and a companion will travel incognito to the humans side of Aster and try to get close enough to Orestis to appeal to his better nature and warn him of what is to come It won t be easy and Asteria has not counted on one thing Falling in love with OrestisThe author Marilena Mexi is

"as good an "
good an as she is a story teller and she has added a series of her works to illustrate the book No matter how one may feel about the story the illustrations are worth the price of the book Those readers who use versions of s Kindle that do not support colour would do well to install the company s Cloud Reader on their PC or MAC so they may fully enjoy these wonderful drawingsAs good a read as Antara may be the book suffers from its translation from the original Greek to English While George Maroudis #may have done a credible job in translating #have done a credible job in translating story it should have afterwards been turned over to an editor who is used to working with books in English As it is there are typos dropped letters dropped words and sentence structures that probably worked well in Greek but less so in English It is usually my practice to lower my rating on books that are afflicted with an inordinate amount of errors in spelling grammar sentence structure etc as all these sins detract from the pleasure of reading the story No matter how good or intriguing that story may be At the end of the day the execution is just as important as the story itselfThat being said I will give reducing Antara s rating a miss since it was written originally in Greek and the translation to English was done by a friend of the author rather than herself Other works from other authors will not be as lucky in this regardAlthough I would not count Antara as Young Adult fiction it is nonetheless YA friendly and could be recommended to older YA s While there is some violence in the story line it is no worse than what is to be found in the Lord of the Rings trilogy Adults who can relate to the fantasy genre will enjoy this book just as much Antara is a book that is meant to be enjoyed by all who may read itMore reviews of Mer fiction may be found at The Parsons Rant Source Received from author courtesy of the Teen Book Scene Many thanks goes to Marilena Mexi and Teen Book Scene for sending me a copy of this book for review I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review My rating 35The land of Aster has been divided into two parts one ruled by merfolk and the other by humans The people and merfolk of Aster were united peacefully at one time but due to some devastating storms that return every five ears both have parted ways The people of Aster blame the merfolk for these storms as they feel they have been brought upon them by the merfolk Now under the tyrannical rule of King Orestis Aster has become a deadly place for the merfolk as they are tried and executed if captured Asteria ueen of the. Y of cruel king Orestis the people suffer and all their king cares for is vengeance against the fish as he spitefully calls them executing merfolk after merfolk for just being near his lands Secrets intense emotions and strange phenomena will upset their lives forev. O get an actually copy of this book but it is way out of my price range I would love to see the pictures on the pages of the book This is probably what I am the most saddened about the book I want a physical copy and I want it on my shelf it deserves shelf space but an eBook will do Maybe one dayRecommendationFantasy mermaids romance and YA genre lovers must read this book and people who love art work really should read it Antara is so beautiful This is a hard book for me to review I want to separate it into two reviews One for the story and one for the artwork Therefore I think that is what I will doThe story is of a oung MG type of read It is sweet and the adventure is a good one to get kids involved into fantasy You have mermaids and a handsome prince on which to swoon The world is sweet with just enough of scary to bring together the couple The lesson in the book is a good one about not condemning someone or something without evidence and that people are not static One that might have been bad in the past can choose to be good Although I thought this was a sweet book for the MG crowd the pictures for some parents might have problems with the bare breasts of the mermaids I live in America and they frown on that here However even having said that I did not see the pictures for the book as overtly sexual It would be a matter of preference to the parent or person readingNow I d LOVE to turn to the pictures Marilena has made for the book I love the paintings and are well done I m not easy to impress in depictions of fantasy because I have seen so many poorly done drawings or paintings Ms Mexi has won awards for her painting and ou can tell why The bones of the painting are strong and I enjoyed her colors Many of the paintings are portraits of the characters but my favorites tend to be the ones that were a part of a story I also loved the landscapes that projected well the vastness and ethereal uality of the islandAlthough I did not love the story as much as the artwork I still enjoyed the book I m really glad the author was inspired to do fantasy and I hope she continues I would also be curious as to how the author might do a graphic novel I d really like to see of her characters in action poses This books deserves 3 12 4 starsI have to admit that I was eually impressed by the story as well as the illustrationsWhen I started the book I knew it had something to do with sea creatures but was not sure what to expect I was told by the author that it was a fantasy novel and I love those so I started it I liked the world that the author createdIt was imaginative and reasonably originalAster is an island where both humans and merfolk sea creaturesmermaids live Humans live on the Dark Aster which got its name by the dark flower and the merfolk live on Aster mostly the sea and the coastsBoth races used to live in perfect harmony but this hasn t been the case for Years There Seems To Be There seems to be great conflict between humans and merfolk but no one really knows the exact reason its origins lost in time The race that exerts the most hostility though seems to be the human whose king Orestes is known and feared for his cruelty and brutality to all trespassers in Dark AsterAs if this wasn t enough there s a curse looming over the island causing #Tides And Waves Of Apocalyptic Proportions Which Mostly Affects The #and waves of apocalyptic proportions which mostly affects the world since the merfolk can live and breathe under waterIt is then on the dawn of the coming disaster a new big tide coming after 5 ears of harmony that the ueen of the Merfolk Asteria decides that they need to reach to King Orestis despite his reputation and warn him of the coming catastrophe and convince him that they only need to helpAnd since he wouldn t exactly welcome a delegate she decides to go undercover and pose as a village girl coming to town for work Along with a friend Asteria manages to infiltrate the castle and become Orestis personal assistant She is mesmerized by his beauty and his seeming goodness regarding every matter other than the merfolk and she comes to realize that he has been brainwashed and poisoned against her raceIn her attempt to change his mind gradually before revealing her true identity she finds a handful of friends ie secret revolutionaries a merfolk high in power in the king s court etcThe author weaves an intricate and beautiful tale of revenge loss bitterness and how everything can be changed by the power of love and the truthI very much enjoyed Asteria s character and I would have to say that or less the book is convincing and exciting as The Concubine you really want to know what is going to happen next and let me tellou the action doesn t stop till the very end It is full of surprises The only criticism I can express is the fact that the beginning of the love story didn t really convince me I mean there were a few scenes between Asteria and Orestis that made Surfing: The World's Best Surf Breaks and Techniques (World Sports Guide) you understand the characters but to the point that Asteria realized she was in love with him we hadn t really seen that much of them in action or in the company of one another Of course the author mentioned that the days passed and Asteria was there to serve Orestis so we know they interact on a regular basis but we didn t see it so the love bit was a bit rushed for me However ifou overlooked that and considered how The Infernal young love can happen lightning fast and erratically it didn t really matter andou could greatly enjoy the course of thingsAnd the designsillustrations were incredible Marilena Mexi is superbly talented both a a writer and as an illustrator We need a new comic series by her gI think the seuel can t come fast enough XD Marilena Mexi and her debut novel Antara where a nice introduction into the mermaid s books Is true that is not easy to write in a language that is not our mother tongue but Marilena s writing and descriptions are not only good but very enjoyableAsteria is our main character Isunderstandings suspicion and hate born of this disaster have torn the two races apart and the peace loving merfolk are now in a never ending struggle to prove their innocence and restore peace to the island On the human side things are even worse; under the tyrann. .

The storyline Antara is a Fantasy Fairytale in classical style with much adventure magical elements good versus evil and a good dose of romance It is a completely original and uniue tale I am sure ou have never heard or read a mermaid story like this one before There is an island where half of it is inhabited by Merfolk and the other half by humans These two groups have co existed in piece for many generations until a huge catastrophe caused by mysterious sources strikes that peaceful place transforming it into a scenery of war and suffering Merfolk and humans turn into enemies and hell is broke lose until something bigger and stronger stopped it love Through the love of Asteria a mermaid ueen of the merfolk and Orestis king of the humans piece is restored and the island of Aster becomes once again the paradise it was beforeThe illustrations The book is filled with gorgeous digital paintings by Marilena herself You see beautiful concepts of the environments present in the story Portraits and character concepts help us understanding how they looked and having a better sense of the characters in the story as well Just by looking at the images we can travel deeper through the tale as we let our imagination flow The illustrations also contribute to our sense of enjoyment while reading though the pages of AntaraIn general This is a book I had a wonderful time reading I was curious all the time to understand what caused the evil catastrophe to hit the island of Aster I was very curious as well to know what would happen next how the story would develop and unfold I enjoyed very much going through the illustrations and having a glimpse of what that world looked like There are some issues with the English translation though this is a minor detail if ou re looking for an enjoyable and uniue read on our free time UICK THOUGHTSSet during the Middle Ages where two kingdoms resided next to each other One of humans that lived on a large island surrounded by a beautiful forest and the Merfolk that live in the ocean in the White Palace After a terrible disaster struck the island killing many humans the two kingdoms friendship turned to hate leaving the Merfolk saddened and the King an ueen disappeared not long after Now the children of both kingdoms rule that lands the Heart of the Night Secret Agent Series young Merfolk ueen will do anything to convince the Human King to stop the war between them and help each other before another disaster hitsREVIEWAsteria is theoung ueen of the White Palace she and her people have gone through many ears With Antara Marilena Mexi makes her entrance to the publishing world an entrance that is uite promising and shows that we can expect even greater things from the author in the future I really enjoyed the story of the merfolk which goes a bit beyond what we usually encounter in fantasy fiction A great plus were of course the amazing illustrations that accompanied the book all made by the author The story is likely to appeal to fantasy readers and generally to a ounger audience although it can definitely be read also by older readers Just a few information about my rating as this is a novel I based my rating on the prose and not the illustrations I think Marilena deserves a 55 for her amazing work with the latter A
"rating of 3 "
of 3 on the #PREMISES THAT THIS IS THE AUTHOR #that this is the author first published book and is in English not in her native language so I am sure that the experienced she will become as a writer the greatest things we will see in the future Two worlds are at stake when a kingdom comes under attack by a force of nature so great it takes even the future king s mother away in it s wake As these once friendly kingdoms continue to grow their animosity towards each other does as well especially that of King Orestis Having lost his mother King Orestis will do everything in his power to destroy the merfolk he believes are behind it With only days before another mysterious attack is to happen the ueen of the merfolk Asteria sets out to remedy the situation and ends up with than she could have hoped forAntara was a wonderful look into the world of mermaids I thoroughly enjoyed the story and how creatively the world was set up Not only that but the author who is also an artist illustrated many of the scenes from the book which were absolutely gorgeous I d highly recommend looking at her Antara Gallery just for a c What I LikedHigh Fantasy WorldI was completely drawn into the beauty that is this world The mermaids are peaceful and gentle creatures that live on both land and in the sea They are beautiful loving and caring to no end The beauty that Marilena creates with both the words and the pictures are breath taking and touching I would love to be a part of this world she has createdCharactersAsteria ueen of the Merfolk mermaid A very gentle kind sweet and loving ruler of her people She is willing to risk her life to save her people and the humans that hate merfolk I love her passion and her desire to not let others walk over her no matter who she maybe pretending to beKing Orestis human A corrupted ruler that has a good side I love his type the bad boy that isn t truly all that bad he just needs the right woman to show him the lightPicturesI love art I especially love art when it is fantasy based These pictures are amazing even better than I could have imagined I am loving it when writers are creating their own art to put into the books it just make the experience of the book even betterNot My Favorite PartI wasn t books it just make the experience of the book even betterNot My Favorite PartI wasn t in love with the Epilogue I liked the overall gist of it and I thought it was very cute and touching but I was disappointed that our main characters didn t make an actually appearance in there I can t exactly tell A Bush Calendar you what it is because I don t want to spoil it But I guess that is what book 2 is for this isn t the end of the series and is to come thankfully I WantI really would like Peace and tranuility on the island of Aster home to both humans and 'merfolk' has long been broken by a devastating phenomenon recurring every fiveears A storm including gusting winds and huge waves mysteriously appeared and eradicated much of the population The ,

read Antara Antara #1

Antara Antara #1

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