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Soft and Others 16 Stories of Wonder and Dread E–book/E–pub

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Soft and Others 16 Stories of Wonder and Dread

F. Paul Wilson í 8 Free download

This is a fine collection of short stories from one of the finest genre writers around one of the finest genre writers around These stories were from earlier in his career before Repairman Jack and still at the beginning of the Adversary Cycle They e all well written and fun to ead with the beginning of the Adversary Cycle They e all well written and fun to Big Bad Detective Agency read with few surprises such as a pro life Halloween horror story never thought I d see that combination but IMHO it works well If you like dark short fiction with the occassional science fiction tale then this is for you A collection of short stories by Wilson a new author for me Most of the stories were horror many with a sci fi bentThe book was a uickead but I didn t like it enough to go out and look for anything else by the author The writing is competent in a mainstream fiction sort of way and there are a few good ideas but nothing The Placer really out of the ordinary And a few things that I disagreed with philosophicallyThe stories areThe Cleaning Machine A schizophrenic woman explains to the police what exactly happened to all of her missing neighborsRatman An interplanetary exterminator specializes in dealing with pesky spaceatsLipidleggin In the future after unhealthy foods are legally banned bootleggers provide fresh butter and eggs In the "Introduction Wilson Goes On "Wilson goes on how the concept of a National Health Plan is fascist and would bankrupt the country Odd and a bit peculiar until I ealized that Wilson is was a medical doctor with a private practice Yeah doctors know which side their bread is buttered on ha ha However the way I see it it s a nearly criminally selfish attitudeTo Fill the Sea and Air Set on a far planet the only habitat of a fish prized for its tasty filets throughout. Presents a collection of horror short stories among them Soft Green Winter and The Cleaning MachineContentsThe Cleaning MachineRatmanL. The galaxy One fisherman seems to always catch the most of the delicacy and a giant
corporation wants to 
wants to out his secretsGreen Winter In the
most of the delicacy and a giant corporation wants to ferret out his secretsGreen Winter In the future photosynthesizing humans believe themselves far superior to mere animals who lack the ability to take sustenance from the sun when tasty game meat isn t availableBe Fruitful and Multiply In the future the government has been taken over by fundies who believe that god will sweep them up into a higher plane of existence as soon as they have increased the population to the limit of what Earth can support wait this is supposed to be fiction tonguegif Clever ending I laughedSoft In the future a nasty plague that melts people s bones has nearly wiped out humanityThe Last One Mo Once Golden Oldies Revival A uthless The Tattooist of Auschwitz (The Tattooist of Auschwitz, record producer gets what s coming to himThe Years the Music Died A conservative conspiracy was behind the downfall of some ofock n Profiles in Leadership: Historians on the Elusive Quality of Greatness roll s first starsDat Tay Vao A junior mafioso drafted into Vietnamuns across one of those Mystical Ancient Secrets of healing that old Asian sages so often seem to know not bad actuallyDoc Johnson very Lovecraftian but not as good A new doctor in "Town Learns That His "learns that his town of Greystone Bay has some weird secrets and that people here take care of things their own wayBuckets Had the potential to be an acceptable horror story but slipped into mere propaganda when the author started putting the cliched words of every typical ight to lifer into the mouths of the ghosts of aborted babies Doesn t engage a debate just sets up straw men to knock down Surprised it ever got publishedTraps There s something horrible in the attic of the nice family who. Ipidleggin'To Fill the Sea and AirGreen WinterBe Fruitful and MultiplySoftThe Last One Mo' Once Golden Oldies RevivalThe Years the Mus.
The Shakespeare Stealer (Shakespeare Stealer, A Dress for the Wicked Son of a Midnight Land: A Memoir in Stories Down To The Beach A Kind of Genius: Herb Sturz and Society's Toughest Problems
Are just planning their happy trip to Disneyland ho humMuscles An ex stripper eappears in Times Suare after being attacked a couple of years ago Now she s a female bodybuilder But why does she need all those muscles I actually liked this one uite a bit didn t see the end coming uite the way it didMenage a Trois A creepy deformed old lady invites attractive young folk to work in her house a spooky gothic mansion
of course but 
course But is her eal motivationCuts An author does evil voodoo on the movie producer that he feels uined his novel Blah Of course Wilson hated the movie that was made from his book The Keep I anticipated something very different when I first started this collection I thought of outright horror and visceral creatures of horrid creation Instead I got some very science fiction esue horror stories some pretty neat tales of fallen musicians and some medical thriller chillers It wasn t perfect but it was pretty darn good all the same Would have been a three star eview if not for Buckets which sucks so much as a horror story it crosses the line from cheesy corny writing into slightly offensive and massively stupid A uick ewrite or a deserving main character might have saved this but otherwise it just feels uncomfortable and cheesy The other stories however are perfectly good If you Schätze Aus Dem Musée Picasso, Paris re a fan of Wilson theye worth a try but just skip Buckets and save yourself 15 minutes "or so Such an excellent collection of science fictionhorrortwilight stories Easy to think of Wilson in egards to Repairman "so Such an excellent collection of science fictionhorrortwilight stories Easy to think of Wilson in egards to Repairman or his medical thrillers but you forget this is also the guy who wrote The Keep Reborn and Reprisal Loved the stories in here. Ic DiedDat Tay VaoDoc JohnsonBucketsTrapsMusclesMenage a TroisCutsBonus storiesPerformanceNight DiveMemoirs of the EffsterRumorsHunter.