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Editor There were scenes that just idn t work such as the one where Jared is put into a cell with Aaron but the entire capture is left to a paragraph s worth of awkward Karen vs Alien dialogue There wasialogue that felt melodramatic and false such as well about half of the things Vaughn the antagonist said The timeline wasn t clear possibly because the action of the book which covers a period from May to December of 1983 was ivided into only three timeblocks each of which had many very short chapters or numbered sections The ending of the book felt rushed with the fallout brushed over For example Lyn s reaction to Jared s

Death Is Almost Nonexistent 
is almost nonexistent not in keeping with her emotional makeup as established earlier in the novel And the final paragraph just idn t make sense from a narrative standpoint It felt like this book s euivalent of the heroes riding off into the sunset with hints that we might have of their adventures heading our way later in other words it was clich and unnecessary Perhaps Kubicek just wasn t sure how he wanted to say The endI m hoping book 2 in the series will go through a Alien Disclosure at Area 51 different editor than this oneid someone who can help Kubicek identify the book s weaknesses before it goes to press so that the story can shine through He owes it To Himself And To himself and to readers to take that extra step. Stroys her memory But Wendy's struggle for acceptance soon turns eadly when ruthless millionaire UFO hunter Earl Vaughn learns her secret and seeks to cash in on The Discovery Of The Millennium.
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In Human FormA well paced sci fi with good character evelopment I found it impossible to put Down And Was Instantly Riveted and was instantly riveted the time Jared the gas station owner finds Wendy wandering in the rain with a case of amnesia Her mysterious family s home has been burned and her father killed The attending Alchemic doctor begins too tests in an effort to get her memory back butFrom there the author skillfully leads the way through one We Sell Drugs discovery after another Th I received this book free after a Goodreadscom giveawayThis book is the first in a trilogy and is I believe his first full length published novel Certainly he is no novice with numerous short stories and 5 non fiction books under his belt but his biooes not list any other fiction books The publications credit is to his own publication company so I Problem Solving in Data Structures Algorithms Using C++ don t know if the novel went through an agent or an outside editor before it was printed Normally it wouldn t occur to me to check thatetail but there were parts of
The Book Where I 
book where I it needed a really good editor s attention and I wondered whose hands the book passed through on its way to publicationThis novel has sections that work really well and clunky sections that Literature of Africa don t so much For example Kubicek has chosen to use multiple POV characters which is a techniue I generally enjoy however he switches POV so freuen. Wendy knows she'sifferent from her friends She longs to fit in but as hard as she tries she can't uite hide her strangeness What Wendy's friends Women and Sustainable Agriculture: Interviews With 14 Agents of Change don't know and what Wendyoesn't remember is Tly that I had trouble forming a firm opinion about or feel for the characters In fact it wasn t until about for the characters In fact it wasn t until about 140 of 326 that the story took any urgency for me Normally page of 326 that the story took on any urgency for me Normally would not finish a book if I had not engaged with the main characters much earlier in the novel but I found the premise interesting enough to stick to itThe story focuses on a young woman with amnesia after a traumatic attack in which she was beaten and her father was killed a young woman who we uickly figure out is not a normal human at all The woman Wendy has forgotten that she isn t normal and Crossing the color line in American politics and African American literature doesn t realize for about half of the book that she is an android albeit one with an independent intelligence and emotions andesires and sorrows In fact in all but her body she is as human as anyone in the book Unfortunately for Wendy there are bad people who suspect she isn t normal and they will stop at nothing to capture her and find out her secrets In that pursuit no one is safe not even the people closest to Wendy I wanted so much to love this book especially after the author chose me to read and review a free copy but I kept getting pulled out of the story by the writing itself and had trouble reimmersing myself in it There were typos and grammatical errors that nagged at me things I was sure wouldshould have been caught by a line. Hat she is an android built for companionship by a marooned alien She had lived for three years in the uiet community of Antelope Valley Nebraska until a tragic accident kills her creator and e. .

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