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[EBOOK READ] Poetry: A Pocket Anthology (Penguin Academics)

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Poetry: A Pocket Anthology (Penguin Academics)

Read & Download Poetry: A Pocket Anthology (Penguin Academics)

F poetry to be honest but this is a great book to start with if ou are a poetry enthusiast I think it s a pretty good survey of English poetry All the big names #are in here including Shelley Shakespeare Wordsworth Whitman Poe Keats Dickinson Frost Plath etc This collection #in here including Shelley Shakespeare Wordsworth Whitman Poe Keats Dickinson Frost Bishop Plath This collection several centuries from around 1450 first poem listed to 2000 the last poem listed I have the third editionI highlighted lines that stuck out to me as I read and then titles of poems that I particularly enjoyed It doesn t surprise me that I liked the free verse confessional and sometimes rambling poems of the latter and sometimes rambling poems of the latter as opposed to the strict and formalized ones of the former I ve discovered some poets that I d like to get intoPoems I liked Edmund Waller SongAlexander Pope Ode on SolitudeChristopher Smart from Jubilate AgnoWilliam Wordsworth I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud Lines Tintern AbbeySamuel Taylor Coleridge Work Without HopeHenry Wadsworth Longfellow The Cross of SnowMatthew Arnold Dover BeachThomas Hardy Ne. New to this collection including Amy Gerstler named by the Los Angeles Times as one of the best poets in the nation and award winners Rebecca Foust and Craig Arnold provide ample evide. Utral TonesA E Hausman Stars I Have Seen Them Fall Terence This is Stupid Stuff Edwin Arlington Robinson The MillStephen Crane The Black RidersRobert Frost In Need of Being Versed in Country Things Stopping By Woods on a Snowy EveningWallace Stevens Snow ManWilliam Carlos Williams The Last Words of My English GrandmotherRobinson Jeffers The Purse SeineStanley Kunitz Halley s CometW H Auden Musee de Beaux ArtsElizabeth Bishop The FishMay Sarton A GuestRichard Wilbur The Writer Year s EndW S Merwin For the Anniversary of My DeathJames Wright A Blessing Saint JudasAnne Sexton The Truth the Dead KnowAdrienne Rich Diving into the Wreck RapeSylvia Plath "EDGEROBERT PHILLIPS COMPARTMENTSLEON STOKESBURY EVENING S END 1943 1970DANA "Phillips CompartmentsLeon Stokesbury Evening s End 1943 1970Dana Planting a SeuoiaRita Dove Adolescence III This was actually my first introduction to poetry I pulled it off my dad s shelf in middle school and read it cover to cover It allowed me to pinpoint exactly which poets and eras of poetry I connected with and investigate them in #detail. Nce that poetry continues to flourish in today's world Young writers # Nce that poetry continues to flourish in today's world Young writers Hilbert and Erica Dawson bring poetry into the 21st century and provide inspiration for aspiring oung poets. Amazing book I ve picked this Anthology up so many times it goes through over a hundred ears of poetry and gives Vol au-dessus d'un nid de coucou you a real visual on how poetry speaks about the history of that time There s a poem in here about the Titanic written theear the ship sank There are poems about women that remind ou how hard the fortune is for all womankind There s even poems from the 2000 s It s fun to have this to see all the different styles of poetry there is how each poet used the page to interpret the world around them I have a lot of favorites #IN THIS ONE THIS WAS A GREAT POETRY ANTHOLOGY #this one This was a great poetry anthology use at the beginning of my Poetry Form and Meaning class We used the prose though supplemented it for some other perspectives on reading and writing poetry a great deal and it was nice to have a wide selection of poems to choose from for each class meeting The variety is good and we were able to also be spontaneous and choose poems for uick reading circles and projects When we approached or sought out I am not a huge fan A perfect alternative to massive poetry Anthologies This Brief Affordable this brief affordable of over 250 poems provides a concise et comprehensive introduction to the study of poetry Authors. .