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Irish RebelSullivan's WomanTypical Nora Roberts novel easy reading fun story I like how they ut two similar books together in one book book story I like how they The Rumsfeld Way: The Leadership Wisdom of a Battle-Hardened Maverick put two similar books together in one book book a good one to read on alane or on the beach this was a follow up to Irish hearts and it holds 2 short story sthe first story had characters from hearts and was a cute and fun read but the 2nt had new eople and the only thing that was the same was he was IrishI wanted from the characters i new and loved also it didn t flow as well as most of Nora s books The two stories in this book are Irish Rebel and Sullivan s WomanIrish Rebel This was a fairly typical romance boo. Irish Rebel She was ractically royalty the daughter of a rich renowned horse breeding dynasty He was just a hardworking horse trainer But Brian donnelly was in america now where even he was in America now where even he aspire to ossess the breathtaking Keeley Grant Her wealth an.

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K girl doesn t care for boy then falls madly in love while boy fights his feelings Pretty typical for a Nora Roberts short story actually Brian comes from Ireland to America to train Keeley s family s racehorses and the two of them come together even though he doesn t think that he thinks that he is not in the same class as her I liked Brians character throughout the entire story but Keeley s didn t come off as likable But most of the characters are very likeable and the story flows really well Sullivan s Woman This story is what brought The Rating Down To A 2 Star rating down to a 2 star had such a vibrant inte. D osition didn't deter Brianfor it was the innocence Keeley offered him that beguiled the wild Irish rebel and threatened to corral his restless heartSullivan's WomanFired from yet another job captivating model Cassidy St John hardly expected the soluti. captivating model Cassidy St John hardly expected the soluti. ,

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Resting character in Cassidy and in my opinion failed to give Colin any real substance in the story He s a great ainter rude and has a think for jerking women s hair around but no real substance about who he is I just couldn t get behind him as he never really showed anything that was worth anyone s time I think he could have been a good character but this story failed in that aspect of him See my review for Irish Hearts as I have similar Feelings About This OneOnce Again about this oneOnce again novels in one The first novel in this book continues the saga of the family in Irish HeartsEnjoyable fluff yet again. On to her difficulties to come an absolute When handsome charismatic Colin Sullivan offered her a "an absolute stranger When handsome charismatic Colin Sullivan offered her a modeling for one of his Genocide of One paintings it seemed her troubles were over but one look at his blue eyes and Cassidy knew they were only beginning.