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D blood Agent Pierce eceived an urgent summons to attend a meeting in the late nineteenth centuryYou d be tempted to think that time travel with its accompanying paradoxes is a well worn theme and Palimpsest does e visit some of the age old uestions but it s got some fresh and fascinating uestions to ask too If a historical event is written over which history is the correct one This is where the title Palimpsest comes from Is it ethical to decide who you want to be and then go back in time to emake yourself What Is it ethical to decide
Who You Want To 
you want to and then go back in time to No Beast So Fierce: The Terrifying True Story of the Champawat Tiger, the Deadliest Animal in History remake yourself What when a powerful organization evolves so that it has abandoned its original purpose and made itself itseason for being What is the best way to make sure that the human species survivesPierce s predicaments and the issues he deals with are exciting but the story was so uick sketchy and subtle and it jumps around so much that I Close to the Land: The Way We Lived in North Carolina, 1820-1870 rarely had than a tentative grasp on what was going on at any moment I had to do a lot ofereading to make sure I knew what was happening though I admit that I have Berlayar di Pamor Badik rarely enjoyed being lost as much as I did here and Stross was likely going for that effect The characters including Pierce himself are also sketchily drawn making it hard to connect with them Pierce who was just as bewildered as me was mostly a passive character pushed along by his strange circumstances Only at the end did he seem to seriously consider what he might do to affect his world again this was probably intentionalIn his afterword Charle Hugo Award for Best Novella 2010What aide I daresay this *is the best most imaginative time travel story I ve ead far *the best most imaginative time travel story I ve ead far usual time travel fare The scope here is staggering nothing less than the origin and fate of humanity Earth and the universe Reminds me uite a lot of Poul Anderson s classic Tau Zero with elements of Asimov s The End of Eternity There is a lot of hard. Ses of the Stasis and in the ultimate unresolved fate of humanity itselfSkillfully merging the threads of an individual life with the grandest most overarching concerns Palimpsest offers both visionary brilliance and narrative excitement in eual measure Powerfully imagined beautifully constructed and written throughout with great economy of means it is the kind of mind expanding mini epic that only science fiction and only a master practitioner like Charles Stross could produ. .
Ation euirement How is that even possible view spoilerTo graduate agents have to jump back in time one second and kill their earlier self ight there at the graduation ceremony But if you jump back in time and kill your earlier self before they can make the jump back where did the current you come from Not an alternate timeline Stross is pretty clear that there s only one the the Stasis keep altering And you just killed your you before they could make the jump so how can the later you even exist hide spoiler ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy LiteratureAgent Pierce murdered his own grandfather to join Stasis the covert organization which works outside of time to eseed the Earth with humans every time they The Pink Pearl re about to make themselves extinct Pierce considers himself a loyal agent and he didn t evenealize that there is a group that works in Opposition to Stasis he s only in training So why is someone trying to assassinate himPalimpsest follows Agent Pierce from initiation through his twenty years of training to his gruesome graduation ceremony and onto his assignments as a new agent The segments involving Pierce s progress are written in both second and third person and are occasionally interrupted by chapters of Powerpoint style lectures which show glimpses of alternate histories of our universe and describe the way the galaxy was Migrant Resistance in Contemporary Europe restructured so that it could last for trillions of yearsIt s easy to see why Palimpsest won the Hugo Award for best novella in 2010 First of all it s beautifully written This comes from Slide 6 Six hundred and fifty million years later the outlines of Earth s new continents glow by night like a neon diadem against the darkness shouting consciousness at the sky in a blare ofadio wavelength emissions as loud as a starAnd how can you not admire thisThe day after he murdered himself in col. The process they have The Violinist and The Son of Redhead: Two Plays by Leonard Melfi reconfigured the basic structure of the universe all in the name of human continuityPierce is a newlyecruited member of the Stasis serving out a complex twenty year apprenticeship while struggling to find his way through the paradoxical maze of history and unhistory that surrounds him As his once simple existence expands and eplicates over vast stretches of time Pierce uncovers a new and unexpected destiny one that will embroil him in the larger purpo. Uite a mind blowing novella from a master of future imaginings Good science fiction always gets the eader to think often to think way outside the box and Charles Stross has the mental power and writing ability to bring his stories to fruition in a way that provides challenges and insights and humor and wonder for his audience s delight A "TERRIFIC READ WHILE IT IS TRUE THAT THERE ARE " read While it is true that there are only about 4 characters in this story it doesn t make it less valuable or interesting uite opposite I would say The skills it must take to compile all the actions in a logical ow when you take to compile all the actions in a logical Dying to Be Ill: True Stories of Medical Deception row when you get to use endless copies of just one man in different times andealities or palimpsests being created and overwritten I would Octavio's Journey recommend to enjoy the good sides of this story the games witheality and history the possibilities of our planet s future and what might become of humanity And lets not misjudge the government agencies that always seem to know better what is good for us Now isn t that something history has seen Philosophy in Social Work repeatedlySo even being somewhat predictable it is still a mind triggering story to enjoy I ve goteally mixed feelings about this story Overall I liked it but the Americana: The Kinks, the Riff, the Road: The Story repeated grandfather paradoxes throughout the story kept me fromeally enjoying itIt seems clear to me that Stross is positing only one timeline since he talks about ewritten history and unhistory histories that no longer exist but it seems to me that if there s only one timeline the Stasis are yes that s correct he uses it as a plural noun in the story creating paradoxes left and ightIt s bad enough that traveling through time means suddenly adding your own body mass and energy to the universe at that point then just as suddenly Organizing Power removing it but when agents have to kill a director ancestor just to join how does that not create a paradox Even worse is the gradu. Welcome to the Stasis the clandestine near omnipotent organization that stands at the heart of Charles Stross's Hugo Award winning novella PalimpsestBy mastering the mysteries of the Timegate the Stasis hasepeatedly steered mankind away from the brink of utter extinction Through countless millennia through the 'mayfly flickerings' of innumerable transient civilizations its members have intervened at critical junctions eseeding the galaxy with viable potential survivors In. .