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Heme I liked that it was a bit in depth than the usual YA ish books Ive been reading lately In fact I read this one looking for some angst relief boy was I mistaken Riddled with intensity love and stupidity on her part Yes I see why her issues rule her life but the choices she makes and how she hurts Rett made me wanna smack her upside her head The author sure knows her stuff I really wanted to like this book but just couldn t The first part showed potential but after a while I really wanted to like this book but just couldn t The first part showed potential but after a while I skipping sections First the complication of a interracial relationship is hard nough but when dealing with an immature selfish young woman like Tracey the id OMG I LOVED this bookI so connected with the characters in this book Whether we want to admit it to ourselveswe all have a little bit of ach of them in us Whether in an interracial relationship or notthe road to love is bumpywith roadblockssome that we rect ourselvescaution lights that seem to never stop blinkingin our mindsred lights that not only stop the journeybut also our hearts Yet when that light is greenwe speed down that road oblivious to warning signs and whistles Just reveling is greenwe speed down that road oblivious to warning signs and whistles Just reveling the ride and how good it makes us feelTracey and Garrett are two such individualsTheir first meeting is politically incorrect to say the leastbut பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் even throug Reading through the sample when I came across a Cherokee grandmother it s why the heroine s mama has good hair of course Oh BROTHERRRRR A delightfully surprising look at an interracial couple and their relationship from both perspectives Awesome read The point of view and perspective were different thanxpected i appreciated how the struggles of both leads were portrayedRead this book in a day because I couldn t put it down 0 I would definitely refer this book to any avid contemporary romance reader I am giving this book 4 stars despite myself I had some major issues with one of the main characters but in the nd it was a strong interesting story with some rather fearless character momentsTracey and Garrett are grad students in Atlanta He is in law school she is getting her MBA He is from low to middle income good ole boy Southern white family she is from a very wealthy and powerful black family He is outgoing and friendly veryone knows him She is closed off and insularWhen they first meet she is wearing ratty overalls and has just taken a moment to lean against a janitor s closet He thinks she works there and asks about a cleaning situation Tracey takes umbrage at his racist assumption and give it to him with both barrels and leavesAfter that they manage to notice A Meditation on Murder each other around campus uite freuently and Garrett tracks her down at her house and apologizes This is when they start a friendship that turns into a rather clandestine relationshipThe conflict at the crux of this relationship is race Or rather accurately Tracey s conflict with race Flipping the script a bit it isn t the white guy who is trying to keep his relationship with a black girl on the down low from friends and family it is the other way aroundAnd this is my biggest frustration with the book Ironically it is also the most provocative part of the story as well Tracey is a very problematic character from a romance novel heroine standpoint She is really rather unsympathetic She is prickly she is difficult she is immature she has a huge chip on her shoulder and there was one instance. But the people she met in grad school weren't satisfied with knowing her only on the surface and Garrett Atkins well he wasn't satisfied at all becauseven though she couldn't help falling in love with his Southern charm and overall gorgeousness Tracey wasn't about to be that girl who nded up with a white husband Out Entering his last year in law school Garrett Atk. A 5 star read the author did a wonderful job of presenting Tracey and Garrett s story Garrett Rett Atkins is in his final year of law school where #upon graduation he is guaranteed a partnership in his family s law firm and where he # graduation he is guaranteed a partnership in his family s law firm and where he xpected to marry his white childhood sweetheart Tracey McAlpine is a Black woman who is brilliant and who is a graduate student at the school where Rett attends They become acuainted after he mistakes her for a janitor before a known professor corrects his Travis error they become friends study partners then lovers I love this story it s a story about a boy and girl in grad school who fall in love withach other though they keep their affair secret because they don t know how society will react to them Tracey is from a rich family and cares a lot about what her parents think and also her other relatives who she seems to think she is already bougie while Garrett the golden boy of his family comes from a middle class family some of who are racist including his mother As the relationship progresses Garett is willing to get over his hang ups and date Tracey openly but Tracey is literally paralyzed by the very thought which takes a toll on the relationship ad they break up Tracey finds paralyzed by the very thought which takes a toll on the relationship ad they break up Tracey finds she is pregnant later and tells Garrett and by her reaction Garett assumes she will get rid of the kid he begs her not to but she gives very indication she doesn t intend to have the baby Months later Garett finds out she kept the pregnancy only she didn t tell him and all hell breaks loose I agree with some of the other reviews this was a great and realistic story of the struggles of inter racial relationship You have to take in consideration they are in the South and although things have changed many views are the sameThey both struggled with the issues of how family and society would accept them but most importantly their own issue I simply loved Garrett because he wasn t perfect but he was determined Their issues were not only racial but social as wellTheir struggles and heartache were so real The first chapter kind of had me worried whether or not I was going to like it because I was a little confused about how it started After first chapter I was hooked and couldn t put the book down until the nd A book this size normally take me two days to read but this story was so good I read it in one dayGreat Job Ms Cole I definitely look forward to reading of your books Loved it The H Garret reminds me sooo of Kellan from Thoughtless by SC Stephens He is just as sweet and adoring and falls head over heels for Tracey who initially doesnt give him the time of day She is attracted to him but fights him ALL THE WAY POSSIBLE SPOILERSShe has heavy racial issues she s black and he is white Its a long arduous torturous journey before he manages to get her to commit He is obsessed with her can t stay away from her though he is in a relationship I felt for him I really did I don t like the cover and nearly didn t read it cos of that For me it just doesn t do the intensity of their relationship justice But then again what kind of cover am I asking for lol I felt as sorry for him as I did Kellan Rett lived and breathed Tracey and hth he didn t give up on her Was Beyond Me Grrr She Is As beyond me Grrr She is as as Kiera if not so AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 except in her defence I must say she doesn t so much as look at another man after she meets Rett I liked the whole college Inside Tracey never fit in anywhere as a child so she worked hard to make college different Out in the world she didn't talk about her parents or her travels or the languages she spoke She didn't talk much at all because it freuently led to black people asking why she talked white and white people asking where she was from No one believed she was a native Southerner. When I flat out hated her But I get the impression that these character flaws are very deliberate on the part of the writer Unlike some romance novels where the author is writing what she believes is a great heroine but instead the heroine is an annoying twerp I think Tracey is supposed to be all these things We are supposed to notice her prickliness and her issues As I said above from a romance novel standpoint this is somewhat problematic but from a pure character standpoint it works to create a dynamic picture of who she isGarrett goes along with her let s not acknowledgeach other in public but retreat to my cozy house and indulge in private at first It suits him as well For all that he isn t as conflicted about the race thing as Tracey he is aware that he has family and friends who would have issues But the strictures begin to weigh on him as they get and serious and he starts to force the issue trying to out the relationshipYou can t help but root for Garrett the writing makes him completely sympathetic Although as a character he doesn t get off scot free ither There is this awesome conversation he has with his sister that I thought was really rather well done of the author After Garrett tells his parents about his was really rather well done of the author After Garrett tells his parents about his with Tracey his mother goes off on a welfare nigger rant This is of course completely ludicrous as Tracey s family could buy and sell Garrett ntire xtended family ten times over Afterward Garrett s sister Angie and Garrett talk about the usage of the N word The two of them have a frank uncomfortable and incisive conversation about it I really liked where the author took the discussion It felt in character for both of themAngie is a great character I loved her She felt like the black sheep straight shooter younger sister that she was She and Tracey become friends arly on True to character Tracey wants nothing to do with Garrett s sister but Angie steamrolls her way into her life And in the process she also gets to give Tracey a few come to jesus talks as wellThis is another reason why I think Tracey is supposed to be so problematic at first In addition to Angie there are other characters who tell Tracey she is being a stupid immature whiner She gets called on her crap and ach time she is you immature whiner She gets called on her crap and ach time she is you see how she is being forced to Collision Course: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet examine her assumptionsIn thend Tracey does mature and change Sure a lot of it is forced but she does manage to come to some major self awareness which make for some really good character development for her There are a few other things about this book I really liked I liked how a Grand Mis one that Tracey allows to happen in the middle of the book comes back to bite her on the ass in a big way I cheered People talk and communicate so stuff isn t allowed to fester Garrett and Tracey s mother forge an alliance which I loved Garrett s father Big was a really good character and I liked his first meeting with Tracey it was awkward and sweet and felt realistic Garrett s mother is a super minor minor presence but her attitude really affects her kids And i like how Not All The Problems Get Tied Up In A Pretty all the problems get tied up in a pretty bow But the 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 (Software Studies) ending was really good I came to notxactly like Tracey but by the time I closed the book I liked where she had volved to And of course I frickin loved GarrettSo this book deserves it stars It made me think and feel which is what I like most of my books to do. Ins can't complain about his life At graduation he's guaranteed a job in a prestigious firm and a wife But one mix up on campus introduces him to stubborn snide and sexy Tracey McAlpine She may not be what's best for him but God help him she's what he wants and Rett has never been a man who has accepted being told he can't have what he wants no matter the conseuences. .

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