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The Stoning of Soraya M A True Story

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This started off slow It felt distant and too journalistic I didn t pick up this book for a journalistic account I didn t want information You can get information through God Gave Me a Mulligan: A Journalist's Life in War and Peace research on the subject I wanted information AND emotion AND understanding I wanted the answer to the uestion of Why why why Nevertheless as Iead onoh the momentum It built slowly and then faster and faster By the end it was as if it were a Elephant Slaves and Pampered Parrots: Exotic Animals in Eighteenth-Century Paris run away truck I ve only got a few pages left because I had to stop To breath It s a VERY disturbingead Very The American Academic Profession: Transformation in Contemporary Higher Education real Very very close It s actually full of emotion and you do gain a clear understanding of how a small village of people could become a crazed mob that would stone a harmless silent woman to deathSahebjam gives you everything the facts the emotion the various motivations perspectives the background and he let s theeader decide I haven t finished yet but I can already say that this is an excellent book I look forward to the filmthough I know it will be tough to watch This book should definitely not be The Rise and Fall of the Biopsychosocial Model: Reconciling Art and Science in Psychiatry read unless you are in a safe place with people you love and trust surrounding you I think that s the only way I got through some of the truly gut wrenching horrors that Sahembiam illustrates with the case of Soraya M Nightmares may come otherwiseSahembiam begins with an explanation of both hiseasoning for writing the book and the methodology behind it which is necessary for understanding the structure of the story as a whole Especially when the eader is confronted with details that could not be presented first hand considering that Soraya is no longer with us and Zahra her aunt and main eyewitness is traumatized by what happened While some may criticize this story as uestionable journalism I think Sahembiam addresses those concerns flat out giving his criticize this story as uestionable journalism I think Sahembiam addresses those concerns flat out giving his background and elevant personal information at the outset No one should go into this story thinking that impartial parties are stating the facts and just the facts Sahembiam and Zahra are stating their experiences and uite frankly there s no way to escape the impact of tragic circumstances And yes there are some blanks filled in Sahembiam arrived in the village of Kupeyeh not its eal name two weeks after Soraya s death While he certainly wasn t there to witness the event all of the landmarks and t there to witness the event all of the landmarks and ups would still have been easily pointed out by ZahraThe format of the book is difficult in the first half For about the first fifty pages or so the eader is introduced to all the major players and their backgrounds By background I mean life story Some of the information may or may no be A Kangaroo's Life relevant but it boils down to the fact that the bad guys are opportunisitic mafioso kinda men But criminals or not cruel or not the men are now in charge in the newegime of Iran this is 1986It s absolute power corrupting absolutelyA number of hitherto anonymous and colorless villagers men were metamorphosed virtually overnight and began to spread terror throughout the area with thier knives and their slingshots pg 75Ghorban Ali is Soraya s husband and he s fallen in love with a new woman who emains offstage throughout the whole of the book so I don t know if he ever. Soraya M's husband Ghorban Ali couldn't afford to marry another woman Rather than eturning Soraya's dowry as custom Filosofía e inmanencia reuired before taking a second wife he plotted with four friends and a counterfeit mullah to dispose of her Together they accused Soraya of adultery Her only crime was cooking for a friend's widowed husband Exhausted by a lifetime. Didemarry after killing his wife or not He with the help of his fellow criminal cohorts sets Soraya up to look like an adultress He convinces everyone her father and her sons and they proceed to stone her
This book doesn t shy from the details of a stoning It builds slowly but when the trial starts it s worse than watching a car wreck happen in front of you He shows you the set up the eaction of the villagers and The Entire Process From entire process from the hole to the final stone No lie it s horrifyingThough Sahembiam emphasizes in the introduction that the villagers feel they have done nothing wrong Now barely six month after the event the villagers seemingly hardworking and decent folk appeared to have forgotten their collective crime After all stoning had been esurrected and encouraged by the egime of the ayotollahs and in performing that ite they had only been doing their duty cleansing their village as hundreds of other villages had been cleansed in years past in the name of God the compassionate the merciful pg xiiiI understand the arguments that journalism shouldn t be commentary or anecdotal however I m disinclined to say that such stories should be dismissed After all The Narrative of Frederick Douglass is not impartial and it certainly holds a mirror up to all the nastiness cruelty and evil that comes with slavery While it s no easy Murder in Gutenthal read and it s no Pulitzer Prize winner I doecommend this story be One of Our Thursdays Is Missing read in the hope that one day it ll be aecord of a history that s been overcome and not a documentary of the here and now This is the most heartbreaking book I can On the Field of Glory: an Historical Novel of the Time of King John Sobieski recalleading To say it is difficult to Lassie Come-Home read is an understatement as is saying it is a compellingead It is A Book Once You Begin To Read book once you begin to The People from the Sea read will be unable to put down and unable to forget That it is a true story is horrifying That there are at least 15 prisoners atisk of stoning today Amnesty International is incomprehensible Those 15 are in Iran Iran is not the only country to have stoning happenIn St Lucy's Home For Girls Raised By Wolves reading this story and imagining how Soraya must have felt it is not difficult to see why she was silent She must have felt trapped because she had no way to defend herself Whether or not the charges were justified or false the cards were stacked against her I cannot imagine Let me begin by offering a uotation from the prefaceAfter the shah was deposed and the fundamentalistegime headed by the Ayatollah Khomeini came to power in February 1979 many dubious elements of the population including common law criminals who had been jailed for good eason under the shah were eleased from the country s prisons Taking advantage of the Mr. Majeika and the Dinner Lady and Mr. Majeika and the Music Teacher religious fervor sweeping the land a number of these people especially those with at least a basic knowledge of the Koran and its tenets donned clerics garb gave themselves the title of mullah andoamed the country seeing opportunities for self enrichment or uite simply to conceal their past from the authoritiesIn 1986 the author was waiting in a small mountain village in Iran for a contact to take him over the border into Pakistan when he was offered tea by an elderly woman She then proceeded to tell him that two. Of abuse and hardship Soraya said nothing and the makeshift tribunal took her silence as a confession of guilt They sentenced her to death by stoning a punishment prohibited by Islam but widely practiced Day by day sometimes minute by minute Sahebjam deftly ecounts these horrendous events tracing Soraya's life with searing immediacy from her
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Weeks earlier her niece Soraya had been stoned to death for being unfaithful to her husband and that she had been innocent of the charge The author s contact showed up and he had to leave but he promised the woman he d be back and he eturned some six months later to hear her story which ended up being the substance of this book The book ecalls a beyond horrible #crime instigated by one of these above mentioned mullahs in cahoots with Soraya #instigated by one of these above mentioned mullahs in cahoots with Soraya husband This mullah Sheik Hassan had been in prison and was unning away from the egime that put him there He had fled to a small village of about 250 people where he was able to uickly gain the trust of the village leaders and become the go to guy for settling disputes and he was able to profit monetarily from his position as well The sheik s background is important because he epresents one of those people whose position allowed him to manipulate Blessed Are the Wicked religious beliefs for his own gain and in this particular case vengeanceThe basic story is this Soraya s parents had betrothed her to Ghorban Ali whom she had known since childhood and whom she didn t like even then He was an abusive husband and later father who would beat his wifeegularly and then start in on his children He spent a great deal of time turning his two older children against their mother When he wasn t in the village he was involved two older children against their mother When he wasn t in the village he was involved black market and other illegal activities until the change in egime when he became a prison guard and ealized his potential for power over others Once he got a taste for power and life in the city and the gains he d made financially and materially in his position as prison guard he no longer wanted to be a peasant from the village but instead wanted to live the life of Riley in the city complete with a 14 year old honey that he wanted to marry The problem was his marriage to Soraya and how to get id of her ultimately with no way out of the marriage he turned to Sheik Hassan And this is when Soraya s life went from one of abuse to one of utter horrorThere are a couple of things worth mentioning First there is no doubt that this event actually happened and there is no doubt that stoning as a punishment for adultery is a eality among some Muslim fundamentalists in some areas You can go to any human ights organization s website and find out all that you want to know about it there and to be fair you can go to the website of Al jazeera an Islamic news organization to ead about Reform, Red Scare, and Ruin recent developments about stoning as well It is also an abominable practice that is beyond my scope of comprehension in theealm of human crueltySecond there s no doubt in my mind that as far as the story this book tells the stoning of Soraya M a Grauwacht reflects a plan conceived by a few misogynistic individuals who deliberately used the existing Sharia laws for their own personal gain and b was allowed to happen as aesult of an abuse of power in this small villageTo get the full story you need to ead the book It is a difficult story but an eye opening one that you will probably not soon forget I know I won t I don t think I need to see it on the big screen though one thing just hurt me about this book it s true story. Rranged marriage and the births of her nine children to her husband's increasing cruelty and her horrifying execution where by tradition her father husband and sons hurled the first stones This is one woman's story but it stands for the stories of thousands of women who suffered and continue to suffer the same fate It is a story that must be tol.