[EBOOK/EPUB] Mother of Winter by Barbara Hambly

Originally reviewed at BookwraithsMy rating is 35 starsComfortable Like *THE FEEL A COZY CHAIR OR A SIP *feel of a cozy chair or a sip favorite coffee or watching a movie ve seen a dozen times That is what Darwath stories by Barbara Hambly are to me Certainly they are also xciting suspenseful and thought provoking in ual measure but sitting down with Ingold and Gil Rudy and Minalde Tir and the Icefalcon is a comfortable return to a fondly remembered place surrounded by people I love So please understand that as you read my review of Mother of Winter Book 4 of the seriesFive years have passed since the

dark aided by 
aided by certain wizard crossed the inter dimensional gulf Mother of Winter picks up 5 years after the original Darwath trilogy The survivors of the Dark Ones have stablished a new kingdom centered around the ancient Keep of Dare The. Five years after defeating the Dark Ones the mbattled inhabitants of the once great Keep of Dare face a yet deadly foe An icy cold force was spreading across the northlands spawning strange creatures that killed verything in their grisly path Archmage Ingold Inglorion believed the source of this monstrous vil lay in the decadent lands to. .
Y still struggle with the changing climate but ke by However *recently crops fail and a stran Things I liked Rudy is *crops fail and a stran Things I liked Rudy is on his own for awhile while Gil and Ingold are off on a mission and has to learn how to cope with heavy responsibility for the first time in his life He also has to learn some new magic on his own and spends a lot of time probing the deeper magic mysteries of the Keep It s an interesting period of discovery for Rudy s character New types of magic view spoiler Non human magic Rudy s discovery that the dooic people also use magic was very cool and surprising hide spoiler The fourth book in the Darwath series Mother of Winter was a fantastic read This story compiled lore about the keep itself and the wizards of the days past I njoyed reading about the transformation that very person underwent and gre. The south With him traveled Gil Patterson the scholar warrior from Earth who had forsaken her own universe for love of the mage  Determined to aid him in his uest she was cursed to become the instrument of his deathIngold's apprentice Rudy Solis was left behind the
sole wizard standing 
wizard standing the Keep of Dare and the nightmare creatures.
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Mother of Winter

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