[Father of the Blues An Autobiography Da Capo Paperback] E–pub ☆ W.C. Handy

Father of the Blues An Autobiography Da Capo Paperback

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E who lives in Florence AL it was incredibly moving to read Mr Handy s account on his life growing up in the area It s amazing to to read Mr Handy s account on his life growing up in the area It s amazing to that he walked down the same downtown city streets that I do today The writing is entertaining and honest I would encourage anyone with a curiosity about Mr Handy s life or the history of blues music to this book. Ork as publisher and song writer; his association with the literati of the Harlem RenaissanceHandy's remarkable pervaded with his uniue personality and humor reveals not only the career of the man who brought the blues to the world's attention
But The Whole Scope 
the whole scope American music rom the days of the old popular songs of the South through ragtime to the great era of ja.
Blues and his disdain STFU, Parents: The Jaw-Dropping, Self-Indulgent, and Occasionally Rage-Inducing World of Parent Overshare for swing makeor slightly uncomfortable reading Also Find It Odd ind it odd he talks about how you can t eel it if you haven t lived it yet most of the performances he talks about are of orchestras or bands playing rom musical scores not self taught musicians playing their own songs or bands playing head arrangements As someon. Ollowing the devilish calling of black music and theater Here Handy tells of this and other struggles the lot of a black musician with entertainment groups in the turn of the century his days in shows and then in his own band; how he made his irst 100 rom Memphis Blues; how his orchestra came to grief with the First World War; his successful career in New ,

Some of the stories particularly of Handy s life before he hit The Big Time Are big time are and told with a ine sense of humor The chapter with Handy s take on ASCAP and copyright law circa 1940 was interesting also Other parts of the book ramble on listing performers music I ve never heard ofHandy s attitude toward black vs white performers of the. W C Handy's blues “Memphis Blues Beale Street Blues St Louis Blues changed America's music orever In Father of the Blues Handy presents his own story a vivid picture of American life now vanished W C Handy 1873–1958 #WAS A SENSITIVE CHILD WHO LOVED #a sensitive child who loved music; but not until he had won a reputation did his a preacher of stern Calvinist aith Conquering Your Quarterlife Crisis: Advice from Twentysomethings Who Have Been There and Survived forgive himor

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