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(Jessaloups Song) PDF ´ Hester Velmans

Jessaloups SongThis book was amazing a must read for eople of all ages THIS IS GOING TO T BE AMAZING I LOVED THE FIRST BOOK Follow up Isabel of the Whales one my most favorite books

Ever Loved The Ending I 
Loved the ending i of the Whales one of my most favorite books ever Loved the ending i isabel of the whales eleven ELEVEN years ago and it changed my life i only found out about this book earlier last year and it s taken me a while to read it but it is truly everything i could have ever hoped for and absolutely Bear Boy perfect not to be emoTM but im a MESS A Perfect Seuel I adored Isabel of the Whales even though it is geared towards a younger audience than I am and I was hoping for a seuel the first time I read it The story is magical beautiful and this seuel does not disappoint It is three years later and Isabel still having trouble readjusting to her life on land though she loves her human family she misses her whale one I have to say the secrets that were revealed were not what I was expecting but it was awesome I adored it The clear love between Isabel and Jessaloup that they had trouble in their adolescent hearts expressing it was just a grand story and theerfect happily ever after conclusion First I won this book in a give away so Thank you Also the Black Women in White America postcard received with the book was a very niceersonalized touch So the book I was leasantly surprised I wasn t sure if I was going to like it but I ended up liking it a lot Although I d give it about 35 stars I rounded up to four I hadn t read the first one which sounds like it would be good and kind of like an adventure book This book I think did a good job of briefing the reader on the important aspects of the first book in which they might of missed I really liked Isabel and I really liked Jessaloup in the story I rea. A sixty ton humpback whale lies stranded gasping for breath on the sands of Cape Cod and there's just one girl in the world who knows who he is When Jessaloup is transformed into a boy Isabel has to teach him to walk talk and act human Lize this was written aimed for ten year olds so I tried to keep that in mind My son is almost 8 so that is my only reference on that category other than I used to be 10 years old once lol I don t think I would of choose this book to read on my own for the simple fact I ve never had any interest in whales and once I read the back of the book the book SOUNDED INSANETHE SUMMARY ON THE BACK insanethe summary on the back robably my least favorite thing about this book I really like the summary on Goodreadscom though and I definitely think it s for girls than boys I thought once I was finished that it was a shame it didn t have a alluring summary because I would of definietly enjoyed it as a young girl I did enjoy it as an adult and thought it was better than a lot of YA books I ve read I liked the way the story flowed in the most beliveable fashion ossible and I liked the ending that concluded with Jessaloup s song which is something I was looking forward too though I did wish I had some details on right after she changed into the whale at the end Also got to learn a few things about whales while reading it got me thinking they were kinda cool As a nanny of a ten year old girl me thinking they were kinda cool As a nanny of a ten year old girl am always looking for literature that she will enjoy Unfortunately I have found that many of the newest books aimed at this group of youngsters are inappropriate or simply set bad examples for young girls Twilight Whatever happened to strong intelligent kind heroines like Pippi Longstocking It goes without saying that when I received Jessaloup s Song I had this age group in mind and hoped that I would be Monster der Woche presented with a book that I could happilyass along Fortunately Jessaloup s Song is an appropriate and intelligent book and certainly give. O that together they can raise the alarm about a terrible natural disaster that's threatening the East Coast With the calamity's deadline drawing near the two teens must overcome skepticism jealousies misunderstandings and even some atro. .