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The Next Right Thing

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The Walk: Clear Direction and Spiritual Power for Your Life
Ing this book let me explain back in March I was illing time in a cool little book store imagining what it would be like to see my was illing time in a cool little book store imagining what it would be like to see my yet unpublished debut novel sitting on the shelves My head was in the clouds and I new I was only about three weeks out from hitting the return button that would put my own book out into the world the alt title for my book The Next Right Thing So you can imagine how uickly I plummeted back to earth when I came across Dan Barden s traditionally published novel with the same title Would I dare open it I read just enough to convince myself that it wasn t my book I bought it later that night on Kindle with the intent of double checking that I wasn t about to release something too close to his but until last week I hadn t been able to muster up the snuff to read it While I was no longer worried about it being the same book I still had issues with how close it might be and frankly had been concerned that he might be better than me All natural concerns I think fueled to crazy paranoid levels that probably only an alcoholic with a penchant for pessimism might understand But last week I finally commi. Irlfriend All is well until Terry himself supposedly sober for fifteen years is found dead of a heroin overdose How could Terry who had dragged so many others from the edge jump off himself Convinced that something or someone must have pushed him Randy is soon off on a dry drunk uest for answers and possibly revenge He discovers a trail of dirty secrets that lead to missing persons shady real estate deals hydroponic pot farms and Internet pornography When his suspicions ultimately connect Terry’s death to the activities of a recen. Tted to my own Pandora s Box and I cracked it open in the digital sense and read it like my life depended on it It s a great ride well told and I m certain would be enjoyed by normies just as much as us drunks I like my fiction fast and snappy with just enough details to let me fill in some character blanks on my own and Barden did an awesome job of allowing me to do that while pushing me toward an ending that
*i could understand *
could understand I ve seen a few reviewers take issues with the banter between recovering Alcoholics And Certainly I Can and certainly I can speak to what it might be like to read it if you ve never nown or been an alcoholic Great job great book and I look forward to the next mad dash Barden scripts I really didn t expect to finish this book My impression for the first few chapters was Wow this is like a regular bad airport paperback but with added preachy Recovery jargon Characters bounce around the various settings not so much having conversations as uoting from the Big Book at each other Even when they Aren T Spouting Proverbs t spouting proverbs 12 step programs the dialogue is simply horrendous for example a young woman bursts into. Tly appointed Superior Court judge who just happens to be dating Randy’s ex wife Randy has to ask himself Is he really onto something or just suffering from grief and paranoia Will his increasingly frenzied behavior ruin his current relationship and his chances of regaining custody of his daughter Will he destroy the life that he has worked so hard to achieve Will he reach for a drink The Next Right Thing is a hilarious and harrowing combination of thriller and recovery tale eual parts hard earned wisdom and old fashioned suspense. Hero of story has anger management issuesand is long time member of AA The death by substance abuse of his sponsor in AA drives him to find the reason What he ends AA The death by substance abuse of his sponsor in AA drives him to find the reason What he ends with is a whole lot of grief and learning the truth about his friend pushes all is buttons Good use of the AA idea but the characters involved with it sound like they are in a half way house vs holding jobs some dosome don t But not enough is ever written about the people in it from a mystery angle Some shows up in JA Jance s character JP Beaumont I won this book in a goodreads giveaway and i m glad a Goodreads giveaway and I m glad did The book s premise combine a character in 12 step recovery with a hardboiled LA police story is a great idea The author is not afraid to show his characters in their worst moments which just makes them human And he s also not afraid to show the possibility of redemption Definitely a worthwhile entertaining book Life for an alcoholic is often a process of discovering all the things that don t make a difference So true may sound grim to those of us not in the rooms but this little nugget certainly struck a nerve with me It took me a while to get around to read. Southern California home builder extraordinaire Randy Chalmers has to admit he’d be dead or in prison were it not for his best friend lawyer and Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor Terry Elias A former police officer Randy narrowly escaped being an evening news highlight during years ravaged by anger and alcohol Thanks to Terry’s coaching and an endless stream of caffeine fueled AA meetings Randy’s been off the booze for eight years has a successful new career and is thriving in a healthy relationship with his vegan yoga instructor