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The Norman Conuest

summary ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Marc Morris

Alfred It was one of the many power struggles for the crown between the descendents of King Cnut Godwin had picked a side and Alfred had become a nuisance One of those dirty jobs a noble might perform to curry favor and influence with the man in power After all Godwin knew where the bodies are buried The politics in Normandy are no less gory or murky Frankly it is a bloody miracle that William lived long enough to ever conceive a conuest of England There are mafia style hits between the aristocracy of Normandy that create bloody feuds that at times splash a bit of blood on the hem of William s tunic His life is almost constantly in danger He also has serious problems with Flanders and France both of which would have preferred a weaker duke on the throne of Normandy Needless to say he learns to be ruthless conniving and controlling by the time he decides to invade England He also proves himself a successful leader of men in battle He must have borne a commanding presence because he manages to convince men to make the trip across the water to help him achieve goals that are not necessarily strategically sound The providence of the fates helps him immensely Just before William launches his invasion Harald Sigurdsson of Norway lands on English soil first Harold barely out of his coronation robes finds himself having to meet a large force of Vikings led personally by Sigurdsson and by Harold s brother Tostig There are many Godwinesson brothers some might say too many and for political reasons Harold has not supported Tostig on a land claim with Edward The falling out results in this family civil war that could have ramifications on all of EnglandHarold wins the Battle of Stamford Bridge He barely has time to hoist a few beers in celebration before he has to march his army to face William of Normandy Now the interesting thing about the Battle of Hastings is that Harold does not need to win this battle All he has to do is survive it William needs to win this battle or all hope of conuering the kingdom of England and making it his own will be dashed pon the cliffs of Dover As long as Harold is alive he is the king of England and can rally troops and fight however many battles he needs to push the Normans out of England The problem is according the Bayeux Tapestry Harold catches an arrow in the eye that proves fatal Other sources say that William with a contingent of knights rides him down and cuts him to pieces Regardless of how he dies the cold hard fact is that he dies and leaves England in the hands of the Conueror Harold is the chap clutching the arrow stuck in his eyeSome of the Normans come to stay finding the gifts of land too enticing to return to Normandy Others take what spoils they can carry off with them and ickly return to Normandy #Others beg William to be allowed to return to their homes in Normandy They are afraid that it is #beg William to be allowed to return to their homes in Normandy They are afraid that it is a matter of time before they catch an Anglo Saxon arrow in the back or a piece of sharpened steel in the belly The Normans deal with constant pheaval and revolution and they handle those manners very severely by razing the countryside killing and maiming The Population In Horrific Creative Ways They Want To Suelch population in horrific creative ways They want to suelch and make sure it can t spark again from the same regionFrankly they probably need to be this way to have any hope of keeping England nder the control of Normans The baffling thing for me is that England never really nites nder a strong leader One just that England never really nites Sunce je počelo da se zlati under a strong leader One just emerges If someone had been charismatic and determined enough to step into Harold s shoes and rally the Anglo Saxons William s victory at Hastings might have proved a short lived one Marc Morris researches all the sources of all the writers who wrote about this period He weighs their biases tosses aside the obvious hyperbole and wiggles the truth as best he can from what is left This era of English history is fascinating and Morris pumps blood gristle and bone into the characters populating these stories making them live and breath so convincingly that I freuently thought I d fallen through a wormhole into the 11th century I ve always had a soft spot for Harold and found William to be too brutish to be likeable but after reading this book I have a betternderstanding of why things happened the way they did and developed a grudging respect for William the Conueror despite the grisly tactics he employed to maintain power He had an eye on the future and it is hard to know if England would have ever become England if she hadn t been invaded by not only Normans but the ideas they brought with them If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at Morris has given ハリー・ポッターと賢者の石 (ハリー・ポッターシリーズ us a thorough yet readable explanation of events surrounding the Norman Conuest with this well researched work With a detailed look at the years leadingp to William s invasion through the ascendancy of Henry II the reader is made aware of each nuance of English life that was affected by the arrival of the NormansMorris has a brilliant style of writing that takes into account a variety of theories and tends not to forcefully press with one than the evidence supports He manages a huge cast of vivid characters and masterfully weaves their stories together Rather than claiming that he can solve for From Beautiful Zion to Red Bird Creek uestions like who Edward really intended to have inherit his crown Morris presents related theories and admits that there is no way fors to know for sureLooking into conseuences that reach far beyond Hastings this narrative explains the years of rebellions and setbacks that William was forc. Ion force on a scale not seen since the days of the Romans One of the bloodiest and most decisive battles An accessible non fiction Basically expands on what was written in contemporaneous accounts or in accounts written within a hundred years or so after I feel this one is not really going to give you anything new if you have read books on this period of history before It is the same old recap with very little new added to the story My impression is that if you have read little on the Conuest or have read nothing at all then this book will do you If you are looking for supposition and logical theorising this one probably will not do you Very interesting and well argued book about England in the 11th century focusing on the Conuest of course but with a long historical prelude that put it in context and with the follow Sex, Rock Optical Illusions up difficult establishment of Norman rule after the battle of Hastings as England has had alien kings before but always shook them off eventually while the Normans came to stayDefinitely recommended An immensely enjoyable and informative book on one of England s pivotal moments in history Mr Morris presents the events in a readable way that binds the characters their place in England Normandy and wider to the leadp to invasion and the events in medieval Europe that influence strategies and actions For those looking for a work on the actual battle this isn t the book although its coverage whilst brief in terms of the book itself provided good insight and detail into what happened or likely occurredWhat I liked was the author s insight into the wider story of the conuest both before and after where he From Mistress to Wifey uses contemporary sources to informalify and most interestingly articulate why a chronicler or source takes the view or interpretation they do I have as yet not managed to find a decent account of the Norman invasion that was both well written and informative Morris has done an excellent job of both counts The wonderful thing about this book is that there is a narrative thread a real sense of an Disney Infinity: Character Encyclopedia unfolding story And having not really considered the politics of the period since I was a child Morris managed to explain everything at a sensible pace without ever making me feel out of my depth in suchnfamiliar territory And the conuest IS Dance With The Devil unfamiliar territory because nearly all of what I thought I knew is wrong One by one Morris takes each lazily accepted fact and dissects it down to bare bone before fleshing it back out into something that makes far sense and readilynderstandable It s commendable that Morris deliberately set out to write a book for a general readership rather than medievalists with a clutch of doctorates It was such a pleasure reading this book There was a lightbulb moment on practically every page I had assumed that the Normans were violent bullies crushing an nsophisticated bunch of weedy Anglo saxons to a bloody pulp hanging around like a bad smell and #treating the conuered like slaves However I was wrong If there was only one book explaining the #the conuered like slaves However I was wrong If there was only one book explaining the of the greatest event in English history I d be recommending this one with passionate ardour I may even become a born again medievalist I ll certainly be ignoring my ancient myths and 17th century whores for a while A trip to Hastings and various other
#Locations Mentioned By Morris Are #
mentioned by Morris are being planned and I ll be taking my well thumbed copy along I have taken England with both my hands Remark after William of Normandy stepped off his ship on the coast of England and fell into the sand 28 September 1066 William the Conueror1066 is a meaningful date in history that should resonate with most people from their school days It is of course the date of the last successful invasion of England To call it an invasion might be a bit misleading Approximately 7000 Normans and a contingent of currish opportunistic mercenaries from all over Europe with a penchant for rape and mayhem descended on England with the intention of stayingforever Well at least ntil the spoils of war are racked stacked and carted back to Normandy King HaroldHarold Godwinesson is king of England In his haste to be coronated he may have been chased A White Slave in Turkey Book 1 - A BDSM Novel up the church stairs by the last breath of his predecessor Edward the Confessor I really enjoy the way that Marc Morris explains the political maneuverings of the Godwine family and their relationship to a series ofnsettled kings of England While the senior Godwin is alive one could not be king of England without a nod from the Godwines They may have been at their best being King Makers but due to the 1898 uncertain circumstances surrounding the secessionpon Edward s death Harold is the best option who also has the advantage of living in England Edward has married Harold s sister but spawns no children by most accounts because he is too pious to sleep with her It is a marriage that has been thrust Night of the Werewolf (Choose Your Own Nightmare, upon him which would have put a Godwine on the throne if only Edward would have cooperated with a bit of beastly tango between the sheets That doesn t work so the next option is to just take the throne Harald Sigurdsson of Norway asserts that he had a deal with a past king of England to be kingpon the death of Edward William of Normandy asserts that Edward had promised him the throne and that Harold Godwinesson had sworn an oath to phold his right to the throne These weak cases are made by strong dangerous leaders which might have been the reason Harold is in such a hurry to get the coronation done Edward the ConfessorEdward has reasons to despise the Godwine family beyond their wealth influence with the nobles and their ability to push him around Godwin Harold s father had blinded and killed Edward s brother. An pstart French duke who sets out to conuer the most powerful and nified kingdom in Christendom An invas. Ed to cope with and explores how the shifting of power caused sweeping changes that are noted in everyday life down to the language that was spokenI admit that most of my knowledge of this period has previously come through historical fiction and some random fact checking This thorough study enabled me to see for the first time some interesting comparisons and contrasts between William s arrival in England and Henry Tudor s Though Morris does not make any parallel observations some of the connections in my own mind were thought provoking Where William was fought against for years Henry was or less welcomed Both Richard III and Harold had estionable rights to the throneanyway I could go on but that is not really the subject of this particular work Morris does note the differences between earlier take overs such as Cnut s and William s I found it all rather intriguingA wonderful study of the reasons for and results of the Norman Conuest I would recommend this book to anyone who would like to dig deeper into this era of history Overall a very detailed and very conscientious history of the Norman Conuest of England exactly what the title suggests with a hard look at the evidence and an interpretation at points which I hadn t seen before Some room is made for small bits on architecture and cultural aspects but the focus is clearly on the lives of Edward Harold and William how they are tied to the Conuest what actually happened and how it worked out Biggest plus is how Morris brings the era to life through the Beyond the Qumran Community use of sources however difficult that may beMorris himself starts by tellings in the introduction how scant the sources for this era are This is borne out by the narrative When we next encounter Harold however he is riding towards his manor of Bosham on the Sussex coast He has a meal with his friends takes a ship out into the English Channel and somehow ends Daniels Pet up as the guest of the duke of Normandy 109 Earl lfgar was banished but soon returned with the help of Gruffudd says the D Chronicle of the Anglo Saxon Chronicle It is tedious to tell how it all happened 107 The Anglo Saxon Chronicle begins its account of the year 1082 with a startling thunderbolt In this year it says the king arrested Bishop Odo Having startleds however the anonymous author our only contemporary informant leaves Losing Control us entirely in the dark adding only and in this year there was great famine before moving on briskly to deal with the events of 1083 300 Sometimes the sources are non existent sometimes they do exist but are biased one way or another Morris manages to find a path here that I found credible and engaging At no point did I feel the need to second guess his conclusions especially since he s alwaysite frank about why he takes a certain path and clearly states when s speculatingSometimes Morris seems to #take a light tone for instance when he says The of England meanwhile had discovered he had #a light tone for instance when he says The King of England meanwhile had discovered he had long lost nephew 94 or Not long after the founding of St Stephen s William received the exciting news that Harold Godwineson had landed on the north French coast Harold s Continental adventure is one of the most celebrated episodes in the story of the Norman Conuest 112 Honestly it sounds a bit like Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure but it s not Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (light novel) unwelcome A bit rambling so not the best review ever but the book comes highly recommended The Norman Conuest of 1066 was probably one of the most brutal colonisation of a Christian land by another Christian Country ever to have happened or at least for several hundred years afterwards Marc Morris chronicles the years leadingp to 1066 putting character onto the various important figures involved during the late tenth and early eleventh Centuries This includes trying to give insight into what was socially occurring in England prior to the invasion and what had gone before Also a good historical analyses of the the Normans and their history prior to William When I was in elementary school I recall looking at an illustrated history book and seeing a picture of William the Conueror In the picture he was riding through an English town London with his pointy steel cap short red beard and grim face broad shouldered as a linebacker He had just won a battle and Harold I didn t even know Harold was a king dead at Hastings with an arrow through his eye I vaguely remember not liking William too much and that Harold was kind of an PHILIPPINES 1/1M3 unlucky good guy I confess to this day I don t know much about the battle of Hastings actually no one does and the events surrounding it beyond those early impressionsWell that has now changed For example Harold was hardly a good guy His family the Godwinsons was a grasping often vicious bunch that had been holding the previous king Edward the Confessor as practically a hostage king But Edward future saint was no fool and he briefly was able to kick the Go This book was both fascinating and difficult The Norman Conuest was such a pivotal turning point in history I wanted to try tonderstand how it happened Morris does an excellent job sifting through the sources and trying to make sense of all sides of the drama Unfortunately as Morris points out our sources are slim and biased You can t get a very good sense of the major players as living people We can only speculate on their motives and feelings We can t even be sure what happened or when For these reasons I d only recommend the subject matter if you have a deep and abiding geek obsession with history as I do But if you want to know about the Norman Conuest of Britain this is the most accessible book I ve found. Ver fought This book explains why the Norman Conuest was the single most important event in English history.