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It s testament to the "writer s insatiable wit that the last volume in the Tales of the City Chronicles "s insatiable wit that the last volume in the Tales of the City Chronicles with the main protagonists Mary Ann Mona Ana Madrigal Brian and Michael at the forefront no new characters added Michael s boyfriend was added in the previous and less successful of the novels significant others plus successful of the novels Significant Others plus returning character from book II stirs up the plot We et to down to the basic blocks the lue that has from book II stirs up the plot We et to down to the basic blocks the The Sorcerer's Apprentice glue that has all these characters in each other s company in the first place We feel nostalgia for the beginning stories with their naivete now fully replaced by a wisdom that only comes at certain twists turns of life Very sad but very devastatingly REAL at last this is Surely the most realistic in the entire series This after all seems to be the ultimateift to the modern human new beginnings I have read a lot of reviews for this book and it seems like there are two prominent opinions people are either really disappointed that Mary Ann became an unfeeling bitch or they have Eagle's Gate gone back through the series and declared that Maupin always intended her to be a selfish character For me I had seen her character taking a turn for the worse since the last two books but that still doesn t make the dumping of her family and friends a pleasant reading experience I also think Maupin took it a little too far with her character I could see her leaving her husband for New York but leaving her daughter without a second thought seems completely heartless especially since she makes no mention of ever planning on seeing her again Overall though I still mostly enjoyed thisreat cast of characters this book came off as pretty depressing I m World War Z. La guerra mondiale degli zombi getting ready to read Michael Tolliver Lives and I hope that will make up for the last couple books in this series I cannot stress enough how much I hate Mary Ann There were several times when I had to put the book down because I was so mad at her Iuess that means the writings ood I just uestion making the supposed lead character unbearable Michael is still amazing and makes me cry I like Brian too and I hate that he loves Mary Ann despite what a bh she is Not my favorite for sure Hopefully we won t have to deal with her in the next book Am enjoying this series so much I love the characters and the story is weird enough to be true Love everything about it Armistead Maupin published the first Tales novel in 1978 and the sixth was published in 1989 Of course he has written In this the sixth and final self contained volume of Armistead Maupin's epic chronicle of modern life a fiercely ambitious TV talk Sure of YouGoodreads for reviews Here is where Maupin starts to et all sentimental on us and I just love it We also Maupin starts to Who Is Muhammad Ali? get all sentimental on us and I just love it We also what the Tales books have never had before a villian that we can boo and hiss at And what do you know It s Mary Ann The book is a wonderful study in how relationships change and how we all develop over time The Mary Ann in this book seems a million miles away from the young ingenue that we met in Tales 1 and yet she IS one and the same Mich Another entertaining installment of Tales of the City This one includes humor pathos heart break temptation love and the characters I ve come to know and love I would have liked a bit about Mrs Madrigal but we didet of Mona and a strong focus on Michael We see sides of Mary Ann that we d hoped weren t there I ll be etting 7 as soon as I can I really do love this series There s a lot of tension and angst in this book 6 in the Tales if the City serial making it in my opinion the best of the series so far Conflict between Mary and Brian Michael s escalating health issues under control but etting tenuous Anna mother and Mona daughter take a trip to Greece disapprove of each other s life style Mary Ann s old beau and past resurface a wealthy philanthropist and his wife waltz through creating conflict Just a slice of life episode The final book in original cannon rown on me sine I first read it years ago Each of the many characters in the series ets a cameo in the story with the exception of about three from Connie to Prue and it ives a sense of who and what might been down the roadRereading the series and this book ave me a A Secret Kept greater sense of how and why Maupin did what he did with the story Even though I still wihs for better happy ending for the characters part of the theme of the book isrowing up and learning to make adult decisions which can balance between selfless and selfish I do wish that Mary Anne and Anna each had made better choices for themselves but i understand why and what they do It helps that some of these story threads are cleared up in the additional books that and my own jaded viewpoint helpsIn the end I wish Mona had otten a slightly better send off than she did Especially since this really is the last time we spend any serious face time with her I also wish that there had been some moments about Edgar Halycon as well as the randchildren but Maupin seems to have left out mirth and memories for the real world Which kind of sucks. Te yet subversively funny Sure of You is a triumphant finale to one of the most addictively entertaining series of novels ever writt.

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Few in the last couple of years but I am oing to hold off on reading them for now although I own themOverall I am lad I read these novels I had been meaning to read them for years and I m thankful Fenella picked the first one for our book club They made for uick entertaining stories I rew to know and care about the core characters in these six novels and it saddens me that the final book saddened me It felt like Sure of You and the penultimate Significant Others consisted solely of the characters bickering over and "over again Luckily there were elements of these stories reminiscent of the earlier "again Luckily there were elements of these stories reminiscent of the earlier the fun lighthearted first three before the character of AIDS entered the scene but mostly the focus was on the deterioration of relationships I had rown to love I know people change in the span of a decade but some of the characters became rather selfish and unlikeable read Mary Ann but I understand that someone has to be the bad Tricycle (HISTOIRE) guy and not every fairy Tale has a happy endingIave five of the six novels 4 stars which says a lot about my feelings for these books This particular says a lot about my feelings for these books This particular review of a mere stars You do the mathAm I lad I read Sure of You Yes although I don t need to read it again This is my favorite one so far It s also the shortest but Maupin packs in a lot of pathos There s a new level of poignancy and maturity here It s still a funny and fun read but this is decidedly a political novel embodied by Michael s lover Thack Sure of You definitely moved me I was tearing up when Michael thought he d developed KS don t worry that s not a spoiler especially considering the title of the next book in the series I was lad to see Mona played a sizable role here For a while I kinda felt like she d been written out And her relationship with Mrs Madrigal continues to Let Freedom Reign': The Words of Nelson Mandela. Henry Russell get stronger which isreat to see always Paper Crafts Magazine: Joy of Card Making (Leisure Arts great to see of Mrs M On the other end of the spectrum Mary Ann s slide into despicable territory picked up huge momentum here I won tive anything away but if you ve been following the series you won t be surprised by the development There are still two book left and potentially a new one this year but these first six feel like a unit They were published in 2 3 year intervals whereas the next one didn t come out until 2007 In a way I feel like I ve lived a whole life in the last six weeks as I made my way through these Tales I ll be sad when they re overIf you liked this make sure to follow me on. How host finds she must choose between national stardom in New York and a husband and child in San Francisco Wistful and compassiona. ,

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