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KINDLE [Going Berserk Berserker Mates #15]

Pip Sueak Saves the Day Medici Books for Children kTrong sexual situations Love the crap out of this short read I have read this on multiple occasions A short story where Jacob a Berseker Male finds and rescues his female Kara who had no idea Berserker existed or that she was one of theirind Alpha male and fluffy smut in a uick fun read I ll def eep reading this series Wow what a great short story Damn I like "To Be Blown Away By Something Unusual As Berserker S "be blown away by something unusual as berserker s YAY you just can t imagine how berserkers became my new ind of candy to sink my teeth into But wait I m still a vampires freak You now sometimes you need to read different things and as much I love to read about werewolves the berserkers have something special almost prohibitedI was complaining about the fact that there wasn t enough story about or with these supernatural creatures and I just found out last week that the talented Alexandra O Hurley wasn t just writing about them but already have two books the novella with berserkers WOW where were you all this time Well the problem was ME LOL since Ms O Hurley just released the seuel of her Beserker Mate s 2 February 26th 2012 I stumbled on her free novella and give it a try Even if I didn t read the first book I was hooked by the action the strange surrounding and the discovery of this well loved beast I want oneKara will discover a whole new world when she ll meet Jakob After being held hostage by a fortune teller who ind of looking creepy and save by a handsome sexy pretty hot held hostage by a fortune teller who ind of looking creepy and save by a handsome sexy pretty hot she will found Out That She S that she s berserkers call a Favored A woman who can mate with berserkersYou don t need to give me much As a short story the author didn t put the emphasis on details or description of a specific place or a character The way the author introduce the reader is well enough written to make them want to read the whole series and that s what I m intended to He fact she's a Swartska hostage is not acceptableJakob struggles to free his woman by freeing the beast he's fought to control for years Once she sees what he really is will she accept him as her own. Going Berserk Berserker Mates #15My Rating Book DescriptionA free vacation with a couple of newlyweds turns out to not be such a great idea Kara is a third wheel and down THE BOARDWALK TO FIND SOLACE TO boardwalk to find solace to boredom Adventure soon her in Now I need to read the other two in this series Picked up this free short a while back just now getting a chance to read it It started out interesting and I was curious about the worldthen we got to the What You don t want my out interesting and I was curious about the worldthen we got to the What You don t want my but oh so tortured errrrrcensored ass Tough shit lady Genetically speaking you don t have a choice Now get in my bed and whatever possible story interest I had fled the room with the girl s ability to form coherent thoughts I think their mindless animal instinct driven sex lasted pages than their clothed interactions did I read a lot of romances so I now the sex scenes are coming but I feel like I got gipped on the plot and stuck with crude sex talkscenes First please let me say that I haven t read anything else by Alexandra O Hurley Sadly based strictly upon this short read I m not entirely sure I want to give anything else a chance I got this as a freebie There is simply no real feeling connection here It s I m here so now you ve got to have sex asap or go feral so I don t want anyone else to have you because my animalistic side wants you so tonight we re going to do it so that no one else can claim you Then it feels like the author decided to toss in a few oh no this can t be happening but of course I can t fight this and you re right so I ll give in type of reactions from Kara making this story feel even unbelievable I think this had potential Too bad it wasn t realized This is a tasty little tidbit of the Berserker s Mate Series by Alexandra O Hurley O Hurley does an outstanding job at developing in a fresh and new fantasy world for her readers I for one am totally excited about. A free vacation with a couple of newlyweds turns out to not be such a great idea Kara is a third wheel and wanders down the boardwalk to find solace to her boredom Adventure soon finds her in the form. Reading these each time they come up for review It is a new spin on the shifter genre I felt that the fantasy level in this story was taken up a notch and evolves her story further with this freebie short read I honestly believe that O Hurley has an excellent voice for the paranormal genre and for fantasy Which she has woven a very expressive tale her writing is solid her flow Is Easy To Keep Up With And She Managed To easy to Understanding the Black Economy and Black Money in India keep up with and she managed to me a sexy intriguing story in a very short word count I have every faith in continuing this series I am coming to love each character as if Inow them They are all very vibrant three dimensional characters with differing personalities and that is what I love about this series Some authors fall into a rut when working with so many Alpha males in one volume of stories But O Hurley well defines them all I can t wait to get to the next book and I have them all up to date so far from my review site If you are a fan of paranormal or fantasy erotic romance I highly recommend you dive into this series Going Berserk A Short Within The a short within the Mates series was short but enough to make me want to read the rest of the series Berserkers I like Interesting world and supernaturals Rating 35 This was a fairly short story Berserker Mate 15Kara makes the mistake of going with her friend on her honeymoon Dia is so wrapped up in her new husband and the antiue car show that Kara is on her own Jakob is a Berserker He can change animal forms but fights who he is He has left his pack but Knows Danger Is Near danger is near coming for him And then he scents the woman who could be his mate after waiting for 1000 years and giving up hopeKara is Desperate (Bad Baker Boys, kidnapped and than feels uncontrollable lust for a stranger she just met She soon learns she is part of a strange world she is a Berserker s mate and finally fits inFREE read from SmashwordsLanguage and Of a fortune telling witch who captures her and holds her hostageApart from his pack Jakob is a Berserker seeking to find himself Never in his wildest dreams does he imagine he'd also find his mate

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