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(E–pub Download) [A Guide to Experimental Algorithmics]

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A Guide to Experimental Algorithmics

Free read ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook í Catherine C. McGeoch

E book draws on ideas from algorithm design and analysis computer systems and statistics and data analysis *The Wide Ranging Discussion Includes A Tutorial *wide ranging discussion includes a tutorial system clocks and CPU timers a of strategies for tuning algorithms and data structures a cookbook of methods for *Generating Random Combinatorial Inputs *random combinatorial inputs demonstration of variance reduction techniues Numero. ,
Computational experiments on algorithms can supplement theoretical analysis by showing what algorithms implementations and speed p methods work best for specific machines or problems This book guides the reader through the and or problems This book guides the reader through the and of *The Major Experimental Uestions *major experimental Bonsái uestions should I measure What inputs should I test How do analyze the data To answer theseestions th. Us case studies and examples show how to apply these concepts All the necessary concepts in computer architecture and *DATA ANALYSIS ARE COVERED SO THAT THE CAN *analysis are covered so that the book can A Want of Kindness used by who has taken a course or two in data structures and algorithms A companion website AlgLab wwwcsamherstedualglab contains downloadable files programs and tools forse in experimental projects. ,