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War Songs jOr thoughts If only Tezuka had spent a little less time with all the random characters that pop in for brief appearances and spent time developing her and Mikura s relationship Despite it having some racy topics and somewhat disturbing scenes I wasn t really put off by anything from the story It seemed to be placed there to shock the To provide any real insight into the character of Mikura I thought Mikura s character went through the most interesting development I enjoyed that Tezuka didn t try to make us like Mikura He s thoroughly unlikable but also very interesting Its hinted early on that there is something wrong with him which is what kept me reading Unfortunately those hints never really lead to any resolution or revelation I can see why DMP had to get this work crowd funded It is definitely not Tezuka s strongest title nor is it anywhere near to being accessible to the average reader The ending is well done as Tezuka seems to finally know what he wants to do with the story But to slog through such a mess of chaptersust for a decent conclusion Not really worth it Go read another of his titles instead I was ust reading an article somewhere where the author mentioned what a deeply weird time the 70s were This book is a great illustration of that Hippies writers witches hallucinations sex booze this has got is a great illustration of that Hippies writers witches hallucinations sex booze this has got all And of course Tezuka s great artwork I could be wrong about this but I m fairly certain this is Tezuka s first attempt at Gekiga literally Dramatic Pictures a movement to create serious comics similar to the graphic novel movement we have today stateside So in 1974 Tezuka set out to create a manga that would rival the stuff Garo was publishing something perverse dramatic and bit literary The result was well Barbara a comic informed by the opera Tales of Hoffmann and what must be the weirdest thing Tezuka ever didLike most manga Barbara was serialized weekly and I m fairly certain Tezuka had no idea where he manga Barbara was serialized weekly and I m fairly certain Tezuka had no idea where he going with it In the beginning of Barbara there s a lot of experimentation into the Gekiga style such using an unreliable narrator or a character that Barbara interacts with that we only perceive as a shadow He uickly does away with all only perceive as a shadow He uickly does away with all and sticks to his usual serialized adventure formatStill this thing is bizarre There is sex with a dog A man falls in love with a manneuin Barbara s character herself may be the oddest element constantly abused and knocked around a ton treated like an animal and may I mention here that own mother is depicted as being a frogThe art isn t Tezuka s best We have some awkward panels and the intricate artist of Ayako hasn t yet emerged I m wonder if he isn t letting assistants do most of the heavy liftingBarbara basically reads like a false start to Tezuka s serious career where he didn t really know what serious meant ust yet It s pretty fun if you enjoy seeing L'Attaque des Titans T28 just how creepy and strange Tezuka could get but that s really it Maybe get it for the Tezuka completist or a girl you ve been wanting to break up withust tell her it s your favorite book ever. Evolent guardian angel and Mikura grows obsessed with discovering her secrets tangling with thugs sadists magical curses and mythical beings all the while wondering whether he himself is still san.

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Barbara by Osamu TezukaI ll give this one props for concept Overall though there were big parts of this that were ust not enjoyable for me I ve heard that this there were big parts of this that were ust not enjoyable for me I ve heard that this an effort for the author to branch into adult content but it ust felt like some of those adult pieces had no purpose except to be explicit they didn t always add to the storyThe prologue writer also points out that some modern readers might be turned off by the violence towards the main female character and they were right I really was I m sure some people might really enjoy this but some people might really enjoy this but ust wasn t for me I m kind of sorry that this was my t for me I m kind of sorry that this was my attempt at reading manga I typically enjoy Tezuka s work and find his adult oriented stuff particularly satisfying This one might be his most adult work and a surprisingly complex one at that The basic plot is that of a writer discovering the woman of the title drunk at a train station and takes her home The writer is both inspired and repulsed by the woman and what transpires is almost a meditation on art and muse myth and reality and how they blur for creatorsIt s not completely successful in execution and it s probably about as explicit and perverted as Tezuka can get which is still very mild compared to where Manga has gone too but not suitable for the kiddies but it is consistently entertaining and satisfying One of Tezuka s mature works from a dark time in the early 1970s inspired by Les contes d Hoffmann Barbara is a trip In this comic the successful author Yosuke Mikura can t seem to leave the alcoholic mysterious hippie Barbara alone coming to rely on her as a muse Literary violent sexual supernatural and serious its pages are a startling and experimental tale for older readers asking many uestions about sanity art and celebrity while providing a snapshot of 1970 s ShinjukuI ve read so many comics by Osamu Tezuka since I was young and continued to do so into adulthood I ll always put some of those comics for younger readers forward as his legacy works His darker works are often shambolic or prone to offend on various counts In Barbara at one point Mikura asks Yet who could be inspired by this sleazy heedless world Yet despite the violence alcohol abuse bestiality and portrayal of witchcraft very reminiscent of the time this freaky world from the pen of its creator this art spoke somehow to me Barbara is my favourite mature comic by Osamu Tezuka I d say I m not alone in appreciating its weirdness The English edition translated by Ben Applegate with lettering by Evan Hayden was also nominated for an Eisner in 2013 And thirty years after Tezuka s passing 2019 saw Barbara as well adapted to a live action film There s Eduquer son chien pour les Nuls poche just something about it Read for The Tezuka Challenge Details can be found hereBarbaraWhat an interesting story I m using that word in the broadest term Whatever this story was trying to achieve Iust couldn t get into it And that s fine not every story is going to appeal to every reader But this bogged me down in a swamp of lost allegoriesThere s a reason this is the only English title I haven t owned past or. Wandering the packed tunnels of Shinjuku Station famous author Yosuke Mikura makes a strange discovery a seemingly homeless drunk woman who can uote French poetry Her name is Barbara He takes her. PresentWHAT WORKSOkay this is the one thing I liked about this book It s a small detail but I umped on it so uick I could ve gotten whiplash Get ready Barbara s mom is the Venus of WillendorfThis is perfect for the concept of mysterious women being muses for forlorn creatives but it s a shame that no one else follows this visual motif Barbara is a vagrant who uotes French poetry and will raid the liuor cabinet of the main character because I guess she s gotta maintain a buzz Given the company she s keeping I don t blame herWHAT DOESN T THIS IS AN EXPERIMENT AND This is an experiment and shows Written during a time when mature themed manga was hitting the market Tezuka wanted to be seen as a competitor to upstarts in the gekiga scene I ve yet to read MW and Ayako Tezuka s other works that fall under the gekiga category I have read Ode to Kirihito and Apollo s Song and I must say that these are improvements compared to whatever was happening in BarbaraExperimenting is fine but Barbara reads like off the cuff improvisational storytelling that left me wantingHOW DOES IT HOLD UPMy personal opinion is that it doesn t but this book does mark a stepping stone for Tezuka to branch out beyond the general audience stories he made in the past I need to read of his mature works to gague if this was a one time flop or if all his works are kinda muddledFingers crossedPlo Clearly a masterpiece of the turbulent times that Japan experienced during the 70 s and 80 s Barbara is than ust a manga it represents the whole society s downfalls and the lack of morals the youth had since they were diverging from the standard attitudes older generations had A spiraling descent to chaos and the dark corners of Tezuka s mind that will leave you speechless with the sheer genius within himYou there what have you done always in tears You there what did you do with your young years Paul Verlaine If your first thought when you hear Doctor Osamu Tezuka is children s manga and Astro Boy cheerful robots and visual gags and colorful fantasy worlds fit to explore through you would do best to set all those thoughts aside Once you and colorful fantasy worlds fit to explore through you would do best to set all those thoughts aside Once you up Barbara it s obvious that there are two Doctor Tezukas the man best known for his creations like Astro Boy and Kimba who appeals to all age groups especially kids while there is also the man who wrote Barbara the man who explores the depths of human psychology in all its dark terrific detailsYou can read my complete review of BARBARA at my blog A very worthy adult effort by Tezuka tragic and upsetting My only issue is that due to its episodic structure it seems a bit less focused than his other works Nevertheless I could not stop reading it I ll Knowledge Encyclopedia History!: The Past as You've Never Seen it Before just state right away that unless you are a big fan of either Tezuka or old comics this is probably not recommended for you The art isn t as polished as some of his other titles and the story itself is all over the place Barbara as a character changes personalities with no warning or explanation but each personality ends up feeling flat She never really gets a chance to be shown any deep feelings. Home for a bath and a drink and before long Barbara has made herself into Mikura's shadow saving him from egotistical delusions andealous enemies But Le rite opratif de Salomon : Compagnon, du spculatif l'opratif just as Mikura is no saint Barbara is no ben.

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