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And I can t seem to stop crying for the past half hour I m just glad my husband s stop crying for the past half hour I m just glad my husband s tonight and my children asleep so they won t see me n this terrible messThis started as great became slow and contrite after 100 pages and picked up pace again after 70 80 pages I must admit that before I read the last 2 3 chapters I was very angry with Bess and meant to rate Say Youll Remember Me it with 3 stars but the ending changed my mind It was like a punchn the gut and I m not still sure Accidental Bodyguard if I meant n a good wayTo be honest I had guessed from the reviews and even the book s back cover why Bess and Nick were originally separated so it wasn t a surprise for me still wasn t a surprise for me Still about t was different from Mehr als das imaginingt and The Accidental Cowboy (Angel Crossing, Arizona, it moved me profoundly my heap of sodden kleenexs solid proof of thatI will say that Nick was the ultimate bad boy as we Abby and the Bachelor Cop imagine himn our twenties Handsome charming plays around and never stays for long But Eye to Eye in the end I couldn t help but fall for his charm He hides a scared boynside him that Bess being the ultimate good girl and complete opposite of him surprisingly manages to reach I really understood the way he reacted to Bess s pressure he was not a guy to react well Accidentally Expecting in pressure or emotional blackmail no proud man or womans and although he was harsh he was never mean Bess however got on my nerves I have never seen a woman muddle up every single mportant conversation n her life before her She either didn t know what she wanted and expected others to give her the answer or managed to say the wrong thing at the wrong time She didn *t speak a clear sentence Herzrivalen in her life exceptn the very end I think *speak a clear sentence n her life except n the very end I think re over I don t know Alaskan Nights if I love him I sort of have a boyfriend I was so angry with her Just when I was ready to give up on her she made one clear choice and one with which I agreed obviously and saved the day However I found her too weak and that s what mainly made me ratet with 4 stars I have only recently started to tap on eroticaromantica but this one had much depth and serious plot that any other I ve read Also the sex s rather tame think Passion by Lisa Valdez for erotica f plenty If you re looking for a real bawler this s t I just hope I can get my eyes dry before my husband comes home cause I ll start crying once again f I have to tell him the story. Ain And now back at the beach house and taking a break from responsibility from marriage from life she discovers his heartbreaking fate and why he never came back for her Suddenly Nick's name s on her lipshis hands on her thighsdark hair and eyes called back from the swirling gray of purgatory's depths Dead alive or something n between they can't stop their hunger She wouldn't da. .
Deeper author Megan HartSPOILERS BIG FAT EXPLICIT SPOILERSAs I am dabbling All For You: Halfway There / Buckhorn Ever After / The One You Want / One Perfect Night in *paranormal fiction and because this was recommended by a friend I readtI don t have anything against ghost *fiction and because this was recommended by a friend I read Any Man Of Mine itI don t have anything against ghost really I don t I don t even mind corporal ghosts who are capable of mind blowing sex Butf the author goes Annalee And The Lawman into too much detail about the nature of the ghost s physical being then I have problems In this case Nick Bess s lover of 20 years ago shows up from the gray as he callst with no The Apollonides Mistress Scandal idea where he s been But hensists he s real and bess s so overwhelmed by his and Bess Anything For His Son is so overwhelmed by his presence to putt politely that she Anticipation is easily convinced Don t get me wrong I liked the back story I liked Bess and Nick both The sex scenes as numerous and explicit as they are are well done and I admire the skill that wentnto writing themBut f you re going this route t s not a good dea to tell me that Nick of the enormous erections and tireless libido does not breathe has no heart beat doesn t eat and doesn t sleep Because now I m all caught up n the mechanics and I can t enjoy the story any I want to say to the author things likeYou do realize that Nick s chest won t hitch unless he s breathing right And that without breathing there s no talking Air moving through the vocal chords s what makes the sound And f there s no heartbeat there s no circulation and without circulation there s no erection If Nick doesn t ejaculate why does he sweat and how Annie and the Outlaw ist he has saliva Things would have been much better if the author had never raised the subject of breathing or heartbeat Then I could have appreciated the story the author had never raised the subject of breathing or heartbeat Then I could have appreciated the story which has a lot to recommend ANNIE AND THE PRINCE it This type of book erotic romancesn t one that I would typically read I decided to read this book out of curiosity I wanted to know why romance novels are so popular with so many females on Goodreads These are smart The Single Dad's Redemption intelligent women who also read and understand James Joyce Leo Tolstoy Franz Kafka and others whose works freuently discussed and debated Why would they spend their precious reading time with a romance novelThis book started out strong Megan Hart spent time developing the characters vividly describing them using all five senses sight sound touch smell and taste although this was mostly salty Bess Walsh s at the end of a 20 year marriage She has Some lovers never leave youTwenty years ago she had her whole life spread out before her like a mesmerizing map She was Bess Walsh a fresh scrubbed middle class student ready to conuer the design world And she was taken Absolutely and completely But not by Andy her well groomed ntellectual boyfriend who hinted than once about a ring No During that hot summer as a waitress and livi. ,

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Ecided to divorce her husband and spend some time alone staying at her parents beach house Here she bumps nto Nick her bad boy flirt and fuck friend from her high school days Herein lies the twist Nick s been missing for 20 years Where has he been s Bess going thou a Ghost like experience The Apple Orchard imagining Nick The story heats up as Bess s two nearly grown sons join her at the beach house to spend the summerTheres plenty of sex When Hitler Took Austria: A Memoir of Heroic Faith by the Chancellor's Son in this book Sometimest seemed as f the sex was only separated by 50 or 100 or so words placed between *The Sex Seuences So The *sex seuences so the wouldn t all run together This would have been okay with meDue to my lack of experience n this category erotic fiction I really can t speak about how this book compares to to others n the genre If you like erotic romance this book s pretty good You might enjoy reading More All-of-a-Kind Family it Here s why I will likely read books like this and why I recommend this book to my male heterosexual friends While reading this bookt occurred to me that the book should have been titled Deeper A view n the mind of Venus I wondered f the mind of Bess Walsh was typical of heterosexual females Do sexually active females respond to the type of foreplay and sex between Bess and Nick so vividly described n this book I m a scientist and so I set out to experiment with my newly formed postulate My research ndicates the answer s a resounding yes So guys If you want to ncrease the amount of sex you re getting and mprove your ability to please your partner skip the boring self help sex amount of sex you re getting and mprove your ability to please your partner skip the boring self help sex and videos and read this book Your lovers will be so grateful that they will want to show you again and again just how grateful they are K gotta go I hear the shower running REVIEW UPDATED BELOW 5 Just completed this book audio version right now and I m still completely stunned and deeply emotional over Molly Weir's Trilogy of Scottish Childhood it One reviewer already said they bawled their eyes out and I have to say the tears were just a rollin for me as well I HIGHLY recommend this to erotic romance loverst s highly erotic and for those who don t mind a REALLY WELL WRITTEN romantica don t miss this one Additionally The Lion Seeker if you are an audiobook listener skip readingt and ndulge n the complete emotional journey Tom Waits - Mule Variations including the music at beginning and end that Savannah Ok I just finished this. Ng on the beach she met Nick a dark haired local bad boy He was to putt mildly not someone she could take home to Daddy Instead Nick became her dirty little secret; a fervent sexual accomplice who knew how to gnite an all consuming obsession she had no dea she carried deep within her Bess had always wondered what happened to Nick after that summer after their promise to meet ag.
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