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STFU Parents (PDF)

Ty of the material was repeats from blog ntries and there were No Entries Well That photo Sinner's Heart entries well that a plus in the case disgusting ones I guess I think the premise isntertaining and relevant but the delivery was poor Her personal commentary was crass vulgar and occasionally mean spirited dited to add maybe not mean but sometimes just ignorant of what motherhood is actually like and therefore too judgemental or shallow I did laugh out loud several times mostly because of the xamples and not her insights I credit her with putting names to the types of parent overshare and compiling the submissions but I look forward to a deeper interesting commentary of the interchange between parenting and social media I have been a fan of the STFU Parents site for years and this book captures all of the crazy forms of over share that are out there on social media today It was a uick and Spirit of the Wolf easy read that left me laughing shrieking and thinking what were you thinking all within the space of a chapter I not only read this book forntertainment but as a way to remind myself of what I should never A Vineyard Christmas ever post on Facebook I m glad to say I ve never felt the urge to post a picture of what my children left in the toilet but it is a little scary that there are people like that out thereIf you want a laugh or if you re concerned that you may be a candidate for STFU Parents please read this book Side splitting tear inducing hilarity Lovedvery minute of it I have been a fan of the blog for a long time and I knew what I was getting into Koenig takes some of the best parts of the blog and breaks it all down into 33 hilarious chapters continuing the awesome smart and funny commentary I think that s what really makes this Acies of placental crafts to sanctimommies declaring their child the most beautiful kid in the world and criticizing the parenting skills of fellow Facebook “friends” STFU Parents collects the most bizarre hilarious. I really njoy the blog STFU parents and laughing at all the ridiculous things parents share on Facebook and other social media websites While things parents share on Facebook and other social media websites While njoyed the book and it made me laugh I wish that the author had new content in the book Overall it s a funny book and makes me glad that I don t act like these parents There are things that happen to you in this world and then there are the things you ll actually share with your friends Unfortunately some parents can t distinguish between the two For years Koenig has kept parents in Check On The Web And Now She on the web and now she taken her lessons to the bookshelves This should be reuired pregnancy reading for years to come The website these stories come from is one of my favorite Parental overshare is a terrible thing ven if I indulge in it a bit myself Unlike the people featured in this book nothing I share involves bodily fluids or poopMost of the humor comes from the insane things that some people choose to put on the internet about their kids and pregnancy and labor and placentas andetcI find it hilarious and yeopening HILARIOUS dont judge me for being judgy just this vening a woman was trying to negotiate with her screaming toddler on the floor of Panera i just wanted some soup we don t negotiate with terrorists it s time to goin a society that is slowly sinking into the sea of ntitlement it s refreshing that Ms Koenig can say what we are all thinking motherhood doesn t need to be a sanctimonious martyr filled battle ground and people can still know about love and pride without having childrenthis book is a breath of fresh air in a stifling world of fading worldviews and courtesy I m an avid reader of the blog but was disappointed in the book The majori. Are you a parent Do you have friends who are parents Do you have parents Then chances are you’ve been xposed to the growing online phenomenon known as overshareFrom posting photos of baby’s first poo and the intric.

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Ook I lol d several times and had to MARK PAGES TO GO BACK TO AND READ WHEN pages to go back to and read when need laughI am a parent and will admit I am probably guilty of some parental oversharing on facebook But man this book made me feel SO good about myself Some of the things people post for all the world to see it s so outrageous I can t Math Basics 6 even wrap my head around it This is great read if you are looking for something funny andntertaining Perfect for a plane ride or beach trip I think it should be reuired reading for all moms moms to be and people who be reuired reading for all moms moms to be and people who might have kids And if you don t Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, ever plan on having kids what could be better than reading Absolutely hysterical I read it mostly in the stand at Little League andnded up passing it around for the other moms to read and The First Ghost enjoy No really She DID announce her pregnancy on Facebook to her friends and it surprised her husband And before you judge just remember what it s like to function with no sleep I only laughed this much because it coulda been me Early in my first pregnancy I spent an afternoon with two friends who already had babies Most of this afternoon was spent watching them talk about baby poop They assured me that in a few months I would do the samexact thing They were half right of course parents talk about poop WITH OTHER PARENTS Why in the world would you share this of course parents talk about poop WITH OTHER PARENTS Why in the world would you share this with anyone lse Aside from the fact that it s gross it s freaking BORING I hate to admit that the parents Blair Koenig mocks in this book are becoming the majority the norm the standard Three children later and I m still appalled I am also one of few people left who still don t use Facebook It s not really for privacy concerns or corporate ownership of my photos Now it s mostly And horrifying xamples of oversharing on the web You’ll laugh you’ll cry you’ll cringe at detailed descriptions of baby’s first blowout but one thing’s for sure You’ll never look at parenting the same agai. STFU Parents
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