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Hey find themselves in just as the sea on which the ship that so much of the story takes place aboard is always moving And that made me think that this book could have been published the moving And that made me think that this book could have been published the BS Johnson s Book in A Box The Unforgettables Was Published In Box The Unforgettables was published in eaves that can be read in any order But perhaps because the transitions are so seamless between present and past place and character I kept GREAT INVESTMENT, THE looking back to see how Murray Bail had transported me from one to another it s cleverer to publish traditionally and thenet us make sense of The Voyage from the order Bail himself choseEither way Bail writes acutely about the way we are THE FIT BETWEEN I LIKED THIS fit between I iked this as I was reading it and I ike it a The Lively Art of Writing lot for reading all the negative reviews Bail does the now standard modernist version of is this now or is this a memory and w An absolute beauty of a novel This may be Bail s masterpiece though Homesickness is still probably my favorite This is a uiet novel withittle to nothing in the way of action but something in the interplay between past and present past being the protagonist s efforts in Vienna to sell his New World version of a piano present being his sea voyage back to Australia created a gentle momentum At times I though of it as the back and forth of eft hand and right hand on a piano and at others as the way a mind wanders away from then back to a piece of music being istened to But whatever the metaphor The Voyage just gets something about New World v Old World tensions and anxieties Australian in this context but resonant to my US experience too and without ever apsing into didacticism or ecture this is a novel as much about uestions and ideas as it is about character and and atmosphere Supe. N its improvement on the old pianos of EuropeHow could he not know his piano is all wrong for Vienna Perhaps he should have tried BerlinBut a chance meeting with Amalia von Schalla brings new possibilities for Delage a soirée a meeting.

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Rb Frank Delage the central character whose thoughts readers share in The Voyage is the inventor of a new piano and the Murray Bail is one of Australia s most acclaimed writers but he s not an immediately accessible novelist His style is often challenging and reuires patience and concentration His atest book The Voyage novelist His style is often challenging and reuires patience and concentration His atest book The Voyage certainly a demanding read and although original and inventive in its use of anguage and style it s a book that ultimately I found unsatisfying There are no chapters or paragraphs few breaks in the headlong rush of the narrative and with some odd punctuation Most confusing of all is the ack of chronology and rapid shifts in time and place sometimes within the same sentence It s the story of Frank Delage who has invented an innovative and technically advanced piano and arrives in Vienna hoping to sell it in Europe Vienna with its rich and traditional musical heritage is not perhaps the best choice for such a venture and unsurprisingly his business trip is not a success He returns to Australia by boat giving himself time to muse on his experience in Vienna the people he met there
And The Differences Between 
the differences between seeped in the culture of the past and the new modern sometimes brash Australia he comes from As he reflects on his time in Vienna we are inside Frank s head inside his thoughts and observations and up to a point this is both engaging and compelling But he remains a vehicle for Bail s own observations and never really comes alive as a fully fledged character Nor do the other main characters in the novel For those who are Bail fans and enjoy his emphasis on style over story this will no doubt be a welcome addition to his oeuvre but for me it didn t work and I found it heavy going. With her daughter Elisabeth a dinner with an avant garde composerNow travelling home on a container ship with Elisabeth Frank Delage can begin to tell the real story The Voyage is a masterly novel by a great writer atthe peak of his powe. The VoyageIt s the first novel I read in English Sometimes I got confused because of the time changes I found this book challenging with no chapters there was no ogical
Breaks Once I Got 
Once I got it I iked that I was basically in his thoughts and it gave a perspective on that our thoughts never cease What a slog of a read Very short book that drove me crazy with run on sentences sudden shifts with no paragraph breaks and an only moderately interesting story I stuck with it based on the interesting premise Uniue writing style but with it based on the interesting premise Uniue writing style but bit of a bore as stories go Bail s writing has the curious effect of making me feel The Leadership Gap like I m watching the events unfold from behind slightly foggy glass or in a dream or underwater Iike it but am never sure I ve fully understood everything being said The Voyage was fairly engaging the run on paragraphs a bit disorienting at times I enjoyed the Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science (and What I've Learned So Far) little but excellent musical zingers scattered throughout the story particularly the references to the Sydney opera house having the worst acoustics of any opera hall in the world And some of his descriptions of people andife especially Australian Serenity Role Playing Game life feel piercingly accurateThe uote that hit me the hardest having just moved to Bris Brisbane ueensland a city with the worst humidity imaginable in February virtually unliveable Thanks for the heads up25 rounded to 3 Little bit meh which I feel is aittle damning This is a nice book not as magic as Eucalyptus but not dreadful either and it s a slim one so not taxing most fun was trying to figure out when it was set And that s not entirely a good thing probably The story in The Voyage eddies and swirls and moves in and out of focus and backwards and forwards in the characters Save the Cupcake! lives and the places From the Miles Franklin Literary Award winning author of EucalyptusFRANK Delage piano manufacturer from Sydney travels to Vienna a city immersed in music to present the Delage concert grand He hopes to impress with its technical precisio.

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