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PDF KINDLE Alien Redemption Clans of Kaluor #6

Alien Redemption Clans of Kaluor #6

Tracy St. John Ë 6 download

Larly having sex amongst themselves all the sudden get a female and stop that Nonsense They love each other and they are not going to stop having sex Which is a pet peeve of mine in these books By far FAR the strongest in the Kaluor books are the Clan Beginnings with the MMM pairings The set up is better the sex is better the whole set of books is pairings The character set up is the sex is better the whole set of books is I m not a huge fan of females in my books but these I ll tolerate mostly because I like the characters in general and I am vested in Kaluor Alien Redemption is book six in Tracy St John s widely popular World of Kaluor series and it s a doozy Each book in the series features a storyline around a Kaluor clan in search of a Matara Each clan is made up of one male of each Kaluorian species Dramok the clan leader Nobek the clan protector and Imdiko the clan caretaker When the clan adds a Matara she is the lifebringer All of the characters in this book have been previously introduced in prior books but it is not necessary to have read those to enjoy Alien Redemption This story begins with Rachel on Kaluor in a psychiatric hospital being attended to by Dr Conyod Conyod is uite taken with Rachel and she him and is trying to figure out how he can introduce her to his clanmates Erybet and Sletran His clan has hit the lottery and is able to hopefully clan a Matara Conyod wants that to be Rachel but Drpatient issues arise that need to be sorted Aside from that Conyod is also skeptical about clanning a Matara seeing his clanmates have not be themselves since returning from war They have not sh. Are indred spirits she can trust She hopes that perhaps together they can all heal their wounds and become whole once But there's a iller loose on Kaluor one associated with the most infamous slaughter of innocents during the war with Earth Now he's murde. ,

Ared the events that have Changed Them And Conyod Is them and Conyod is about bringing another into the fold when the clan is crumblingI absolutely loved this book Rachel and Conyod are so very good for each other I liked how their Love Unfolded And How They Incorporated Erybet unfolded and how they incorporated Erybet Sletran into the mix I felt so bad for Erybet and Sletran with what they endured during the war They were definitely having a hard time as military vet s do upon returning home I so wanted things to work out for them all because you could see how having Rachel with them balanced them out But of course true to Tracy St John there s the ones who do not want Earthers to be with Kaluor men or even on Kaluor to begin with and they do their best to muck up the situation Knowing time is ticking turning the page made it hard because I new things were coming to a head and although I wanted to find out I was also afraid of what might happen The ending was spectacular just as every book prior to this has beenNow I now once you read one book in the World of Kaluor Tracy St John will hook you just as she s done to me I have read a couple out of order which can be done but I recommend starting with book one to get your feet wet with all that is Kaluor If you choose to start with Alien Redemption have no fear Tracy gives you a prologue explaining what briefly took place prior I also enjoyed seeing clans from prior books for a little check in Now onto the next book5 Stars4 FlamesThis book was gifted to me by the Jeep Diva for an honest review The review and ratings are solely my opinions. Ring Earther women and putting their mutilated bodies on display When they discover the terrible secret Erybet and Sletran are hiding Conyod and Rachel suspect the iller might be shockingly close to home and Rachel could be his next victimword count 133090. .
I ve really enjoyed St John s Clans of Kaluor seriesRachel s one of the earth women rescued by the Kaluorians after the war but she s just recently started to recover from the trauma she s suffered Dr Conyod s been taking care of herand falling in love with her He convinces her to meet his clanmates Dramok Erybet and Nobek Sletran to see if they d all be compatible But both Erybet and Sletran have their own horrific battle trauma to contend with and all the clanmates are suffering But as Rachel and the clan grow closer it becomes clear that the slaughter is continuing and that they re all in dangerIt s a good story there s lots of action and suspense and tons of sex Apparently Rachel s PTSD hasn t affected her sex drive at all But St John does a nice job of making you feel how damaged both Erybet and Sletran are and how their Hot and sexy I think that this one was darker than the others so far I
think this one may have the most sex I m excited to have seen some MM action I ve been wanting to see that from the very begging of the series Much character driven then the past efforts I thought this dealt with PTSD as a topic pretty well in general It Didn T Go Far t go far into how to work through that sort of problem but it does recognize it and in the context of alien human war that s pretty cool The sex is ok perhaps the very best part is FINALLY there is a tiny bit of MM action in one of these clan matara books It s minute but it s there I for one e do not buy for even a fraction of a second that a strong clan of 3 that has been regu. Rachel Hicks is in love with her psychologist Imdiko Conyod The mute battered but unbowed Earther is thrilled when she gets the chance to join his clan Clanmates Dramok Erybet and Nobek Sletran are traumatized from the war with Earth but Rachel senses they. .

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