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[PDF/EBOOK] (The Street) BY Ann Petry

Redatory capitalism much in the way Ben Harrison mbodies dickface trolling is still a pawn in the socialeconomic conditions of which he is largely unaware I see Petry often compared to Richard Wright and there is certainly a compassion to be made with this novel and Native Son yet for me as much as I did understand what Wright was saying and the significance of his protagonist becoming a murderer on a rational level I just never really bought it as a narrative Petry I buy and based on this novel I say she is far talented than Wright best Wright storyThe Man Who Lived Underground The paradox of Lutie s very resistance to the pressures of the unrelenting ontological angst of living in such dehumanizing conditions leading her to commit a horrendous act is illuminated in a way Wright never captured My only complaint of this novel is the noticeable lack of unicorns This book treats with unflinching clarity the poverty racism and sexism that trap the young black woman Lutie Johnson Her husband is unable to find work so she takes a job as a maid in the suburbs This separates her from her husband and son for weeks at a time leading to the destruction of the marriage She and her 8 year old son Bub wind up living in the only apartment she can afford on 116th Street in Harlem Every step Ludie takes to pull herself up is thwarted by her color her lack of money and by men who surround her like a pack of dogs slobbering over their prey Things do not go well for her or Bub Whether in Harlem in the 1940s Paris in the late 18th century as depicted by Emile Zola in The Gin Palace or today sometimes it is just not possible to Extending Symfony 2 Web Application Framework escape your circumstances This book was very sad but uite realistic and wonderfully written I listened to the audio book and the narrator Shayna Small wasxcellent however some idiot producer decided that it would be a good idea to insert random and poorly Angels Whiskey executed soundffects like doors slamming dogs snoring doorbells trains Ritual Alliances of the Putian Plain: Volume Two: A Survey of Village Temples and Ritual Activities etc They really cheapened thexperience 27220What a ride Such a stellar and heartbreaking book I m so glad I got to read this with my book club It s now one of my all time favourites2720Reading this book with my patrons this month SO EXCITED28220Found this one during one of my book scavenging trips through London DYou can find me onYoutube Instagram Twitter Tumblr Website Don t talk to me about Germans They re only doing the same thing in Europe that s been done in this country since the time it started Since a grand jury ruled that Daniel Pantaleo should not be indicted for the murder of Eric Garner a murder committed via an unlawful chokehold that was deemed a homicide and published as a Youtube video a day later I ve been doing some reconfiguring with the help of myriad Tumblr posts cause fuck mainstream media I ll pay heed instead to a post describing the systematic invalidation of the concept of collective trauma suffered by black people as a result of racism by a high school teacher a teacher who went on right after to academically delight in the woeful tale of a white boy traumatized by his mother killing a chicken in front of him I ll keep in mind that very authoritative text written on philosophy and psychology and pistemology by a white man sometimes poor and sometimes not straight but usually with very little variation in characteristics is simply that The text of a white man In this world of ours such texts taken as universal and standard and Wish You Were Here: An Essential Guide to Your Favorite Music Scenes—from Punk to Indie and Everything in Between everything vaguely sadistic in themxcused because "OF THE TIMES RESULT IN A US TWENTY DOLLAR "the times result in a US twenty dollar with a genocidal pasty bag of dicks plastered in the circle of honor Cause y know he was a president He could have killed her The Day Christ Was Born easy and no one wouldven have rapped on the door and he wondered what went on inside these other apartments to make their occupants so incurious I may perhaps be mislabeling this piece as Dickensian because it s been a long time since I last read him and the author doesn t rhapsodize or stereotype or flounder around for the Redemption of the Little White Straight Man but what I remember most about his reputation is he being a crusader for the poor Crusader s a horrible term for it when you look at the historical context but nonetheless I will compare Petry and this book of hers to him because it is on par with Native Son in terms of the socioeconomic ramifications of anti blackness and 5 Nights: Sinful Delights Boxed Set even better because black women get consideration than a girlfriend in a refrigerator It s not as good as Beloved but it isvident that this work published in 1944 was a powerful forebearer The glitter on the screen did nothing to dispel her sense of panic She kept thinking it had nothing to do with her because there were no dirty little rooms no narrow crowded streets no children with police records no worries about rent and gas bills If all thinking by white women gets clumped together under the simplistic and far too often dismissive feminist label and thinking by non white men gets the civil rightsOriental kicker thinking by non white women is barely a poof in the hallowed halls of Endless Reference This work is not Ain t I a Woman Black Women and Feminism but it s a damn good place of fiction to start Much like Larsen Petry cuts to the bone with a few sentences and puts the rest of the works that take at least ten pages to parse their point to neverending shame Anti blackness from the perspective of a white woman Check Black male misgogyny Check White male misogynyracism Check Black woman internalized misogyny Check White person sadismsuicide as an inevitable result of their indoctrinated shutting off of The Seventh Witch empathy in favor of money Check check a myriad of multifarious charactersach getting their psychological due in their various places as accorded by anti blackness US North New York New York Harlem style Streets like the one she lived on were no accident They were the North s lynch mobs she thought bitterly the method the big cities used to keep Negroes in their place Don t forget the And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake economic imbalance that willxist so long as capitalists need the homeless to feel better about themselves I d sell anything I ve got without stopping to think about it twice because I don t intend to learn how to crawl again Violence and looting don t solve anything unless you worship the US military and choose to ignore that all your beautiful holidays and tree lighting is built on centuries of one beautiful holidays and tree lighting is built on centuries of one razing another in pursuit of said loot She held the paper in her hand for a long time trying to follow the reasoning by which that thin ragged boy had become in the Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America eyes of a reporter a burly Negro And she decided that it all depended on where you sat how these things looked If you looked at them from inside the framework of a fat weekly salary and you thought of colored people as naturally criminal then you didn t really see wha. Id the violence poverty and racial dissonance of Harlem in the late 1940s Originally published in 1946 and hailed by critics as a masterwo. T any Negro looked like You couldn t because the Negro was never an individual He was a threat or an animal or a curse or a blight or a joke PS This book doesn t mince around the idea of sex and has one of the bestndings The Pocket Wife ever if your incentive for reading tends towards the literary than the humanitarian The street could motivate or obliterate The street could consume and devour Here the street is a personified stronghold dreams come alive or they burn because of the streetSometimes I start the first few pages of a book and realize immediately that it will have a treasured rating on my physical and goodreads shelves Sometimes after the finality I sit in silence and thumb the highlighted pages of my copy flipping again through its contents physically and mentally attempting to pinpoint its uniueness allowing myself to once again become consumed by the singularity of a particular book The measured movement of the words in this novel captivates rhythm forming a parallel with a meaningful pl The Street to Lutie Johnson meant 116th Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues New York City For those who don t know that s Harlem Lutie is looking here for an apartment for her and her son Bub She wants her own apartment away from her Pop where she believed Lil her Pop s current live in girlfriend is a bad influence to BubThe apartment in uestion is a fourth floor walkup with dark narrow hallways located in the back of the building There is a bedroom a living room a kitchen and a bathroom Bub will have to sleep on the sofa She did not care much for the Super Mr Jones who showed her the apartment or for the nosey neighbor Mrs Hedges who had her head sticking out her first floor window when Lutie had arrived But at twenty nine fifty 2950 a month at least she would be getting heright 8 year old away from Pop s place The Street was a big change for Lutie who had at one time had her own house with her husband Jim But things did not work out when Lutie became the sole provider for the family She had to take a job as a live in maid in Connecticut and was only able to come home twice a month to her husband and son Lutie was a high school graduate but it was the only job she could find at the time Her husband could find no job Much later after receiving a call from her Pop Lutie came home to find Jim with another women Jim was not apologetic and Lutie took Bub and moved in with Pop Lutie took the civil service The Color of Our Sky exam and was able to get a lower level government job She was ambitious and thought she could move up and do better for her and Bub After paying rent she did not have much left over and must abide by a strict budgetThe Super had wanted Lutie from the time he first saw her and vowed to himself to win her over The Super currently lived on the first floor with a woman named Min who he lost interest in the minute he first saw Lutie Mrs Hedges hadyes on Lutie for a man that she knew a nice white gentleman Bud went from coming home to an undesirable nvironment to coming home to an mpty apartment on The Street Lutie was convinced that she was doing better and would continue to make advancements if they could just keep on their budget and she could save money She kept Obsession expressing this to BubThe Super thinks that if he can get rid of Min that he can get Lutie So he decides that he will put her out Min feels that she is at risk and visits the Prophet David a root doctor After Minxplains her problem to Prophet David he gave a red liuid to put in the Super s coffee two candles to burn some power to spread around for protection and a cross He also told her to make sure the house was cleaned well Ten dollars please Prophet David said he could not do anything about Lutie but that Min would not get put out It is amazing how things change with a confidence boost Min went home knowing that she would not be put out And she wasn t Lutie spurges one vening and goes to a bar Junto Bar and Grill After a few beers she is feeling good and singing loud with the music She has a good voice and gets noticed One of the persons that has a good voice and gets noticed One of the persons that her was Boots Smith another is Old Man Junto a nice white gentleman Boots tell Lutie she can make money singing with his band She is xcited with

#the possibility the #
possibility The is for her to tryout with his band the next night Lutie is a hit with the band and the patrons Lutie had been warned about men by her grandmother She knows that Boots wants than to help her But she waits till the second night to ask about her salary In the meantime Old Man Junto had summoned Boots and told him he wanted Lutie for himself and not to offer her a salary Old Man Junto owned both the bar and grill and the club where Boots band played Lutie leaves the club on the second night after hearing that she won t get paid because the Old Man says she is not ready Mrs Hedges has also told the Super to stay away from Lutie It turns out the Old Man also owns the apartment buildingThe Super is PISSED He can t have Lutie and for some reason is scared to put Min out He believes that Lutie has turned him down and is messing around with Old Man Junto He tries to think of a way to get back at her He decides to get Bub in trouble Bub gets arrested from a scheme designed and put in place by the Super Lutie finds an attorney and he agrees to get Bub out of trouble but it will cost "her two hundred dollarsShe has no idea where to get this "two hundred dollarsShe has no idea where to get this She finally thinks of Boots who she believes will loan it to her Of course Boots gets Old Man Junto involved When Lutie goes to Boots apartment to get the loan he has promised her she sees the Old Man Boots takes her in the bedroom to xplain She wants no part of this and screams for Boots to get the Old Man out of there Boots thinks this is his opportunity to have Lutie than give her to the Old Man It does not work out that way After the Old Man leaves Boots tries to force himself on Lutie He smacks her several times in the face Lutie is fast nough to grab an iron candlestick The candlestick proves harder than Boots skullNow Lutie believes she has murdered Boots She takes money out of his wallet for Bub s attorney Then after removing the door key from his pocket leaves to go to the attorney It comes to her that she will probably be known as an unfit mother for murdering Boots Who would release Bub to an unfit mother Lutie thinks that Bub will be better off without her Lutie take the money and takes a train to Chicago She thinks that Bub will have a better chance by going to reform schoolThe story is about race gender and class This is a debut novel for Ann Petry first published in 1946 There are many conflicts twists and turns In the nd Lutie had talked to Bub so much about money that he nded up trying to get money by helping the Super who had actually tricked him into thinking he was helping to catch crooks. Rk The Street was Ann Petry's first novel a beloved bestseller with than a million copies in print Its haunting tale still resonates today. A blurb on the back cover of my All Roads Lead Home edition calls The Street as much a historical document as it is a novel I think that is accurate The novel records the corrosiveffects of racism poverty and sexism on Lutie Johnson a single mother living in Harlem in the mid 1940s The grim xistence of Lutie and others on the street is unrelenting and left me reeling I m hesitant to give this four stars for a couple of reasons one because I know it was flawed in certain important ways but to me the stars have to do with how much I personally njoyed a book not h What an nding I didn t see it coming but it did feel like Lutie Johnson the main character was teetering on the dge since page one and I guess they pushed her too many times I feel like The Street relates so much so to the here and now It s 70 years later and has many things changed Not really This book was an The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis excercise in how not to lose your mind but it s so much than that It s about how microaggressions and racism can push a woman to thextreme nds of sanity and rage Lutie Johnson does verything right She works hard struggles to save puts her son first tries to protect him from loneliness discomfort and the influences of the street full of poor struggling folks While working for a white family as a live in housekeeper she absorbed the philosophy the men spoused wealth is available to anyone who works for it in this country She studies gets a respectable white collar job and keeps studying so that she can some day get a piddling promotion She isn t color struck She takes responsibility for her own success or lack of it keeps healthy and has an innate store of self respect If anyone can pull herself up by her bootstraps it s Lutie and for me the most vivid takeaway from this story is that bootstraps theory is a barbed cruel trapFor Lutie her family and all tge residents of the street one weighty materialisation of this trap is RENT Living in London I can relate but the opening of the book in which Lutie contemplates the horrible living conditions she is about to pay such an xtortionate price for showed how much uglier the word looms for people trying to make the frayed Just Cause ends of small salaries and low wages meet In such grinding poverty conditions the motivation to seek any kind of hustle is intense and affects Lutie sight year old son who tries to take up shining shoes like other boys on the streetLutie s description of the division between her and white people as a wall rected by them not her but visible to her not them reminded me of Sara Ahmed s work she often writes about walls that obstruct some bodies and not others Lutie is baffled by the fact that white women are worried she might have an affair with one of their thin unhappy husbands she wondered why they had the idea that all colored girls were whores The looks full of contempt and assumptions from white people make her never feel human until she reaches Harlem At the time formal segregation confined black people to the neighbourhood though of course white people own the properties rented out so xpensively as well as the shops They also take the jobs one of the voices Petry takes on is that of a disinterested lazy white teacher who works in a Harlem school full of hate for her charges and so ashamed to work in such poor conditions that she keeps her workplace secret Lutie also sees the neighbourhood as a bad nvironment but her attitudes contrast with the white teacher s who sees black people inherently as the problem Lutie sees clearly what is wrong there are no jobs for black men so the women go out to work in low paying domestic service and the men become idle Why is there no outside work for the men and why don t they take on the burden of house work and child care Simple white supremacist Capitalist PatriarchyTo Broaden The patriarchyTo broaden the the other main characters include the superintendant of the building Lutie moves into who has become malevolent and obsessive from spending too much time living in cellars and a middle aged domestic service worker who now that she has found a way of living rent free will do almost anything to maintain the situation These characters have highly developed idiosyncratic voices Petry calls them startlingly into being Mrs Hedges who sits watching the street and makes an adeuate living from the sex workers who make use of her apartment is a complex interesting character seen very differently by Lutie the super and other people on the street She is kind and protective but at times reveals an xploitative attitude to other people that is reflected in her unfeeling yesLutie s attractiveness to black men who are meant to be helping her because they have taken on positions that place this obligation on them and white men who are gatekeepers to all the xit routes from her oppressive situation has a huge weight in the narrative At times I felt this was too important but I started to uestion my white feminist perspective and to think that this was deliberate not just a prop to make the plot work but important for two reasons firstly because the attractiveness of black women is maligned by white supremacist media and advertising "which positions the white woman as the ideal of attractiveness and "positions the white woman as the ideal of attractiveness and Here Lutie is considered beautiful by veryone and desired by black and white men belying the trope Secondly white supremacist capitalist patriarchy defines how Lutie s attractiveness will function men long to own her body and constantly leverage their different forms of power over her to try to fulfil their desire The reflection she wondered why they had the idea that all colored girls were whores becomes increasingly ironic as the constantly arising pressures created by the actions or complicity of those whites pushing Lutie into sex work stack upAs well as being of great social and political import this novel was nearly impossible for me to put down despite its simple plot I just had to know what would happen next If I were writing the blurb I d call it compulsive and compulsory I haven t felt so mindfucked from an nding since Bend Sinister Yet whereas Nabokov does it simply because he can in The Street it serves to underline the message and I would say message rather than plot because Petry was a political writer and this novel certainly is that besides being a wonderful piece of fiction Some books shouldn t have happy ndings life in 1940 s Harlem as a single mother didn t often have a happy nding and some types of books should just completely break you because maybe it wouldn t get through otherwise In Petry s novel the characters are not simply good or bad they are just people acting according to the natural logical conseuences of their conditions the result of genocidal Fiesta Moon economics in action Yetven the character Junto who comes to mbody the crudest kind of THE STREET tells the poignant often heartbreaking story of Lutie Johnson a young black woman and her spirited struggle to raise her son am. ,

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