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I randomly found this book while browsing the children s "Section Of The Library It Is A Book Translated From "of the library It is a book translated from Hebrew I m not sure exactly the point of it to be honest as the two stories didn t really have a correlation unless the point was to show the differences Naomi is going to indergarten and is a good obedient child who does all that is expected of her whereas Little does not but they both end up snuggling with their at the end of the end up snuggling with their families at the end of the I liked the illustrations Recommended for ages 3 7 3 stars Richie s Picks LITTLE NAOMI LITTLE CHICK by Avirama Golan and Raaya Karas ill Eerdman s September 2013 36p ISBN 978 0 8028 5427 8 Story timeNaomi hears a story about a bunnywho lost his tail and thought it was funnyThen she makes a picture with all of her paints pink and greenyellow and blueRed and brown and purple too But not Little Chick Discovering a book like LITTLE NAOMI LITTLE CHICK makes me wish I was again back in the days of leading daily preschool story times so that I d have a nee high audience at hand with whom to share this picture book tale of a little girl at preschool and her mischievous little chick back at home I ve always loved sharing books where there is a punch line that offers opportunities for young listeners to participate Books like JUMP FROG JUMP get everyone revved up and involved Here you have the repeating refrain But not Little Chick for everyone to belt out On the left side of each two page spread in LITTLE NAOMI LITTLE CHICK we read what Little Naomi is doing over the course of her day at preschool On the right side of each spread we find a full page wordless crayon and pencil illustration showing us what Little Chick and her animal co conspirators are up to while Little Naomi is busy at school and the grownups are off at work The repeating refrain of But not Little Chick is our cue to look over and see the trouble that Little Chick and the rest of the critters at home are NOW getting into That the Little Chick portions are wordless provides the opportunity to have the audience members participate in the telling of what is going on with the animals The parallel stories are tied together visually by Little Naomi s wearing of red tipped antennae while Little Chick is decked out with a pair of feathers sitting up above her head Somewhere with a little luck a preschool classroom full of children is going to have their teacher read LITTLE NAOMI LITTLE CHICK aloud to them and then some brilliant young evil genius in the class is going to begin imitating Little Chick s antics And I d sure Little Naomi has a busy day She gets ready for school plays with all her friends builds with blocks bakes mud pies colors pictures eats lunch and helps mom wi. ,

Little Naomi Little Chick

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En a wordless book and you still would have "gotten the story that even though Naomi and Little Chick are different they are similar too I believe that "the story that even though Naomi and Little Chick are different they are similar too I believe that did an amazing job to make the illustrations have textures for example you could see how soft the grass looked because of her light lines of a colored pencil The use of shadowing to create pictures that have body and life like ualities were beautifully done I loved the way Karas used both pages one page for Naomi and the other for Little Chick Naomi was on a *Lot Of White Space While Little Chick Was On The * of white space while little chick was on the page with full color I think that this conveys the point that Little Chick is the star of the story with little being said about Little Chick The illustrations of Naomi were simply drawn but still have a lot of detail and character You fall in love with Little Chick because of the attitude of the little farm animal Each page you examine Little Chick closely and he becomes the one you look for on the next page I think that the story line is lifted because of the illustrations and would fall flat if Karas had not planned the illustrations so carefully Karas s use of texture white space full color and simply drawn images make me wish that a Caldecott Medal were given to show how creative the illustrations truly were Little Naomi Little Chick is all about Naomi going throughout her day and doing her every day things For example going to school eating lunch and taking a bath None of these things are for Little Chick though so little chick sits and waits all day to go to bed which is something she is allowed to do I was personally not a huge fan of this book I would probably use it as a personal read in a classroom A charming book with delightful illustrations It s a fun story about a preschooler and a chick going in a similar direction but not meeting yet having a friendship of being understood Chick stays home with other barnyard friends while Naomi starts her morning routine before heading to preschool Once there she plays with friends colors builds bakes and then shops with her mommy and eats with daddy all in one day Plus there s bath time and lullabies before bed With simple text early readers will enjoy every detail I especially like the rhythm and repetition of reading aloud with my grandchildren But NOT little chick Charming sweet silly and expertly written My preschooler liked this a little than I did It really resonated with her as it mirrored all the things she does during her day The But not Little Chick part also was great and by the end she would say it hersel. Fun book two parallel stories run side by side linked by the implicit friendship between Naomi and Little Chick and brought to life by endearing illustrations. Ike to be there for that Richie Partington MLISRichie s Picks I liked how this book had two characters that you would not expect to get along so well together Normally you associate younger children with sueezing and hurting a chick but this book was different There was a good moral to the story and a good story line throughout This book would be a good read aloud for fun not very educational though I feel so blessed to be a reviewer for Eerdmans Books for Young Readers and trust that I will be able to bring my Chat With Vera readers my opinion o Help me out here Little Naomi and Little Chick have NO interaction in the story except the pictures It isn t her pet it isn t a chick she met on the farm but they draw a parallel between each otherWhat the little girls does like go to school play with friends take a bath is the same thing the chick doesit is suppose to demonstrate that children are like chicksor are we trying to build a common ground I don t now I don t really care for this book I would give it a 2 12 star but it was good enough to make a 3 I LOVE this book *The way Raaya Karas s illustrations follow Golan s story line of Little Naomi and Little Chick * way Raaya Karas s illustrations follow Golan s story line of Little Naomi and Little Chick this book The story is about Little Naomi who is in preschool and it goes through her whole daybut Little Chick does not do the same thing Golan describes what Naomi does and tries to relate that to Little Chick For example Naomi picks up her spoon and eats all by herself She finishes her lunch without any help But not Little Chick I think this story gives a great juxtaposed view about how different two lives can be This would be a great story to read to children to explain the importance of diversity but how we can still have similarities with each other Also this would be a great read along if students were learning about different animals on a farm With this book there could be many ways to incorporate into a lesson like compare and contrast Also I love that this book was a pattern book which I think that children really love This would be a great book to read one on one to see the "IllustrationsTHE ILLUSTRATIONSLittle Naomi Little Chick Should Have At Least Been "ILLUSTRATIONSLittle Naomi Little Chick should have at least been the running for the Caldecott Medal for 2013 The cover of the story is very inviting with the limited pictures that are on the page but students would now what the story is about I think that the cover is fun and playful making students want to read the book Karas takes great care to use simple lines and soft colors to convey the story Karas structured her pictures so well that this book could have be. Th the shopping Little Chick has to stay at home with the other barnyard animals but that doesn't stop him from having adventures of his ownIn this sweet and.
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