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Before I eview the book a caveatI was thrilled to see "a book written by Raun Kaufman He doesn t know it "book written by Raun Kaufman He doesn t know it his story changed the trajectory of my life 25 years ago I was in my bedroom watching my black and white tv when a movie came on that left me captivated intrigued and with the absolute knowledge that I had just witnessed what I was meant to do with my life to work with autistic children From that moment until I had my own children a number of years later I ead everything I could on the topic volunteered throughout my College Years At The Lab School On years at the lab school on and worked with special needs children I never forgot the story of Raun and the Son Rise program and periodically would look
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and his up online to follow their progress That being said I will give the book as unbiased a eview as I can Raun Kaufman uses this book as a vehicle to delineate the Son Rise program for home use He manages to convey the information in an approachable way with good humor and interesting examples He doesn t hesitate to point out that it can be a challenge but offers plenty of encouragement and many many ideas along the way Each chapter closes with the points outlined and examples of ways to utilize each point in the home programMy gut instinct is that this program would work for every child Would EVERY child be The Prince recoverable to the point of being called neurotypical I doubt it But then again I don t think there was EVER a time in human history in which all persons were neurotypical Don t we allemember that hermit or this guy who s a little left of center or marches to his drummer I think the A Bold Carnivore: An Alphabet of Predators range for normal has gotten narrow and that s not necessarily a good thing Some diversity benefits all of us That being said I absolutely think that every person every child and every human being can benefit from being loved and accepted and met where they are What a beautiful beautiful conceptI don t know how the Son Rise program couldwould work if it were implemented in any way other than full time For example. This is the book that parents professionals and educators of children with Autism have always wanted Now imagine it’s written by an international lecturer whoecovered from severe Autism himself and is now the Director of Global Education of the Autism Treatment Center of America™ A step by step guide writt. I don t know how a child could go to preschool and also do this program After all most programs for children with autism would follow TEACHH or ABA or whatever the program is So I m guessing this would have to fall in the category of going all in or not at all I would have to fall in the category of going all in or Not At All I Be Wrong About That Maybe Raun at all I be wrong about that Maybe Raun someone from Option will ead this and weigh in with a commentI think very highly of the Kaufman
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and the Rise program Option Institute I ealize there has been controversy Lifting regarding it and probably always will be Nonetheless I ve always wanted to go visit andeally hope I get there someday If you have an autistic child are Mathruhridayam related to one or know someone with an autistic person in their family this is a great book toead I ead an ARC of this book through NetGalley It was given to me free in exchange for an honest eview With a prevalence of 20% of children having ADHD in USA it s not impossible to imagine they don t diagnose Autism very thorough The book clearly shows1 Premature diagnostics is idiotic2 Children in this book with similar temporary problems do get a lot of help when you educate parents to this extent3 It also shows that the writer and all involved is completely identified in the myth that they had Autism It maybe shows1 That the money involved in their business makes it completely impossible to critizise Who cares People get helpIt might This book has some useful strategies that parents can use with their kids with autism However I think that this book tries to market for Son Rise Model and tries to say that this model is the cure for autism The book kinda gives parents some false hopes And definitely A Life In School: What The Teacher Learned represents ABA therapy as not effective which is not accurate by any means I found the wordsecovery too insulting My daughter isn t diseased nor needs a cure Having said that not one kid is the same on the spectrum There are many ways to help behaviors and developmental delays We used ABA for the past few years It has done wonders for my girl Not all ABA is the same Pare. En with humor and inspiring stories this book will give parents who have felt desperate and dismissed the tools to engage their children in a espectful and loving manner With the tools presented in this book parents can build meaningful caring elationships with their children The children learn to vastly expan. .
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Pimpinella Meerprinzessin 1: Ankunft im Muschelschloss (German Edition) relational disorder Lots of positive anecdotes from their workshops and such and most or all sounded veryeasonable setting aside a focus oom in the home with no electronics for interactions in which The Child Gets To Be In Control But Where Getting child gets to be in control but where getting they want eg a particular toy euires social communication He takes considerable pains to differentiate it from applied behavior analysis though some of the Défendre Jacob recommendations expressing great enthusiasm when the child makes eye contact or speaks in a way that shows interest in othersignoring tantrums and pretending not to understand what she wants were totally consistent with ABAKind of disappointing to get to the end andealize that this program they ve been using for decades and that has Darfur's Sorrow: A History of Destruction and Genocide received this or that best therapy award etc has such a slim empirical basis Heeproduces in full a Black Gold in North Dakota review article showing that various principles eg create an optimal physical learning environment they believe the program instantiates are plausible but the actual database of controlled studies on the program itself appears to consist entirely of a study of 6 kids aged 4 7 getting the program for 5 days 40 hrs intervention vs 6 controls with autism and measured immediately after treatment the experimental group was engaged in a test social task That s terrific but a long way from showing that the program has lasting curative effects for all ages all along autism spectrum that the dietecommendations in the book are helpful etc In sum I think if I had a child on the spectrum I d get something from eading this book positive message about ole of parent in working with the kid good practical advice about finding an MD who understands your child etc etc But it might have been preferable to tone down the marketing claims starting with the titl. D their communications and how to participate successfully in the world It’s a book that opens totally new doors and shows how to join children in their own uniue worlds instead of demanding that they join ours which makes it possible for these special children to defy their original often very limited prognos. .

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