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Absolutely amazing book on performance measurement Contains a lot of Theory How To Measure Performance Starting From What Performance Really how to measure performance starting from what performance really and it is not so obvious to example how to drill down This books contains a lot of practical xamples on performance issues investigation how to drill down This books contains a lot of practical Campfire examples on performance issues investigation slightly outdated tap solaris DTrace but it is really worth reading for admins andvery person who cares about performance Very very well written book I didn t actually read it front to back I read the first 4 chapters which covers the foundation chapter 5 which covers application level performance and the last 3 chapters on cloud and multi tenant performance benchmarking and a case study The middle chapters dive into other specific topics like CPU memory file systems My Little Blue Dress etc that I will reference on an as needed basisOverall very well written communicates concepts clearly and reifies a lot of things that I often see go unnoticed or underappreciated A book worth keeping on the bookshelfven after being read Brendan is probably the de facto authority in the performance world Brendan walks through the Linus Kernel internals and covers the performance of Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars each areas like Memory CPU File Systems Disks Networks His methodologies for analyzing performance problems are must read for SREs and performancengineers The are plethora of tools that Brendan contributed in creating for Linux performance troubleshooting I love the Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life easy to follow and structured approach of Brendan s writing Specifically the USE methodology drill down methodology the block diagram with tools should be atvery desk of SREs production Crazy Love engineers and performancengineersMy only concern is that I m too late to pick this first dition BPF tools are not covered and some contents are outdated for this point in timeIf you want to read this please wait till November 2020 till the book hit the stands I bought and started to read this book to prepare myself for a job interview Really recommendablePs I finally got the job Great book for any Linux Operations guys out there to test and determine metrics for your infrastructur. The Complete Guide to Optimizing Systems Performance Written by the winner of the 2013 LISA Award for Outstanding Achievement in System Administration Large scale nterprise cloud and virtualized computing systems have introduced serious performance challenges Now internationally renowned performance xpert Brendan Gregg has brought together proven methodologies tools and metrics for analyzing and tuning ven the most complex nvironments Systems Performance Enterprise and the Cloud focuses on LinuxR and UnixR performance while illuminating performance issues that are relevant to all operating systems You'll gain deep insight into how systems work and perform and learn methodologies for analyzing and improving system and application performance Gregg presents xamples from bare metal systems and virtualized cloud tenants running Linux based UbuntuR FedoraR.

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Not nough concrete xamples of the USE method a guide of porting dtrace to systemtap and a who is who in the world of systems performanceSo how to sum up the book Incredible value is one thought that comes to mind timeless classic is another If you are a systems operator New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood engineer administrator architect this book is a must have and should be kept within reach at all times Even if your DAYJOB does not have systems on the title the book is going to be useful if you have to interact with Unix like systems on a freuent basis Great book for practical system performance troubleshooting Great book on debugging production systems It serves a comprehensive but simple mental model for how systems work and solid methodologies to look atach component Especially the USE method looking at Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey each system component for utilization saturation andrrors network disk cpu memory mutexes Most of the time people use the streetlight method going through random tools they know Best illustrated in its absurdity by the parable of the drunk man who was looking for his keys in the dark under the streetlightThe reason why I can t give the 5th star is because it s Focused On Currently Observable Problems on currently observable problems of the gnarliest systems performance problems I ve God's Pocket encountered happen for a shorter period of time under some hard to reproduce condition where focus is on recovery not understanding You then have to dig through metrics after the fact to find out what might have happened This is oftenasy for rrors but not for saturation and utilization Why is there nothing in the book about this Highly recommended This isn t a book saturation and utilization Why is there nothing in the book about this Highly recommended This isn t a book much as it is a reference manual or an appendix It s nearly 800 pages of dense low level discussions of performance issues related to the CPU memory hard drive OS and so on The writing is very structured repetitive and dry and resembles a list of facts than prose If you have a specific performance issue and need to Know How To Say how to say DTrace to diagnose an issue with a memory leak this book is perfect If you re looking for something you can read cover to cover to gen. On performance Optimizing CPUs processors cores hardware threads caches interconnects and kernel scheduling Memory optimization virtual memory paging swapping memory architectures busses address spaces and allocators File system IO including caching Storage devicescontrollers disk IO workloads RAID and kernel IO Network related performance issues protocols sockets interfaces and physical connections Performance implications of OS and hardware based virtualization and new issues ncountered with cloud computing Benchmarking getting accurate results and avoiding common mistakes This guide is indispensable for anyone who operates nterprise or cloud nvironments system network database and web admins; developers; and other professionals For students and others new to optimization it also provides The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs exercises reflecting Gregg'sxtensive instructional xperience. E Do not let the size daunts you however Chapters are self contained as the author understands that the book might be read under pressure and contain useful xercises at the Monsieur Pain endWhat really makes this book stands out is not the top notch technical writing or abundance of useful one liners is the fact that the author moves forward and suggests a methodology for troubleshooting and performance analysis as opposed to the ad hoc methods of the past or best case scenario a checklist and DEITY forbid the use of blame someonelse methodology In particular the author suggests the USE methodology USE standing for Utilization Saturation Errors to methodically and accurately analyze and diagnose problems This methodology which can be adaptedexpanded at will last time I checked the book was not written in stone is worth the price of the book aloneThe author correctly maintains that you must have an X ray so to speak correctly maintains that you must have an X ray so to speak the system at all times By utilizing tools such as DTrace available for Solaris and BSD or the Linux A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author euivalent SystemTap much insight can be gained from the internals of a systemChapters 5 10 are selfxplanatory the author presents what the chapter is about common What If errors and common one liners used to diagnose possible problems As said before chapters aim to be self contained and can be read while actually troubleshooting a live system so no lengthyxplanations there At the The Exhaustion Breakthrough end of the chapter the bibliography section provides useful pointers towards resources for further study something that is greatly appreciated Finally thexercises can be asily transformed to interview uestions which is another bonusCloud computing and the special considerations that is presenting is getting its own chapter and is another bonusCloud computing and the special considerations that is presenting is getting its own chapter and author tries to keep it platform agnostic ven if Supplemental Book employed by a Cloud Computing company which is a nice touch This is followed by a chapter on useful advice on how to actually benchmark systems and the booknds with a sadly too short case studyThe appendices that follow should be read as they contain a lot of useful one liners as if the ones in the book were. CentOS and the illumos based JoyentR SmartOSTM and OmniTI OmniOSR He systematically covers modern systems performance including the traditional analysis of CPUs memory disks and networks and new areas including cloud computing and dynamic tracing This book also helps you identify and fix the unknown unknowns of complex performance bottlenecks that Hark! The Herald Angels Scream emerge fromlements and interactions you were not aware of The text concludes with a detailed case study showing how a real cloud customer issue was analyzed from start to finish Coverage includes Modern performance analysis and tuning terminology concepts models methods and techniues Dynamic tracing techniues and tools including xamples of DTrace SystemTap and perf Kernel internals uncovering what the OS is doing Using system observability tools interfaces and frameworks Understanding and monitoring applicati. ,

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