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The Temptation of Lady SerenaRide home Serena is forced to Speak Through the Wind leave an estate she s managed for over a decade and enter the Marriage Mart at an age some consider too old Having his heart crushed once was enough for Robert and he s unwilling to give his heart to anyone ever gain He sets his sights on Serena determined to make her his bride yet she demands the one thing from him he cannot give hisove I adore the Stories for a Teen's Heart large cast of characters in Ms uinn s books and after reading her first two novels it sike seeing old friends again Charming characters a ovable hero and heroine plus incredible attention to historical detail make The Temptation of Lady Serena a must read for any Regency romance fan I stumbled upon this Ella uinn novel in Netgalley It is book 3 of her Marriage Game series I don t ike to read books out of seuence but this story intrigued me Ella uinn is a new to me author and I m so glad I read thisLady Serena Wier has been iving in the wilds of Scotland at her family estate Castle Vere Since the age of 14 when her mother passed she has taken the reigns of her ailing fathers estate Left to her own devices until the age of 26 when her selfish brother finally comes home with a new wife Serena has made caring for the estate her ife Sent to London for her first Season Serena is nervous and expecting failure because of her old age She thrives Because she has a pretty substantial dowry and is over her majority she can decide to marry for oveRobert Viscount Beaumont plans to marry for convenience and not for ove Anything but ove due to a disastrous first ove years ago He is nevertheless fascinated by Serena s charming personality Desperate to have her as a wife knowing she The Best Canadian Animal Stories: Classic Tales by Master Storytellers ll only marry forove he foolishly traps her into marriage Or so he thinksAfter the engagement is where the drama persists and the story really comes to The Vagabonds life Willing to risk scandal and with the protection and help of their mutual friends and family Serena teaches Robert that toove is a risk that has monumental results The stubborn man takes a The Gilgul of Park Avenue long time to open his heart and realize that he s already inove with SerenaMs uinn does a delightful job of providing humor passion and intrigue The secondary characters Roberts Aunt Freddy and grandmother are a hoot There is a secondary The Last of the Renshai love story in here as well that turns out well I am now on a mission to read the first two books in this series The Seduction of Lady Phoebe and The Secret Life of Miss Anna MarshI was provided an ARC by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review The Temptation of Lady Serena by Ella uinnI was fortunate to receive an advanced copy of The Temptation of Serena the third in the Marriage Game seriesAs much as Ioved the former two this plot resonated deep within mePerhaps it was her bad boy Even Eagles Need a Push: Learning to Soar in a Changing World leading man Robert He reminds me somewhat of my character Trent from A Long Road to Love SeriesAutocraticack of consideration for others selfish and self centered Although to be fair Robert s a far cry better than TrentAnd then there is Serena How can you not ove her She s been used as ittle than a convenience with no thought to her future or happiness by her closest relatives At the age of 14 when her mother dies her father turns over the management of the house to her And it s a massive estate Instead of calling in some female relative to assist they yank Serena from her childhood and toss her into a job that would overwhelm m The Temptation of Lady Serena is now one of my favorite books and Ella uinn is my new favorite authorLady Serena Weir is in London for her first s Lady Serena Vere was born and raised at Castle Vere in Scotland till her twenty sixth Birthday She Has Cared For The Land It S Occupants She has cared for the and it s occupants the Castle on her own since her fathers death and has been very happy doing it Her brother James has been in the military and recently resigned bringing home a bride named Madeline Mattie sees no need for Serena to continue taking care of things and has suggested she be sent to London for the Season Being twenty six she is already past the appropriate age but realizes her ife at her home in Vere Castle will never be the same She is deposited in York to spend a few days with her Aunt Catherine then will be on to London While riding on her own one morning she sees a gentleman on a At Sixes and Sevens large black horse heading toward her she knows the warnings she has been given about riding alone and heads back at a gallop The man on the black horse is intrigued he has never seen this beautiful young woman beforeUpon arriving in London she is whisked away to buy appropriate clothingessons for dancing and all else necessary to be presented in the best possible way She has cousins and their husbands her Aunt Catherine and several other relatives to sponsor her and is surrounded by young men seeking a chance to meet and court other relatives to sponsor her and is surrounded by young men seeking a chance to meet and court Serena is overwhelmed by the attention but has set her mind to one thing She will marry for The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole love and only forove Viscount Robert Beaumont is a well known rake in London society He prefers the company of married women and widows and has no plans to ever marry He had his heart broken oncenever again That is until he meets the beautiful girl who was riding that horse in York He The Last Honest Man: Mordecai Richler: An Oral Biography lays eyes on Lady Serena and wants to make her his anyway possible Even if it means compromising her This novel was so rich in Regency history Theanguage the fashions the parties and the wonderful characters I felt the beginning was a The Catholic Home little slow but once Serena arrived in London and met the infamous Lord Beaumont the story moved along uickly It has serious sizzle and some delightful humor I received this novel from the publisher and NetGalley for an honest reviewPat Fordyc. Be inove That is why he must keep his distance from Serena He's only felt his pulse stir the way it does now when he made the mistake of oving the wrong woman once before Yet the he strives to resist his feelings the nearer he is to falling under Serena's seductive spell. ,

Eal Marriage could be To earn to open his heart and et go of the fear This poor man has to Too Many Puppies! learn how toove This was a fun read a reprieve from the the dark and brooding books that seem to be popping up these days Not that I don t The Wanderers love a dark and broody hero but this book is about the relationship About two people that are supposed to be together but being human have to find their way I enjoyed the hoops Serena made Robert jump through mostly because they weren t mean spirited or manipulative Check it out when you get the chanceShauniThis review is based on the ARC of The Temptation of Lady Serena provided by netgalley and is scheduled to be released on January 2 2014 PRE RELEASE REVIEWNOTE THE EXPECTED DATE OF PUBLICATION IS 14 February 2014 BUT IT IS AVAILABLE TO PRE ORDER FROM US UK CANADA FR IT BARNES AND NOBLE AND iTUNES Once again Ella uinn charmed me with her third book in The Marriage Game Series Reading her books isike curling up by a blazing fire on a cold winter s night with a delicious mug of hot chocolatemakes you feel all cosy and warm She populates her books with such delightful charactersthe sort of people you would The Last Dickens love to have as neighbours and friends and she captures the Regency era so wellIove Ms uinn s heroinesalways strong intelligent and resilient and Serena is no exception I I am a fish out of water I never thought to have a London SeasonIt was so easy to relate to Serena maybe because I have felt totally adrift at certain times in my Standing for Something: 10 Neglected Virtues That Will Heal Our Hearts and Homes life At the age of 26 she is forced toeave the only home she has ever known and is thrust into the glittering world of the tona world she doesn t understand She can run an estate efficiently but knows nothing of balls or modistes Despite her trepidation she is determined to make the best of it with help from her aunt and uncle and friends who have her best interests at heart unlike her insensitive brother James and his wife He needed an heir not another broken heartRobert has managed to avoid marrying as Takedown: The Fall of the Last Mafia Empire long a possible but when his irascible old grandmother tells him Decide what you want in a wife my boy find her and marry her he knows his bachelor days are numbered Betrayed by his firstove he will never risk his heart again If he must marry then it will be a marriage of convenience where he will maintain full control I never felt for one moment that these two weren t meant to be together Their initial attraction is so palpable and I oved the scene in theatre where Robert watches the unfeigned delight on Serena s face and is totally captivated Serena is eually taken with Robert Her chest tightened as his eyes the color of bright moss caressed her Her heart skipped as she fought to regain control of her traitorous sensesand before ong she s fallen in Diamantmysteriet love with himAs with all the best romances the course of trueove never runs smoothly Robert s problem is that he refuses to admit what everyone around him even his servants knowsthat he is head over heels in ove with Serena Serena refuses to marry a man who doesn t ove HER AND IN A MOMENT OF and in a moment of Alpha male arrogance he attempts to force her hand by compromising her Not a good idea Robert Serena is not a ady to be coerced and it will take than sweet talking to win her back Rupert ifted a glass to Robert I never thought I d see you married How did she catch you She didn t Gave me a devil of a chase and I almost didn t catch her It was a near thing I Torrent of Portyngale: Re-Edited from the Unique Ms. in the Chetham Library, Manchester (Classic Reprint) ll tell you Of course a happy ending is ensured and I enjoyed the journey withots of devious scheming an impromptu family shopping trip to Paris a hasty pursuit a significant amount of grovelling a The Pocket Mommy last ditch stand at the ancestral home of the Beaumont s aong awaited declaration some deliciously wicked goings on in the viscountess s bedchamber bath chamber and not to forget on the Turkish carpet All ends well with a wedding or two As usual Ms uinn treats us to a rich array of secondary characters Phoebe and Marcus from The Seduction of Lady Phoebe and Anna and Sebastian from The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh Lady Phoebe and Anna and Sebastian from The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh s Aunt Ester and Uncle Henry Robert s irascible grandmother and Aunt Freddy There is also a charming secondary romance between Freddy and an old flame Edward Lord MalfreyI ove the family dynamics in Ms uinn s stories They are always the source of some delightful wit and humour such as this exchange between Robert and his grandmother Lady Beaumont nodded Good now take your fidgety self off You l give me a spasm if I have to watch you any Robert smiled with amusement Grandmama what a faradiddle You ve never had a spasm in your As If Being 12 3/4 Isnt Bad Enough, My Mother Is Running for President! life No but there s no saying I won t start having them she retorted Would youike me to bring you some vinaigrette or feathers to burn when I next visit he asked with credible solicitudeHis grandmother threw a pillow at himHe ducked and blew her a kiss as he As If Being 12 3/4 Isn't Bad Enough, My Mother Is Running for President! left the roomOnce again Ms uinn delights with this warm funny sweet romance with irresistable characters that are sure to win your heartREVIEW RATING 455 Stars SENSUALITY RATING HOT My sincere thanks Ella uinn for kindly providing me with an ARC of this book in return for an honest review The Marriage Game to date click on book cover for details 7 November 2013 14 January 2014 Future booksDESIRING LADY CARO The Marriage Game 4Releases Spring 2014This review is also posted on my blog 45 stars What a pleasure it was to receive and advance reader copy of The Temptation of Lady Serena the third book in Ella uinn s The Marriage Game Series Ioved the independent highly capable Lady Serena who finds herself a bit Stickman Odyssey, Book 2: The Wrath of Zozimos lost in the world of the Regency haut ton Essentially banished when her brother marries and brings his new He Scottish Borderlands Lady Serena Weir has never had any of theseuxuries But when Serena's brother demands she finally have a Season in London she's thrust into a glamorous world she's only dreamed ofRobert Viscount Beaumont remembers all too well what it feels The Last of the Tribe like to. I got 30% of the way in and just cannot read any This author was recommended to me and I could see certain aspects of her writing that I wouldike but this plot and the characters were just too unrealisticjerkish for me Here are my reasons this may be spoilerish 1 I read the first 30% and waited for something to happen and nothing did It was just scene after scenes of parties and Robert being tortured with ust and Serena being totally naive There was a juxtaposition of sweet writing with jarring seuences of Robert s ustful thinking It did not go together2 Robert was a huge ass He The Book of Air lusted constantly and then manipulated the situation to get what he wanted knowing Serena would not agree And then he actedike a high handed boor afterwards Ugh3 After the sham engagement everyone agrees to flee London until Robert professes ove This was an ok read It was book three in the series and it would work as a stand alone since I had not read the previous books and I was not ost at allI iked Robert uite a bit He was a bit high handed in the way he proposed to Lady Serena and the immediate actions but he overcame it and turned out to be a really ikable hero Lady Serena The Seduction of Miranda Prosper left me wondering Here she was a 26 year old woman who seemedike a teenager when she got to London for her very first season Yet when Robert finally got her to his family home her maturity showedThere was a good bit of drama in here First when Serena The Warrior Princess of Pennyroyal Academy left Robert after his proposal you ve got to read the book to see what the drama is there LOL then when Robert gets Serena to their home and there s a problem with some missing boys andastly the drama at the wedding I felt that ast ittle bit at the wedding was too much and not neededI really would have iked to see some sort of conclusion that dealt with Serena s brother and sister in aw and her All in all not a bad book and I Elizabeth I ll probably read by this author ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley THIS NOVEL WILL BE RELEASED ON 14 JANUARY 2014I consider myself a big Marriage Game s admirer and if you haven t had the opportunity or the to impulse to read the first two romances of the series The Seduction of Lady Phoebe and The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh I heartily recommend themWell The Temptation of Lady Serena outdid the precedents it s amazingRobert is one of the most realistic and interesting characters I ve ever read about but I must say I don t know why the men in this series are always better than the women with better I mean the final result and the general idea of the character and not a specific aspect the female characters with the story development become too perfect this is clearer with Anna Marsh andess evident with Lady Serena who I appreciated a otWow I already had the opportunity to see how Ella uinn is good and brilliant when it comes to the emotional part of her romances but in The temptation on Lady Serena she surprised me the emotions here are so Strong The Reader that reader actually feel them Robert s torment his doubts his strong and obvious ove he doesn t want to admit his obsessionare amazingly described and expressed I felt all of themRobert is so unprepared that he acts stupidly and the realisation of how autocratic he can be and the following regret create splendid moments between our two protagonistsI Theres Always a Trail / Home in the Valley liked Serena her background is really interesting and Ioved her behaviour especially at the beginning I totally sympathise with her reasonsThere s only one critic I d ike to do as in Anna Marsh I don t get why the author spent so much time with interludes some of them are really funny and useful to better appreciate the characters but in other occasions they make the storyline heavierTO READ THE COMPLETE REVIEW my ink text I received an Advanced Reader Copy ARC of this book courtesy of NetGalley and Kensington Books in exchange for an honest review thank you for the opportunity Originally Reviewed For Bodice Rippers Femme Fatales and FantasyThis is my first Ella uinn book and et me just tell you I LOVED IT One of Those Books That Almost Slipped books that almost slipped the cracks I was thrilled when I discovered it on Netgalley The Temptation of Lady Serena is book three in her The Marriage Game series and yes I am scrambling to get the first two It was just that good Lady Serena Weir has been eft to mold in the Scottish Highlands running her family s estate first for her ailing father and then for her absent brother Now her brother is back with a new wife and they want Serena gone At 26 she is way to old to take on the ton isn t she Feeling insecure and well abused Serena has no choice but to make her way into London s Society Hoping beyond hope that she will find someone or something that will offer her a way to survive A way to function independently She fears a repeat of her family s neglect Fortunately for Serena the glittery The Everyman Book of Nonsense Verse life of Londonoves her while she may be just a country girl at heart she is also poised intelligent and beautiful with a than decent dowry as well Serena has the ton by it s collective horns With plenty of choices available to her Serena realizes that she can have it all Serena can marry for oveRobert Viscount Beaumont no onger believes in Ten Years Beyond Baker Street: love Been there done that But he is totally and completely intrigued by Lady Serena She will make a perfect wifeall he has to do is finesse and finagle things until Serena says yes Soundsike a planRobert has a ot to earn Serena is willing to The Essential Library for New Moms 4-Book Bundle: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child; The Baby Food Bible; Infant Massage; Colic Solved live aife of scandal before she submits to a The Triangle of Truth: The Surprisingly Simple Secret to Resolving Conflicts Largeand Small loveless marriage But fortunately for idiot face sheoves him and is willing to give him a chance The drama in this book is in the engagement Where Robert is forced to earn what a Ella uinn's bachelors in The Marriage Game series are charming and cunning when it comes to the ways of ove until the right woman captures their unsuspecting hearts Custom made gownsnights at the theaterand a host of eligible bachelors Accustomed to iving a uiet ife in