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N tries to convince Kiera to visit them as they go live in Romas home far away When Kiera refuses they basically abduct her and take her to Romas planet Romas turns out to be an alien and one of the atwals who are at war with the Anshans When Kiera finds out they plan to marry her to one of Romas brothers even without her consent women don t have free will she desperately tries to escapeThe King of Ashan A Ran is held prisoner by the atwals when he meets Kiera by accident He instantly nows she is his nishani his soulmate and the woman he needs to rescue his planet He takes great risk to abduct her and bring her back to his base He had never asked Kiera to be his nishani and she definitely doesn t agree with her new role Slowly both A Ran and Kiera are trying to adapt themselves to the new situation The atwals are furious that A Ran took Kiera away from them and launch attacks than everLike I said before this was a story filled with cliches and unbelievable from the beginning The characters were either annoying or felt wrong and the storyline itself wasn t much better This book could have been so much better The idea wasn t that bad but I felt it was just poorly executed As you might guess I wouldn t recommend reading this one hide spoiler Ok I hate Lizzy Ford Not really but she totally ends up making me skip things I should be doing because her books are AWESOME I typically do not like alien books I Unbeatable Mind (3rd Edition): Forge Resiliency and Mental Toughness to Succeed at an Elite Level (English Edition) eBook: Mark Divine: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. know it doesn t make a lot of sense because I read mostly paranormal with vampires faries trolls etc but this this book was great I think I like it because the aliens in the book look like normal people but they don t speak the same language There are some animals that are different than the earth s but that s fine Anyway I highly recommend this one it ranks up there with my favorites from Lizzy Damian s Oracle and Katie s Hellion Sci fi love story that doesn t go in for all the super tortuous romantic beginnings like some authors do There is a slowness to the relationship but that s understandable I enjoyed it 3 12 stars You guysnow that I like Lizzy Ford right It s true All her stories have struck a chord in me in one way or another You wouldn t think that a book about a chord in me in one way or another You wouldn t think that a book about aliens in a patriarchal society would be able to do it but you d be wrong Yep once again Lizzy Ford has written a book that I couldn t put down Actually I did end up putting it down but it was only because I literally couldn t eep my eyes open last night My Kindle ept slipping to the side and it made it very difficult to read Which is totally not the point but you can see where I m going with this rightHere s the thing I didn t like all the characters in this book This mostly revolves around Kiera s friend who drags her into the entire mess and is probably one of the most selfish characters I ve read in a while Yeah she s a secondary character and I probably shouldn t let her annoy me as much as she did but geez Selfish much Kiera even sees it in her and basically calls her on it which made me like Kiera even but I wanted to throttle that so called best friend for being that so called best friend for being a poopAs for the main characters wanted to throttle that so called best friend for being such a poopAs for the main characters are in no way perfect people A Ran is controlling driven by his duty to his people and rather manipulative in getting what he wants from Kiera in the beginning Yet he makes an effort to change Kiera is overwhelmed by her circumstances bored out of her mind and not very open minded when it comes to the customs of the people she suddenly finds herself thrown in the middle of She has to make some tough decisions in a short amount of time and given the type of person she is the choice robs her of her freedom She feels trapped and unwanted even though her very presence is the most wanted thing on A Ran s planetI really enjoyed this book The ideas behind A Ran s world were interesting and the characters excluding the annoying selfish best friend were fun to read about Lizzy Ford continues to impress me with her imagination writing Kelly Reading the Paranormal. E to heal his planet and his war weary people He's not prepared to be a lifemate himself and discovers almost too late what he risks losing if he can't learn to be than a warrior. Kiera is starving artist who lives with her newly engaged best friendOnly wanting the best for Kiera her best friend drags her across the universe without her permission to find Kiera a man as wellUnfortuantely she hooks up with a warrior named A Ran currently a prisoner man as wellUnfortuantely she hooks up with a warrior named A Ran currently a prisoner her best friend s husband s house A Ran wants nothing than to reclaim his planet and restore it to its former glory The planet reuires A Ran have a lifemate in order to bring life back to it and his People Who Have Been who have been wars with other planets since his parents diedGuess who the planet claims is his lifemate Kiera True to form Lizzy Ford gives you another very Um whatThis is the first heroine I ve read that I genuinely think may be TSTL I stopped around 20% so what I m going to write will have barely any spoilersHeroine and her friend are chilling on Earth The friend turns to the heroine and says Hey guess what I m getting married to this guy I met three months ago It s this Saturday Actually I m going far away for it do you want to come with to which the heroine replies I ll think about itThis wasn t a good enough response for the friend so she drugs and Apocalyptic Cartography: Thematic Maps and the End of the World in a Fifteenth-Century Manuscript kidnaps the heroine and puts her on a spaceship with her and her fiance who s a sexy alien oh em geeSo they make it to another planet where the friend s fiance lives and the heroine s all I want to go home and the friend s all Okay but just stay until the wedding to which the heroine agrees So all good right Nuhhh because while she s relaxing in her bedroom she thinks actually fuck this bitch I want to leave now but I don t want to be an adult and tell her so what should I do at which point she decides the best thing to do is release one of their barbarian prisoners and force him to take her to a spaceship GIRL You don t just release prisoners And the spaceships were like 10 feet away from your bedroom YOU COULD VE JUST WALKED Basically Kiera isidnapped by her well meaning best friend Evelyn and her alien husband Romas and taken to the atwaal planet The man there are all alpha beats chest me man you woman sort of guys whereas Kierawell she s a woman from Earth s 21st Century See the problem She doesn t fit in with the other uiet submissive women She trips trying to escape a six legged cat and falls into the arms of the man she is destined to be withTherein starts the adventure The handsy man just happens to be King of Ashan spelled correctly and he has been searching for the rightful ueen His Nishani It doesn t help that he s a prisoner of the atwaals that his planet has been doesn t help that he s a prisoner of the atwaals that his planet has been and is wrought with war and to take Kiera with him was the onslaught of another new war with the atwaals Plus Kiera was unusually bold and she thought for her own self unlike the other women from his planetI gave the novel four stars though because I didn t uiet understand what happened with Evelyn and Kiera s friendship How was Evelyn suddenly the bad guy She played a ey role in pushing Araan to Kiera by handing over the sketch pads She was only trying to make Kiera s life better by taking her to another planet At the end of the novel her character morphed suddenly into this selfish person who never really cared about her best friend in the first place That made no senseAnywho great read Loved it I m rating this book 45 stars At99 cents the price was good enough to make me willing to try an unknown The romance was good and above all believable Even if using the trope of the fated couple the author gives the heroine a choice the hero grew to understand that fated and loved aren t the same Kiera is a likable character strong willful and with an artistic temperament The minor characters are a bit sketched less rounded They function as deus ex machina rather than real people A side note if she had been a friend of mine I would have illed her DOverall a pleasant book to read The premise was good but poorly executed Like that saying SHe had good intentions There is always a but at the end of that sentence that the determines When starving artist Kiera wakes up on board a spaceship she panics Her best friend has dragged her across the universe to help her find a man and a life only the man she ends up. ,

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Hat those intentions achieved Like giving a Kid Socks For Christmas A Nice Gift socks for Christmas a nice gift it s cold and his parents might appreciate it less clothes to buy but the Infamous kid is ultimately disappointed I as a reader had a similar feeling with this book Like all the ideas and plot devices were to benefit the author and not the readership What does that leave the reader whit Poor Character creation not just supporting but the main ones as well Kiera is an artist with no characteristics of one She may be impulsive at times but it s understandable under the circumstances her beingidnapped and all Artists are temperamental religiously dedicated to their craft and most often pacifists The last one fits in with her playing video games since it is a Walled kind of vicarious way of experiencing combat but it does not fit with her suddenly trying to learn hand to hand combat you re in space is it not a wiser choice to learn to pilot a ship of fire guns of whatever arms they have All throughout iept thinking if there was one scene showing Kiera grabbing some ind of writing utensil and scribbling on the wall it could have brought so much meaning to the character and her situation It would have shown her displeasure at being taken without nowledge ept away from her painting and that rebellious side that says scwe you i ll paint wherever and whenever i want A Ran was forgettable and just typical what a soldier is to an outside observer There was no depth to his character despite losing his parents it all just seemed to bounce off him and not leave a mark All in all the characters all felt like they were created to fit into a template an author had envisioned what would happen if "battle weary solider fell in love with a free spirited artist and as such lacked "weary solider fell in love with a free spirited artist and as such lacked spark of their own Kind of cliche when i think about it Could have been made better by world building but here as well the book has some holes too big to ignore The alien worlds were not described well enough even when there were details they seemed not inspiring or intriguing As Kiera is an artist it would have been a good idea to show the new worlds through her view These new worlds could have been portrayed with so much awe and wonder if she d shown some interest in themWorld buildingPlot could have been better but in the end it wasn t The start was slow and uninteresting I was expecting action once the main characters met but that was without sizzle They hardly ever interacted with each other and their relationship didn t seem real or like it was evolving They just went from you I to us very disappointing Even the end dragged on and all in all was a hard book to finish Finished reading December 5th 2014 To his surprise she was grinning her multi hued eyes glowing He hadn t thought she would be so eager given her skill at avoiding all her regular nishani duties view spoilerI m not sure whether me and this book just were not ment to be or if it really is that bad but I just couldn t enjoy it It seemed to be like a cheesy romance novel than an actual science fiction work and I couldn t be bothered by the whole situation of the Anshan planet where the story takes place The characters in Kiera s Moon for me lacked dept or were just plain annoying The way A Ran and Kiera meet totally unbelievable and the fact that this dominant warrior and independant woman are ment to be soulmates just a step too far on the cliche scale I also refuse to believe that the strongwilled Kiera so easily forgives her friend for transporting her to an alien planet where women are treated like property Or that her friend fell in love and married an alien and consented to go to his planet in the first place To be short I found this to be a rather unbelievable cheesy romance story with a little pinch of aliens thrown in rather than a genuine science fiction story And without doubt something I wouldn t be recommending to anybodyKiera s best friend Evelyn is going to marry her boyfriend Romas after only nowing him for three months Evely. Unwittingly hooking up with is a battle hardened warrior prince living in exile Calculating cautious A'Ran wants nothing than to reclaim his planet He needs Kiera as his lifemat.
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