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(EBOOK READ) Dead Insider Author Victoria Houston

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An alleyway taking the wrong exit on the interstate or at least coming to a fork or two in the road With this story though there was no fork no red herring no wrong exit not even a slight meandering Less than halfway through it became obvious who the killer was then it got a little brighter and before too long the killer was a bright neon was then it got a little brighter and before too long the killer was a

Bright Neon In The 
neon in the of Times Suare the size of a football fieldThe ending felt a little cheap to me and I need to air out the rest of my laundry so that I can move on with my life and find some clean clothes view spoilerThe killer is full fledged loony tunes not the cartoon version but the completely in our face shoveling her own grave one way ticket to the insane asylum getting run over by a car version And near the end that s exactly what happens to her she gets run over by a car Now if I hadn t just read about a killer getting run over by an SUV I might have been in a forgiving mood But that seemed like a cheap way to get rid of a body And just to prove I m not completely crazy I looked it up 5600 pedestrians are killed every ear by motor vehicles out of 57 million deaths worldwide So the odds someone actually dies in this manner are 0009% In other words Dr Watson not highly likely hide spoiler Good story with evil politicians Dead Insider is a great way to kill a few hoursJane Ericsson heir apparent to her father s Wisconsin Senate seat and hip deep in an exhausting election run has a few minor problems She s had a falling out with her lifelong friend Kaye she drinks too much and her accountant says the campaign fund is missing tens of thousands of dollars On top of that a long buried secret in her past threatens to derail her career before it even gets s I forgot that I had read this series before and didn t particularly care for it Parts of the stories are always interesting but there is so much time spent on fishinghuntingeatinghaving partiesthings that I admit are a pert of everyday life but it seems the mystery is almost forgotten The best part was when the individually wrapped body parts showed up I didn t like this character anyway Other than that I was bored and was ready to kill someone just to give the book some spice A most excellent 5 star read I don t know why I love this series I don t even like to fis. An who is heir to a Northwoods fortune and other less savory family traditions In the meantime Doc Osborne's eldest daughter Mallory enters into a relationship that may put her life at risk unless her father and Chief Ferris can find the killer stalking the residents of Loon Lak. .
Then was spent on the boat either working on it or sailing itThis book involves a woman running for the Senate in Wisconsin We only see her "in the very beginning She uickly disappears only to reappear in a slightly different form The uestion is "the very beginning She uickly disappears only to reappear in a slightly different form The uestion is put her in that different form We are offered a couple of suspectsBut the story revolves around a couple of central characters the chief of police her boyfriend who is a retired dentist who fills in for the coroner when he s out of town a neighbor who guides fishing and hunting trips to outlanders I liked the characters she peopled the town with I will read of this series There aren t too many decent series about the Midwest so when I find one I ve got to stick with it Plus there are people who used to live in my town So when I find a book where people live d in Evanston I ve got to read it But these haracters probably won t be in another book During a flood the pieces of a body are discovered floating all neatly wrapped in freezer paper so the police officer who discovers them thinks he has found himself some nice venison steaks The victim turns out to be a woman who is running for the US Senate These books are very light reading and anyone who knows forensics would probably shudder but I find the people and the Wisconsin northwoods setting interesting Plus there is always a very satisfying ending A woman found dead in Lake Loon turns out to be running for senate Lew Doc Osborne Ray have to figure out what really happenedLaid back police procedural which includes a lot of fishing This novel reminded me of a one trick pony But before I get to that particular problem I need to address another issue first DEAD INSIDER started off well enough with the murder occurring in the first chapter or at least the allusion to it But then there was this giant chasm of character development and scene setting and dinner parties that was certainly interesting except for the setting and dinner parties that was certainly interesting except for the that there was way too much of it I mean the dead body didn t show up until the 34% mark on my Kindle about 71 pages for those of ou who still like to get physical with our books And if that were this novel s only sin that would have been okay But it wasn tWhenever I read a mystery I like a red herring or two thrown into the mix the hero wandering down. Iend and fellow fly fisherman the retired dentist Doc Osborne Within hours of launching their investigation they find themselves faced with a national media circus as Loon Lake becomes the focus of a murderous scenario that links the murder to the race for the US Senate by a wom. ,

A cozy whodunit mystery 13 in the series that can stand on it s own Although Houston does a nice job of filling ou in on the returning characters ou do get a better sense of them by reading previous ones And I happen to like all the characters even if the plot was a little thin I also liked that it is a f Apparently this is 23th in a series Loon Lake Mystery Means I have a lot to catch up onReview of Dead Insider by Victoria Houston5 starsThis is the 13th in a series the Loon Lake Mysteries set in Northern Wisconsin a land of lakes and firs cold winters beautiful summers and isolation from big city confines Loon Lake a community has 300 lakes within its town limits Chief of Police is Lewellyn Ferris a strong but lovable individual deeply involved in a steady relationship with Dr Osborne retired dentist deeply involved in a steady relationship with Dr Osborne retired dentist odontology consultant to the Loon Lake force Additional important characters in this mystery are Ray a thirty two ear old tracker fishing guide and close friend of Doc s Kaye Lund a woman with a tragic past who has been friends and formerly babysitter for Jane daughter of the late Senator a very wealthy woman and candidate for her deceased father s Senate post and Lauren Cantrell the willful and controlling campaign managerI won t spoil the plot except to say that this is a murder mystery and therefore does contain some gory forensic detail However in this era of CSI court documentaries and forensic documentary series most readers will not find this too much Author Victoria Houston has a flair for demonstrating the scenic background the locals and the outsiders such as Lauren and Kenton the current friend and colleague of Doc s elder daughter Mallory and of fleshing out her protagonists and secondary characters Additionally the mystery itself is tautly plotted and contains certain twists and denouements which will intrigue and gratify readers who love a good "Mystery This Book Was A Surprise I Wasn T Expecting "This book was a surprise I wasn t expecting It was either a freebie from Kindle or else very cheap So I wasn t expecting muchBut it does take place in northern Wisconsin I have relatives who live on lakes and rivers and fish I don t fish But I do live a couple of blocks from a Great Lake Growing up we had property in Wisconsin No house because we got a boat and the majority of our time. In the midst of a catastrophic August rainstorm a grisly discovery shatters the serenity of a summer evening in northern Wisconsin Moving uickly to prevent a panic among tourists Loon Lake Police Chief Lewellyn Ferris enlists the forensic and interrogation skills of her close fr.

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