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This collection of personal essays puts a human face on enetics discourse on disease causing mutations a discourse that tends to become dryly statistical and abstract except to those fated to actually carry a enetic inheritance for cystic fibrosis blindness breast cancer or something else The stories are personal heart wrenching and inspiring as they reveal lives struggles family cultures and courageous decisions made by each writer

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different voices and different are a reat strength of this anthology which is altogether powerful and moving Highly recommended There s nothing I enjoy than a First Person Essay So person essay so was looking forward to reading this book This book contains sixteen essays from contributors whose lives have been touched by the specter of Charlie the Caterpillar genetic disorders Some writers tell of suffering from disease or watching family members suffer while others speak of the possibility of disease looming and what that means for their state of mind and the decisions they makeUnfortunately for the most part I found the essays an unsuccessful mix of story and study It s the personal narrative that interests me most and in most of the essays it is overshadowed by lengthy discussions of a scholarly nature Only a few essays held my interest Why Would You Be Wanting to Know Not Talking about Schizophrenia in Ireland String Theory or How One Family Listens through Deafness What If and I think it s because in these essays the elements of story and study were well balanced A person for whomenetic disease is a personal and urgent matter would appreciate the scientific side of these essays than I didAs examples of collections of essays having a connection to health matters that I did enjoy I would recommend two anthologies edited by Lee Gutkind Becoming a Doctor From Student to Specialist Doctor Writers Share Their Experiences and I Wasn t Strong Like This When I Started Out True Stories of Becoming a Nur. The contributors to The Story Within share powerful experiences of living with enetic disorders Their stories illustrate the complexities involved in making decisions about enetic diseases whether to be tested who to tell whether to have children and whether and how to treat children medically if treatment is available More broadly they consider how enetic information shapes the ways we see ourselves the world and our actions within it People affected. The Story Within

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H moving and at times uite emotional for the reader This Is Real Life And Complicated Helps The Reader is real life and complicated It helps the reader empathise and to understandI found that reading this from sixteen authors ave this a very varied approach to the subjectsThe notes section was extremely valuable as it listed each of the stories and ave valuable further information and referencesOne aspect I felt was not a true reflection was concerning True Stories About How We Die the view of hospitals not being as ood as hospices I felt this was unsubstantiated as there are excellent hospitals that are committed to patients being cared for properly at the end
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lifePotential Readers As this explores complex issues surrounding enetic identity this is applicable for all healthcare professionals who care for patients and the need for reat understanding of Kemilau Cinta - Brighter Than the Sun genetics Asenetics becomes a rowing field understanding what encompasses a enetic identity will be an important aspect in living our livesThis collection of essays from various authors describes what it s like to live in the fear and knowledge of having a Red November: Inside the Secret U.S.-Soviet Submarine War genetic trait The essays can really open up viewpoints you may have not considered before There are some pacing issues with the order of essays and seems to pick up near the end This may seem deliberate since it starts at a slower pace Just like the issue itself some of the essays conflict with each other because the authors are not sure about what to do with their own identity As someone interested in both personal essays andenetic diagnoses I was really excited when I first heard about this book Though not all the essays were beautifully written they all made me think and taught me important things as a future enetics healthcare provider I particularly enjoyed the essays in the third section of the book I think I ll re read this periodically to refresh my perspective on the patients experience of enetic diagnoses. Enia cystic fibrosis Tay Sachs hypertrophic cardiomyopathy fragile X or Fanconi anemia All of their stories remind us that enetic health is complicated dynamic and above all deeply personalContributorsMisha Angrist Amy Boesky Kelly Cupo Michael Downing Clare Dunsford Mara Faulkner Christine Kehl O’Hagan Charlie Pierce Kate Preskenis Emily Rapp Jennifer Rosner Joanna Rudnick Anabel Stenzel Isabel Stenzel Byrnes Laurie Strongin Patrick Tracey Alice Wexl. Se His earlier anthology At the End of Life True Stories About How We Die is also worth reading although I found the stories in that book somewhat one note hospitals bad hospice ood I am not one for short stories I feel like as soon as I start to like someone the relationship is over This was a different experience I read this book my Medicine and Literature book club Each story felt complete and the series beautifully I learned a lot of new perspectives which I really enjoyed I think someone who is the series flowed beautifully I learned a lot of new perspectives which I really enjoyed I think someone who is with a A Writer's Reference with Writing about Literature with 2009 MLA and 2010 APA Updates genetic disease ex a friend who s sister just found out she has the BRCA mutation will find this book to provide areat insight into what they are oing through Overall it was very interesting and insightful The essays varied in uality somewhat which did limit it Description The author has compiled a roup of essays about enetic disorders from around fifteen different contributors all dealing with issues such as Alzheimer s cancer deafness and schizophrenia as examples It shows just how complex this is It makes enetics humanI found this thought provoking very moving and extremely interestingHighlights I found this extremely interesting to read from an individual prospective The Long Arm by Clare Dunsford was fascinating in telling how Fragile X Syndrome affects not only the child or adult with it but previous enerations The authors have put a personal the child or adult with it but previous enerations The authors have put a personal to this rather than just a book about enetic disorders I rew up in a time when Aristotle's Rhetoric: An Art of Character genetics was not talked about and people were labelled with their disorders and werew up in fear rather than understanding Since reading this book I have a better understanding and empathy It is thought provoking and testing for the reader to decide whether to have tests to have children or to speak to members of their familiesStrengths and weaknesses The authors cover a variety of stories concerning Anthropology as Cultural Critique: An Experimental Moment in the Human Sciences genetic circumstances and theses are bot. Byenetic disease respond to such choices in varied and personal ways These writers reflect that breadth of response yet they share the desire to challenge a restricted sense of what health is or whose life has value They write hoping to expand conversations about Anaphora and Conceptual Structure genetics and identity to deepen debate andenerate uestions They or their families are affected by Huntington’s disease Alzheimer’s disease cancer Between Silences genetic deafness or blindness schizophr.