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(Download) Suspicion at Seven AUTHOR Ann Purser

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Suspicion at SevenAnnoyed because he is Part Of Daughter S of daughter s She is a hard headed practical English housewife who has the gumption and know how to start a very successful housecleaning business This of course gives her an intro into some of the most interesting of family scenarios This is the 14th book about a lady who runs a cleaning business Lois Meade likes to help the local police Inspector solves crimes in the village of Farden These books are an enjoyable light read Suspicion At Seven is the fourteenth book in the A Lois Meade Mystery seriesOnce again Inspector Cowgill call on Lois Meade for help with the murder of Sylvia Fountain who was found strangled in her room at the Mill House Hotel Suspicion falls on Donald Black as Fountain was thought to be Donald s mistress and the necklace she was strangled with is similar to what he handles Black runs a pyramid type jewelry. E a bag filled with faux silver gold and pearls costume jewelry dealer Donald Black seems like the obvious suspect But Lois knows Donald's wife who runs a baker’s shop near the hotel and can’t believe her husband could be a killer Plus Donald has an airtight alibiNevertheless Donald is no angel It appears he’s running a pyramid

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CHARACTERS Suspicion at Seven

This Lois Meade mystery by Ann Purseris one of the best in the seriesLois continues to ferrett and drive Gran and her husband Derek nuts But this time Gran also gets involved in a scheme with her friend JoanLois becomes good friends with the one of the murdered victimswife And there by hangs the tailThis is I believe the 14th book in the Lois Meade series I m getting a little tired of Inspector Hunter Cowgill *still mooning over Lois I think it s time in the * mooning over Lois I think it s time in the series that the Inspector move on and leave Lois marriage aloneLovely read and I look forward to the next Lois Meade mystery 3 12 Very Good I stopped reading this series after reading almost all of THEM BECAUSE I GOT BORED THOUGHT because I got bored Thought stories were trite and ninteresting I believe Ms Purser has her zest back This was good old Lois giving the Inspector a difficult time while at the same time becoming really. Lois Meade has done enough buffing and polishing over the years with her cleaning business New Brooms to know that all that glitters is not gold So when a bag of costume jewellery is the main clue in a murder she has a strong suspicion that appearances may be deceiving After a woman is discovered in the has a strong suspicion that appearances may be deceiving After a woman is discovered in the House Hotel strangled with a silver necklace besid.
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Business where an individual purchases a starter kit and has a couple demonstration parties and looks to get three or four people to do the same and so on Unfortunately this strikes a little to close to home as Lois mother decides she and a lady friend are
going to try 
to try and make a fortuneBlack s wife Aurora owns the Bingham Bakery where Lois shops and hope Lois will be able to get Aurora to share some inside information on Black s busines One day while Lois and Aurora are having tea at the Mill House They See Black they see Black body on the water wheel of the mill house dead Now Cowgill and Meade need to step back and take a different pathAs with the other books in the series this was a light hearted story with some humorous scenes I always enjoy the banter between Lois her husband Derek and Gran An enjoyable Sunset Park Latin King uick readi m looking forward to seeing what Lois will get into next. Er is getting sucked in Could the murder have anything to do with hisnscrupulous business practicesAs Inspector Cowgill and Lois hope the bling may shine a light on the killer the discovery of a second body on the old waterwheel in the hotel may be grist for the mill in solving the murder if they can manage to catch the for the mill in solving the murder if they can manage to catch the without getting the runaroun.