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(KINDLE) A Share In Death By Deborah Crombie

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Enthusiastic young assistant Sergeant Gemma James to workThen a second murder occurs and they find themselves in a determined hunt for a fiendish felon who enjoys homicide a bit too muchThe CharactersDuncan Kincaid is one of Scotland Yard s bright young men and has been promoted to detective superintendent Victoria is his ex wife Jack is his cousin who couldn t get away for his own holiday Gemma James is his confidence inspiring sergeant divorced from Rob with a two year old son Toby Chief Superintendent Denis Childs is Kincaid s bossFollowdale House isa Georgian house converted into A Series Of Timeshare series of timeshare in Yorkshire The vampish Cassie Whitlake the sales manager For Followdale Plays Ueen Of Followdale plays ueen of manor Sebastian Wade is her snarky assistant manager His mum eeps the tobacconist s *Shop In The VillageGuests Include Penelope Penny *in the villageGuests include Penelope Penny memory is failing and Emma loves birdwatching MacKenzie who are sisters from Dedham Vale who recently lost their father Rev MacKenzie Hannah Alcock is a biogeneticist heading up a research clinic on rare viral diseases the Julia Sterrett Clinic in Oxford Patrick Rennie he s a rising MP and his wife the gin soaked Marta have the Thirsk Suite Eddie Lyle he s ex Army who conuered the IRA singlehandedly and is now in civil engineering and his put upon wife Janet have a daughter Chloe in boarding school Maureen and John Hunsinger are into organics and have two children Bethany and Brian and Graham Frazer is in assurance and is here with his daughter Angela he s battling for custody with his ex wife MarjorieThe Mid Yorkshire CID Detective Chief Constable Bill Nash is a nightmare Detective Inspector Peter Raskin is much reasonable he s married with two Aspects of South African Literature kids a boy and a girl Police Constable Rob Trumble is the first on scene Kincaid is attracted to Dr Anne Percy a small town GP with an obstetrician husband Tim and twoids Molly and CarolineMiles Sterrett founded the Julia Sterrett Clinic when his young wife died of Cruetz Jakob disease Mrs Milton is Miles housekeeper Mary owns a tea shop in Dedham Vale while George is a neighbor Cassie s father is a construction foreman in Clapham Evie is the sister who s still at home and refers to her sister as Lady Muck Louise and Major John Rennie are Patrick s adoptive parents Helen North is Janet s neighbor and has a young son Malcolm Trevor is a young boy at Aysgarth Falls with his parentsThe Cover and TitleThe cover has the feel of a medieval woodcut with its vintage colors of aged cream browns and reds but is uite modern in its subject with W acuaintances at Followdale House is dead; another is a The Barefoot Girl: A Novel of St. Margaret, Patroness of the Abused killer Despite a distinct lack of cooperation from the local constabulary Kincaid'seen sense of duty won't allow him to ignore the heinous crime impelling him to send for hi. First in the Duncan Kincaid Gemma James cozy English mystery series and revolving around a couple of cops from Scotland Yard This story takes place at a holiday mansion in YorkshireIn 1993 A Share in Death was nominated for the Agatha Award for Best First NovelMy TakeIt s Agatha Christie lite in A Share in Death with its captive houseguests stalked by A MURDERER IT S CERTAINLY A SOFT READ AND murderer It s certainly a soft read and us in

On Everyone S Thoughts 
everyone s thoughts its third person omniscient point of view and a dab of the unreliable narrator with that Chekhov s gun plot device along with bits of foreshadowing A few other devices include the Had I Known and Cassie s peripeteiaThere s all the mortal failings of greed ambitions and fear meshing in with honesty and Kincaid s inability to stand back Duncan s investigative style appears to be the stir the pot Social Media in Academia kind Of course it could be that it s not officially his case and he s just poking about And poking about in romance as wellThe major conflict of course are the murders and how they tie together and Crombieeeps the interest flowing with each guest s own issuesI do have one problem with one set of interactions Patrick s response to the bombshell that bursts for him is real and so is the response to that response But that conflict is resolved so uickly No grudges which is consistent throughout the story as everything settles with so little dramaI loved how Crombie slipped me right into Duncan Kincaid s and Gemma James lives It doesn t feel like this is their first time up and Crombie inserts minor character conflicts to Dream Save Do: Life is Short, Live Your Dream keep them interesting Character conflict wise it s character vs character as well as vs selfThere s the trope of the local coppers angry that Scotland Yard is interfering but it feels half hearted That s not to say that Nash isn t a complete jerkwad for he is how he ever got to his current rank I ll nevernow as incompetent as he is but it s only the one character and the rest collude with KincaidAnd there s a touch of the metaphysical in here which makes me wonder what the future holdsThe StoryA week s holiday in a luxurious Yorkshire time share is just what Scotland Yard s newly promoted Superintendent Duncan Kincaid needs But the discovery of a body floating in the whirlpool ends Kincaid s vacation before it s begunOne of his new acuaintances at Followdale House is dead another must be a iller Despite a distinct lack of cooperation from the local constabulary Kincaid s interest in crime and Nash s incompetence won t allow him to ignore the heinous crime impelling him to put his. A week's holiday in a luxurious Yorkshire time share is just what Scotland Yard's Superintendent Duncan Kincaid needs But the discovery of a body floating in the whirlpool bath ends Kincaid's vacation before it's begun One of his ne. ,

Crowded bar filled with people having fun The title #SOARS ACROSS THE TOP OF THE COVER IN WHITE # across the top of the cover in white a deep Wedgewood blue with a burgundy oval surrounding a gold crown in the A and the Same Burgundy In Two burgundy in two slashes under the in A band the color of an old newspaper carries the series information in a serif font The bottom of the cover is the same burgundy with the vintage brown for the author s name and a narrow border around the graphicThe title is a play on the set up the timeshare with everyone getting A Share in #Death Description A week s holiday in a luxurious Yorkshire time #Description A week s holiday in a luxurious Yorkshire time is just what Scotland Yard s Superintendent Duncan Kincaid needs But the discovery of a body floating in the whirlpool bath ends Kincaid s vacation before it s Deborah Crombie s mystery series features Scotland Yard s Det Superintendant Duncan Kincaid his partner Sergeant Gemma JamesA Share in Death is the 1st novel in the series which currently contains 16 books I do f A Share in Death by Deborah Crombie is a 1993 publication This series debut got off on a solid enough footing introducing us to Duncan Kincaid and his partner Gemma James Duncan takes a reluctant but much needed vacation at a Yorkshire timeshare only to find himself embroiled in a murder investigation This book reads like a traditional or classic British cozy mystery and it s easy to see why it uickly gained a following and is so successful This first installment is not overly complicated dark or heavy and even has some wry humor thrown in on occasion with a human interest story to cap things off Duncan is a terrific character especially here where is gets most of the spotlight Gemma s character was slightly muted but I realize we are just getting started and I already now her character will develop uite nicely as we go along This is a short read easy read and was lots of fun I am feeling pretty excited about working my way through this series which is something I ve been meaning to do for a long time now I did read a later release a long while back but while the mystery was fine the interpersonal dynamics between longtime recurring characters left me totally in the dark So it was obvious that even if the mystery elements can be read as a stand alone if I really wanted to enjoy the series to the maximum I d have to start at the beginning I see this series now has a whopping seventeen installments but I am determined to read through them all and eventually hopefully get caught up with it Overall this is an entertaining read any mystery fan can enjoy35 stars. S enthusiastic young assistant Sergeant Gemma James But the stakes are raised dramatically when a second murder occurs and Kincaid and James find themselves in a determined hunt for a fiendish felon who enjoys homicide a bit too muc. .
A Share In Death