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Napoleon The End of GloryK into reality And this is achieved with success This book of

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diplomatic distill than a one which I greatly appreciate brings Napoleon and the surrounding circumstances of his active late years into perspective and the responsible the Emperor held in the events nfolding After reading some of the major recent biographies on Napoleon being somehow accustomed to his life and times opinion books always Based On Facts Of on facts of between 1812 and 1814 Napoleon The End of Glory offers a complete picture of the Emperor's decline and fall than any previous work Price analyzes the political military and diplomatic events of the period from Napoleon's disastrous invasion of Russia in 1812 to the multiple failed attempts by Austria to broker peace He ILLUMINATES THE DYNAMIC RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN NAPOLEON the dynamic relationships between Napoleon the wily Austrian foreign minister Metternich whose desire for euilibrium within the European states system clashed with Napoleon's nshakeable belief in hegemony and subjection and the charming and enigmatic Alexander I of Russia And he explores the lasting impact of the bloody Terror of the French Revoluti. Book on Tape Didn T Finish Fantastic Book finish Fantastic book mix of diplomacy battle tactics as well as personal narratives Also mined some new sources Dramatis Personae as well as personal narratives Also mined some new sources Dramatis Personae the non major personalities is a great idea Very enjoyable Great book Well researched and a pleasure to read Being a huge admirer of Napoleon myself this book was a must read We need some factual works to bring the stride of the demigod as Goethe so elegantly put
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bac. On April 1814 after a dizzying series of battles campaigns and diplomatic intrigues a defeated Napoleon Bonaparte made his farewell speech to the Old Guard in the courtyard of the Chateau de Fontainebleau and set off for exile on the island of Elba Napoleonic legend asserts that the Emperor was brought down by foreign powers determined to destroy him and discredit his achievements with the aid of highly placed domestic traitors Others argue that once Napoleon's military defeats began in 1812 his fall became inevitableBut in fact as Munro Price shows in this brilliant new book Napoleon's fall could have been avoided altogether Exploring a critical and often neglected period of Napoleonic. Ourse although hard to come by ARE MUCH APPRECIATED AND THE AUTHOR much appreciated and the author to do that with some of his ensights One of the new pieces of information that this book offers is the fact that Napoleon could be in the two to three year period this book analyses suffering from Very enlightening I am new to Napoleonic history and found this book to be a compelling eye opener Munro Price has a very readable style for historic literature. On Napoleon's decisions once he eye opener Munro Price has a very style for historic literature. On on Napoleon's decisions once he to power Explaining why Napoleon failed to explore a compromise peace that could have allowed him to keep his crown arguing that the answer to this estion has powerful implications for our nderstanding of the Napoleonic wars Ultimately Price provides a convincing portrait of the Emperor's decline exposing his blindness intransigence and miscalculations; his preference for war and his declining ability to wage it; and his nearly pathological fear of a dishonorable peace A deeply researched study of the moment of a great man's fall Napoleon The End of Glory forces s to reconsider Napoleon's character motives and the reasons for his spectacular failu.