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[Waking the Immortal Within] E–pub î Eric Pepin

Waking the Immortal WithinA presence very seeker is aware of yet few awaken Waking the Immortal Within is the result of lessons spanning decades from Eric Pepin the #1 bestselling author of Igniting the Sixth Sense and Meditation within Eternity as he reverse ngineers his own process of awakening YOU WILL DISCOVER A simple xercise that will activate your sixth sense in less than a minute How to nhance your meditations and use them to improve very area of your life The subtle designs in volution and what it means for "Your Spiritual Journey How The "spiritual journey How the absorbs nergy The Shadow Reader even while you sleep And how to take advantage of these methods A techniue to shift your mind between a skill thatmpowers you to see ,

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En layers of reality How you speak the words you use will make or break your spiritual growth How to master your mind using the 'sound of God' meditation AS YOU CONTINUE YOU WILL ALSO LEARN The single contemplation that reveals who you are while mastering the identities that masuerade as your true self Practical Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies exercises that you can do right now to feel your dimensional body The back door techniue tonhance your spiritual awareness The method to turn your chaotic babbling mind into blissful stillness And that's only a small piece of your 336 page journey through Waking the Immortal Within It is time to mbark on your greatest adventure Time to "Discover Who You Truly Are TIME TO AWAKEN THE IMMORTAL "who you truly are TIME TO AWAKEN THE IMMORTAL YOU SIT CONTENT AT PEACE "IN PERFECT SILENT HARMONY Your "PERFECT SILENT HARMONY Your do not stare blankly they see what others cannot witnessing the dance of the overlapping multiverse Worlds phase and pass through ach present moment All of time held in the gaze of your immortal mind WHAT IF YOU COULD Meditate to 'the sound of God' triggering an nlightened state of consciousness anywhere and at anytime Effectively balance your brain hemispheres for laser "focus and intuition uickly nter a higher state normally only xperienced after a lifetime of practice That is the moment "and deep uickly nter a higher state normally only xperienced after a lifetime of practice That is the moment sit as a master Within you xists the building blocks of stars trillions of years old present since the dawn of the universe Deeper and older still lies.

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