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Many of Us Are Survivors Of are survivors of abuse We carry the memories and scars with us over the years Deep down we may feel that the wounds were somehow our fault; we may ive with fear with Anger And With A Sense Of Worthlessness and with a sense of worthlessness is a book about overcoming childhood abuse be it physical abuse sexual abuse and. ,

Beautiful Scars

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Ding joy and healing in spite of and maybe because of our scars This book is healing and moving on It is a call to action to help and to become than just Survivors It Is About It is about peace happiness and moving help ourselves and to become than just survivors It is about finding peace happiness and moving to a better ife not just for ourselves but for our children and the world around us. The emotional trauma it entails You do not have to continue the cycle you can overcome to continue the cycle You Can Overcome Abuse You Can Move On overcome abuse You can move on create the ife you hunger for If you are feeling directionless trapped and unworthy please read this encouraging book It does not have to be this way and you are not aloneThis book is about fin.

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