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When you read every book in a series as extended as this one its a long term relationship where mutual flaws are forgiven the rosy glow a long term relationship where mutual flaws are forgiven the rosy glow a reunited friendship A young beautiful women falls in love with a 58 year old chain smoking food obsessed detective sure why not A series of burglaries with a rather obvious end ach why not The book delivers some marvellous misanthropy the best coroner ever and the continued shenanigans of Italian civil service It took me 17 books to realise that dear old Inspector Montalbano is simply a bit of a filthy old man who enjoys salivating over pretty young things who would never be interested in him if it wasn t for his position of powerThe actual book is much the same As All The Others His Colleagues Have The Same Hilarious all the others his colleagues have the same hilarious as ever the inspector worries about his faculties diminishing and takes long walkseats everythingtakes a dip in the ocean to recover Until at last the solution to the crime falls into his headIt s entertaining and easy to read but for the first time I thought ehhhhhh don t cheat on your partner Don t let your eyes wander to women who by all rights would not be interested in you if it wasn t for the fact you re an Inspector Montalbano just say noI m not sure if I want to read any though I think I ve already purchased the next couple along Andrea Camilleri tells gorgeous and horrendous tales of Inspector Salvatore Salvo Montalbano s police cases in Vigata a fictitious city near Palermo Sicily Every book stands alone and after you ve read Inspector Montalbano a few times you feel like you now himInspector Montalbano engages the reader with his uick thinking humanity and delectable enjoyment of life Montalbano often gets to work at ten and comes home. The seventeenth installment of the beloved New York Times bestselling series that boasts than 600000 books in print The last four books in Andrea Camilleri’s Inspector Montalbano series have leapfrogged their way up the New York Times bestseller list perfectly positioning Angelica’s Smile to as. ,
Il sorriso di AngelicaAt ten but usually takes time to eat well at Enzo s trattoria and get in a nice post lunch walk down to the and get in a nice post lunch walk down to the where he thinks and digests his mealMontalbano is patient He rushes only when a case reuires uick work He gets a little bit of work done as well Montalbano may not be erudite but he s sensitive and dogged in his pursuit of the truth He makes his own luck by piecing together about people and crimes he s gathered over his long service he s fifty eight in this bookSalvatore is a who will never rid his in this bookSalvatore is a lover who will never rid his of the young man s first discovery of the species female There is the usual running joke between Montalbano and his girlfriend Livia Livia lives in Genoa on the Ligurian Sea Their long distance romance feeds the jealous thoughts of each In Angelica s Smile there are hilarious scenes that build the back of the book on Salvo s desires and his distrust of LiviaBy day Salvo works with the dependable Giuseppe Fazio and the incorrigibly mispronouncing Catarella At night Montalbano sits outside in the veranda that overlooks the sea and drinks whiskey and smokes cigarettes while he ponders his latest caseCamilleri tells stories mostly through short to the point dialog His third person narration is spare and reserved for commentary witty and comical information and stage directions The pale pages turn uickly like a 35As usual with these books the focus in this story isn t so much on the crime or the crime solving but instead on Inspector Salvo Montalbano and the people surrounding him This one is a little on the personal side with less reference to the social economic and political issues that Camilleri usually brings to his work Our beloved inspector is now just two years short of sixty Cend to even greater heights A rash of burglaries has got Inspector Salvo Montalbano stumped The criminals are so brazen that their leader the anonymous Mr Z starts sending the Sicilian inspector menacing letters Among those burgled is the young and beautiful Angelica Cosulich who reminds the inspe.

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Nd as in the last few books he continues to muse about aging and growing older throughout the novel He s Still With Long Time Girlfriend with long time girlfriend and as the story opens she is at Marinella with him for a few days As he s worrying about someone named Carlo she mentioned while talking in her sleep and getting upset by the moment he is called to the scene of an odd burglary The couple that Was Robbed Had Been At robbed had been at seaside home where they d awakened at six am only to discover that they d been Italy Map: Adriatic Sea/Venice Sheet 2 (GeoCenter Euro Map) knocked out with some sort of gas while the burglars had the run of the place It was their anniversary and they were entertaining each other at the time so neither person heard any sort of break in Among a long list of valuables taken from the seaside house the thieves stole their car and then proceeded to rob their regular residence The only people whonew that the couple were going to be away were fifteen of their friends As things turn out there had been another burglary an exact duplicate just three days earlier and it isn t too long before The Same Thing Happens Again same thing happens again Montalbano is called out on yet another he meets the titular and beautiful Angelica the victim and also the spitting image of a woman he used to lust over as a teen in Dore s illustrations of Ludovico Ariosto s 1516 work Orlando Furiosio a poem about war and love and the romantic ideal of chivalry After seeing her for the first time he s immediately swept off his feet and definitely attracted But even while he s mentally and physically lusting after his Angelica as well as playing the role of her rescuer there is still a number of crimes to solve including a murder and as an added distraction the mastermind of the crimes is taunting the police And of. Ctor of the love interest in Ludovico Ariosto’s chivalric romance Orlando Furioso Besotted by Angelica’s charms Montalbano imagines himself back in the medieval world of jousts and battles But when one of the burglars turns up dead Montalbano must snap out of his fantasy and unmask his challeng. .