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Die Wahrheit nd andere Lügen

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Iver was impossible to put down WHILE THIS STORY STARTED OUT GREAT this story started out great didn t offer a great deal of resolution in the end I cannot even do a proper review without giving anything awayThis story has to be my all time favorite this year This in my opinion ONLY blows Gone Girl to the curb So
love triangles curves and twists was the all time manipulator but Karma comes in This book wont disappoint you if you love pyschologicalmurder mysteriesLOVED IT Thank you Net Galley for allowing me to read this awesome book I feel like I m abandoning things a lot lately I guess when you are crazy busy and stressed out it makes you not want to waste what little time you have with things that don t make you happy This book reminds me a lot of The Shining Girls In much the same way I had a hard time connecting with story and the characters Does it sound terrible to say that it s clearly hard for me to find sociopaths entertaining I received an arc copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you NetGalley Henry Hayden s life was complete he was a successful author with a number of best sellers to his name one of his titles had been made into a film and his marriage to Martha was a happy and fulfilling one But when Betty his editor and long time lover announced that she was pregnant Henry s life began to nravel in an alarming fashionBecause Henry s life was built on a lie Martha was the backbone of his life but only he and Martha knew His past was dark and deep he had no past no past that anyone knew about anyway As Henry scrambled To Keep His Secrets Hidden keep his secrets hidden calculate and solve his immediate problems a shattering mistake was made With the lies and half lies which surrounded Henry coming apart at the seams suddenly the police were at his side His fa ade was crumbling his past was catching The Shadow at the Bottom of the World up with him and all he held dear was threatened in a big way What plan could he devise to avoid the cataclysmic collapse which was imminent Truth and Other Lies is a verynusual book Design for Six Sigma uite different to anything I ve read in a long while A dark and twisted thriller the cunning nature of the main character is astounding Enjoyable and gripping I have no hesitation in recommending it highly to lovers of a good crime thrillerWith thanks to Text Publishing for my copy to read and review The belief in human goodness is a prejudice hard to refute Wouldn t it be sensible Henry wondered to believe in the self evident badness of human beings In his case for instance sporadic acts of goodnesswere nothing but brief interruptions to his innate wickedness The Truth and Other Lies is the first novel by German playwright Sascha Arango Henry Hayden is a best selling author of crime novels happily married to Martha even if he also sleeps with his editor Betty generous with friends and pleasant to his fans But Henry has a secret or two and when Betty announces she is pregnant the fa ade of his comfortable existence threatens to collapse Henry acts to preserve the statuso but things don t ite go to planArango gives the reader an intriguing plot with plenty of twists wrinkles and complications His novel is riddled with delicious ironies misdirection and plenty of black humour Arango manages to include a synaesthete a troublesome marten a failing Ord knew that his success depends on a carefully maintained lie One he will stop at nothing to protect His luck must surely run out and he simply can't allow that to happen In thrall to paranoia and self interest Henry makes a fata. 255 StarsI received this book from a Goodreads First Reads GiveawayThis book though it was short took me far too long to get into I had trouble with the characters I was just frustrated long to get into I had trouble with the characters I was just frustrated all of them The plot was predictable for me personally I liked the writing style it flowed well and thoughtfully However this book was just a little predictable and not semi forgetful If you like thrillers I suggest giving it a try if you re not in the mood for a thriller though hold off ntil you re ready Thanks to NetGalley and Atria Books for an advance reader copy of this bookThe Truth and Other Lies is a twisty thriller about a famous author Henry Hayden who is living a lie the books he passes off as his own are written by his wife He is having a barely concealed affair with his editor Betty who is now pregnant with his child Henry considers leaving his wife for Betty but decides he really doesn t like Betty very much so he comes p with a plan to extricate himself from his situation only the plan goes terribly wrongThe book has elements of Gone Girl and Summer House With Swimming Pool I don t want to get into too much detail because I don t want to give too much away but if you liked those books and were fascinated by the protagonists you may enjoy this It was very engrossing although not as polished as those two books The characters were not as well developed and some of them especially Henry s wife and mistress didn t seem very real Henry himself seemed to waver between being a flat out sociopath mostly and a man with real feelings for his wife and friends rarely There were also a few events and plot points that seemed random and didn t appear to get resolved Lastly I m a little puzzled by the last sentence of the book I am wondering if I missed something along the way35 overall a page turner that kept my interest and had me on the edge of my seat right ntil the end 3 12 Stars The Truth And The Truth and Lies gets you Wciv, Volume 1 uickly into the thick of the plot Henry from who s point of view most of the book is narrated is known to the world as a famous writer but in reality his wife Martha has been writing all his books And this is only one of Henry s dark secrets I can t say much about the plot without giving away spoilers but here is my reaction to the book It was clever but not entirely original It had good twists but sometimes it meandered Henry is an interesting sociopathicnreliable narrator but it doesn t work as well when the author cedes the narrative perspective to other characters I enjoyed this book well enough but I ve enjoyed similar books somewhat Joyce Carol Oates Jack of Spades for instance This would be a good book to read on a plane or train but not so good if you are looking for something substantial or engrossing Get the picture Decent but not great By the way I see no obvious mention that this is a translation from German which it is and fortunately it s a good translation Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an opportunity to to read an advance copy 35 Stars A good psychological thriller Henry Hayden was not ite as captivating as Oliver Ryan the dark and devious narrator of well written Unravelling Oliver one of my favorite suspense novels Both men were compelling yet shared borderline sociopathic tendencies Unraveling Ol. From the outside Henry Hayden has a perfect life he's a famous novelist with money than he can spend a grand house in the country a loyal clever wife But Henry has a dark side If only the readers and critics who worship his every
Criers War (Criers War, Cosmological Koans Ghosts in the Mirror The Pagan Lord (The Saxon Stories,
Ishmonger a not ite tenacious enough detective envious class mate Unti Love Street Book unreuited lovers an almost finished manuscript and a very big oops moment While s lies and his sheer audacity will leave readers gasping many will find themselves almost wanting him to get away with it or at least feeling some sympathy for him Arango gives his characters some astute observations You don t have to be famous to be happy especially as popularity is all too often confused with significance and Men are never cowardly and their lies never pathetic than when they re caught with their pants down and Martha had warned him that success was a mere shadow that shifts with the moving sun are examples Also a succinct definition If I see or hear something and everyone else pretends there s nothing there then I know it s a conspiracy The reader is also treated to some marvellous descriptive prose The chapter fell seamlessly in line with the previous one the story flowed towards its climax with such assurance that it was as if instead of having been thoughtp it had emerged from itself like a plant from a seed and The cataract of words poured out of s brain and straight through the machine onto the paper not a single word got spilt on writing also A secret like this is a parasite It feeds on you and grows bigger and bigger It wants to get out parasite It feeds on you and grows bigger and bigger It wants to get out you it gnaws its way through your heart it wants to get out of your mouth it crawls through your eyes This aptly titled novel is flawlessly translated from German by Imogen Taylor and the Text Publishing edition has a colourful and imaginative cover by W H Chong They offer a money back Love it guarantee and while this book is probably not for everyone that guarantee would seem a fairly safe bet with many readers This is a stunning debut and readers "Will Look Forward To From This Talented Author 35 Seems "look forward to from this talented author 35 Seems I have read a number of books where I thoroughly disliked the main character but found the book fascinating nonethelessHenry is a made Fit and Sexy For Life: The Hormone-Free Plan for Staying Slim, Strong, and Fabulous in Your Forties, Fifties, and Beyond up person he is someone who reinvents himself whenever necessary A trauma suffered when he was young sent him on to the path of self preservation at any cost But who is he really A good dark read of missing people finding out what is true or not and trying to figure out what is real or not Some good writing some likable and somenlikable characters a psychological twist novel without alot of graphic violence all on all a good readARC from publisher What a really really clever book I ve been fortunate to have picked در آخرین روزهای رضاشاه up some good reads lately but this one certainly is at the top of the list The book is masterfully written by Sascha Arango who puts forth an intelligent read We all know the disappointment with the canned writing of some authors in which you have everything figured out by the first few pages Arango sets out landmines and you wait with bated breath as to how the main character will sidestep his certain demise The Truth and Other Lies is a translation from German into English There are a few glitches in location that may beestionable but the transition is as smooth as glass Sascha Arango presents a tale of cat and mouse that plays to your inner Poe Arango is Sanctum Angels (Shadow Havens up front with the fact that the famous author Henry standspon the stacks of pages adeptly written by his own. L error that could cause the whole dream to Linas kvällsbok (Linas kvällsbok, unravel and despite his Machiavellian efforts events swiftly spin out of control as lie is heapedpon lie menace pon menace And it turns out that those around him have their secrets too. ,

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