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S already If you have read a fair bit on this topic skip this Loved reading about InMobi and other ntrepreneurs Good insights into some of the most successful stories of ntrepreneurs in India Would have been better if there were deeper insights into some successful stories of ntrepreneurs in India Would have been better if there were deeper insights into some the stories but good overall Interviews of founders of freshly minted technological firms in India Good to read This is one must book for ntrepreneurs or wantrapreneurs whichever the case might bevery well written along with the precious anecdotes from people who could make it big. Tech giants of the world It celebrates disruption and gives you the inside story of how these successful businesses revolutionized in areas "Of Innovation Scale And Sustainability "innovation scale and sustainability ventureWith razor sharp insights into these agile forward looking startups this inspirational book is a must have for very budding ntreprene. Interesting and inspiring booktalks "ABOUT THE START OF KARTJUST DIALSNAPDEALAMONGST TECH "the start of flip kartjust dialsnapdealamongst other tech upswhich are house hold names founders share their stories of ideas The uniue selling proposition USP of this book is that you get introduced to the founders of flipkart snapdeal justdial druva and The book is for someone who knows nothing about these guys Having read about ntrepreneurs before I didn t get a lot of new informationSecondly you can see through the book that this is a journalist asking uestions The books doesn. EKA · SNAPDEAL · FLIPKARTCAPILLARY · DRUVA · REDBUSJUST DIAL · BHARATMATRIMONYFUSIONCHARTS · INMOBI · IYOGIPUBMATIC · VIZURY Young Turks features thirteen of the most inspiring and brilliant tech PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition entrepreneurs of our age It includes interviews with first generationntrepreneurs like. T give a detailed account of the founders nor is it inspiring Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography enough Shereen Bhan seems to have a predefined set of uestions she asksveryone This starts to get boring beyond a certain point The stories are not personalized nough I have read some of Rashmi Bansal books and she does that uite well In the current book the stories are uite short and I found the author moving to uestionnaires too uickly for me Having said that this is a good starting point for reading books "On This Topic Go "this topic Go it if you do not know a lot about these founder. Naveen of InMobi; Bansal and Binny Bansal of Flipkart; Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal of Snapdeal; VSS Mani of Just Dial; and Murugavel Janakiraman of BharatMatrimony Based on the iconic TV show Young Turks the book reveals how these individuals built multi million dollar businesses and challenged the stablished. ,

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Young Turks

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