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Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild eArtner Cathy is now working *so I set this book aside as read and now it hasmerged from *I set this book as to read and now it has Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets emerged from shelves and piles to be read In its old school paperback format my copy is the 5th printing in 1957 it isasily readable while nursing I am really Electromyography for Experimentalists enjoying it andnjoying getting to read what is basically popular religious history seminary reading at my own pace and purely for my own interest Some of this stuff I m sure I heard in lecture format in seminary but now I have little chunks of time no sermons to write to actually absorb and digest it Davies writing is clear and Forgetful of Their Sex: Female Sanctity and Society, ca. 500-1100 easy to follow and once in a while there s a genuine nugget like this one The reason forxclusion of certain texts from the biblical canon was the opinion that the bookswere likely to awaken doubt than to sustain faith since they gave too little support to the officially formulated Christian doctrines 59 Uh huh those are the books I want to be reading the ones that awaken doubt Doubt is real friends and Church fathersfounders there s no avoiding it Very scholarly but in that old school pleasantly professorial sort of way Asks hard uestions xplains difficult theories and gave me lots to chew on It will. Ook will give them a scholarly interpretation of the scrolls relationship to the bible the origins of ChristianityThe book includes a Drawings Maps Photos For maps photos for as well as a bibliograph.

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This book was very boring to read and the writing is just *so dull that it will not keep anyone interested for than two *dull that it will not keep anyone interested for than two Although the subject matter is interesting but the writing is so bad that I would prefer reading the dictionary than read this book I will not recommend it This overview of the discovery of the Dead Scrolls and their contents is dated by the recent release of far material It may be of some interest to one interested in the gradual dissemination of information about them but John Allegro s works from the same period are better but John Allegro s works from the same period are better he was actually involved in the original research So too one might look into Edmund Wilson s arly Runaway Wedding exposition with profit if only because he s a better writer This is a second book on the Dead Sea scrolls that I ve read and this one is by far interesting The author was the pastor of a church so his point of view is uite different from the scholarly books I readarlier I love the style of this author s writing can t understand how other reviewers found it boring The scholarly book I found dry and boringI was impressed by Davies knowledge of various documents of antiuity and their authors but I presume a classical Wicked Loving Lies educ. The Dead Sea Scrolls discovery in 1947 presented the greatest challenge to Christian beliefs since Darwin'svolutionary theory This paperback retells the fascinating story of the discovery purport. Ation would have informed him and *I PRESUME HE WAS ALSO EDUCATED *presume he was also La heredera del mar educated various languages Greek Latintc Davies pointed me in directions to xplore about the scrolls the ssenes and general history of the time periodI really njoyed reading this book Although one may consider the book dated being written in the 50 s I found it to be a rather interesting overview of the subject It gives
review of the discovery and of the dead sea scrolls then moves on into an analysis of the sect of the scrolls ssenes and later on into possible influence of Christian movement The volume is very readable and should hold the interest of any who choose to read it Then if one is still ager for I would suggest reading Geza Vermes The complete dead sea scrolls in nglish ISBN 0713991313 Dated boring but incredibly Aramaic Bowl Spells: Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Bowls Volume One educational I read this one in my high school years and it among other things introduced me to the world of scholarly biblical criticism The author was a Unitarian minister who died in 1957 In this b I came upon this book while sorting through my father s books with my siblings after he died Davies was the Minister of All Souls Church Unitarian in Washington DC where my Ed meaning of the scrolls It also describes their importance interest to believers around the world For those seeking spiritualnlightenment a reconciliation of the scrolls with their faith this The Meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls