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In the form of octets principally focusing On Love In Its Myriad love in its myriad and also the beauty of nature and in particular of flowers The poet also writes 2 poems addressing Shakespeare and Wordsworth two major sources of inspiration in both language and theme One of my favorite poems is My Love and My Mirror as it s subject is charming and the execution witty and another I particular enjoyed was The Bed Springs which made me smile sueak sueak creek The poems cover many types of love and also evoke a wide range of responses and emotions an interesting and skillful collection which I enjoyed This collection of 55 poems cleverly named Loveland s helps escribe in carefully worded Octets DESCRIBING THIS HUMAN EMOTION FROM PERSONAL this human emotion from personal to the world especially loveI used to truly love poetry but as I got older my love for it windled but what I liked about Loveland was the fact it Was Written In Octets An 8 Line PoemI Really Think written in Octets an 8 line poemI really think anyone would love these poems because they touch you on several ifferent levels you could read them uietly to yourself or aloud There is something soothing about the beautiful language that is used in PoetryIt wasn t a long length book but you still get good value The way they have been written helps you visualize each Octet as well They are very thought provoking and some even have a hint of humourI recommend to everyone to be honest because it s going to be a poetry book that you will come back to again and again A really enjoyable collection of octets The Octets contains fifty five brilliant short poems exploring multiple things such as emotion and the world around us It really is a BWWM (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 16 (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 16: Billionaires Secret Baby (Interracial African American Romance Urban Baby Romance Short Stories) deep and interesting read especially as itefinitely makes you think a lot about life in general I found that in school long poems whilst good could bore me sometimes That s why I love this book so much Written in Octets these eight line poems aren t too short to not have My Hero Academia detail but are also not long enough to be boring Perfect Gary Rimmer uses words in such a way that you can imagine the pictures in front of you it s so poignant that I had to put the bookown a few times just to think over the visions in my head Whilst this is uite a short read it s perfect for all times When you have a little spare time read a few and then when you have time available read some It s a collection of poems that you can come back to again and again as I certainly have The end poem is a Gotham Academy, Volume 3: Yearbook deviation from the Octet form and it s perfection a brilliant end poem Definitely worth the time to read my family loved it when I read some out at a family barbecue 5 stars Read this in 15 minutes bookmarked some of the poems will use them in my own bookwith credit M Kps my shortest and not the best review revie. Feelings of love and condolence The poem Ambivalent Loveramatically escribes the ambiguities found in a relationship Wordsworth My worth is but his words echoed He being master of the verse So when I write a line 'tis owed To him in me and this green Earth So gratefully my head is bowed And he and me and lovely Earth Write on His part the greater sound In my verse giving my words – wort.

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LovelandPoetry is something that is altogether beautiful and that too many people o not take advantage of reading in this worldGary Rimmer id an outstanding job of COMPOSING A MEMORABLE PIECE OF POETRY a memorable piece of poetry was not only heartwarming and incredible but also intelligent and moving All of the poems that were in the Octets had a piece of INDIVIDUALITY IN THEM THAT I FOUND TO BE TRULY in them that I found to be truly some of the poems really made my brain think There were several poems in The Octets that I found to be just so inspirational that I kept re reading them over and over again There was nothing elicate than the words that assembled the poetry Mr Rimmer composed And if I could I would clap for him as he instilled a sense of peace in me as I read over the collection of poems in this piece A job well The Devil’s Historians How Modern Extremists Abuse the Medieval Past done Powerful poetry seems to be aying art which I consider a true tragedy as I have been a lover of poetry for many years and have noticed a stark The African American Odyssey Volume 2 drop off in the amount of modern poetry that is coming out I feel like our fast paced worldoesn t have time or space for well planned verses any longer but Rimmer fortunately isagrees In these simple powerful and meticulously crafted poems we see a life exposed and a philosophy revealed These are emotional poems igging Hardcore physical child abuse deep into the mindset of the poet but I wish we had been allowed to see a bit This was regrettably brief and I came to the end almost as uickly as I had begun Granted Iid go back and re read a number of the poems as they were striking and beautifully Handbook of Agricultural Entomology done but I wish this book had been twice as long If Rimmer has this much insight bottled up inside then I would love to see of his work in the future It can beifficult writing within a strict form like an octet but for a talented poet verses and ideas can be liberated and I felt like this particular poet has that talentI just wish he had given us a bit When you read the words on the page you give it life yours Gary Rimmer is a Dare for More discovery for this reader Finding no biographical information other than the fact that he has written several fascinating sounding books such as Number Freaking Football Freaking My Magic Diet in which his title page uotes his weight loss in kilograms and stones suggesting he is from the UK How to Make a Camel Smoothie and other surreal sums we are left to rely on evaluating him on the basis of his work alone And what a masterful poet he reveals in LOVELAND THE OCTETSA bit of background information about poetic matters An octet is a Oh I love poetry so much This book was awesome Each poem like the title implies is 8 lines I really loved Silent love This poem was a beautiful octet about unreuited love This wasefinitely one of my favorite poems in the book Friend was also a beau. The language is sweet romantic and inspired by Shakespeare If you are a romantic at heart then I think you might like these lyrical octets or little word pictures Fifty five new poems exploring the complexities of the human condition and the world around us Thought provoking and humorous at times Poems of nature unreuited love ambivalent love suffering esire lust loss time and The octet for.

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Tiful poem about the eath of a young friend Child was also a beautifully articulated poem about an older person giving advice to a child There were so many beautifully articulated poem about an older person giving advice to a child There were so many poems in this book that I can go on for hours If you love poetry like I Boku no Hero Academia dj - Osananajimi ga Sugoku Yakkai na Kosei ni Kakatteru do there are some beautiful remarkably sad and poignant pieces There are so many well written awesome poems in this book that you can t go wrong Gary Rimmeroes a wonderful job at expressing feelings The choice of words are perfect I enjoy poetry in many forms and while I am not a huge fan of classic forms and prefer a modern approach to verse Rimmer has A Gypsy Promise delivered a memorable collection in an older octet form but heanced between ifferent octet styles and slapped a modern swing on some of them that read like free verse than a rigid form Not only that but the subject matter that Rimmer tackled was universal and classic existential in a sense but wasn t inaccessible These poems were intelligent and accessible a rare combination in poetry In these short poems he uses words as tools individual phrases as themes and must capture so much in so little time There is issonance here as well as unity and hope but the tension is undeniable I think Rimmer writes to answer his own uestions but only some of these poems seem to find an answer They pose far head scratching moments of contemplation for readers so in that respect Rimmer has succeeded Thanks for the surprising albeit brief treat I found the long boring poetry that we had to study at school really really Masterplots II dull so I was pleasantly surprised when I picked up this little gem from Gary Rimmer It s hisebut so you might not be expecting greatness but he blends a lot of brilliant prose with modern themes all within the boundaries of traditional poetry form the octet an eight line poem You can efinitely tell that he is heavily influenced by traditional writers and the poems Shakespeare and Wordsworth uite literally give a shout out to the greats The title gives us a Shakespeare and Wordsworth uite literally give a shout out to the greats The title gives us a as to the content of these poems Loveland covers the full range of human emotion when it comes to lurve from love stories that work out to love stories that well on t There s also uite an upsetting piece about the African Literature and Social Change death of your spouse That s not to say that there isn t humor here though there is There s a poem about bed springs which uite literally talks about sueaks and creaks which was uite funny The final poem breaks away from the octet format which you ve probably figured out by now if you ve read any of the reviews and it s a lengthierramatic piece but it s brilliant You ll like itAny poetry fans or anyone looking to get into modern poetry this is the book for you Inspired by Wordsworth and ShakespeareThis is a collection of wonderful poems. M is a The Alchemy of Yoga difficult form to write to It has taken a number of years to build this collection With an emphasis onetail and using poetic Michael Maier's Atalanta Fugiens: Sources of an Alchemical Book of Emblems devises The end results give aistinct poetic sound The poem The Smile Aliens Abroad describes how a simple smile can stir the heart The winter bird poems The Thrush Robin and Hawk allude to suffering and survival The poem Dissonance uses the Mozart uartet toescribe the.