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The shadowy world he clashes with is made up of horrid characters that have little redeeming value fortunately he drinks Tacit is not the most obvious choice for a hero but in the world of The Hunted you have to take what you get This short story is a compelling set up for the next novel I am eagerly awaiting the release of The Damned and this preuel has whetted my appetite wonderfully It is a short taster of what is to come but when the pace is fast you have to react uickly and decide by instinct if you are going to survive This is a strong introduction to the main character Poldek Tacit He is well defined as being tenacious ruthless single minded and most importantly flawed When you read this and you really should read it imagine what the full length books are going to be like Original Review 35I wish it had been betterI do wish that this had been betterRichardson has created an amazing set up within The Hunted a beautiful story of paranormal hunting priests going after demons and such A wonderful premises one that in my opinion isn t written enough Then he discovers a whole new incident he needs to deal with and the action kicks in even The description in this book was definitely 55 I don t think Richardson could have done any with the description in my opinion It was stunningly written and really caught my attention to the point that I couldn t put this down at one pointThe main character is well written he feels three dimensional like someone you would meet in real life and it s a wonderful thing to see Two dimensional characters in short horror stories are all too commonSo why only three starsI felt the ending was very weak compared to the "rest of the book It all wrapped up but it ust didn t seem to fit right at all We "of the book It all wrapped up but it Reckoning The Epic Battle Against Sexual Abuse and Harassment just didn t seem to fit right at all We from 100% action to about 2% action and it was uite disappointing It s always disappointing when a book starts off really well and then the endingust Doesn t work out It s a good book I d still recommend it to anyone who

Likes A Short Horror 
a short horror but the ending was a bit of a disappointmentRe review 45So after I posted my review Richardson commented on my review and informed me why they had ended the book as they had and I went back and read the last chapter again with this information in mind Being able to relate to what Richardson wanted to portray and to realise my frustration at a weak ending was meant to be felt at that moment in time really made me realise that this wasn t a weak ending at all but very much an extremely well written ending that made the reader feel exactly like Tacit was feelingKnowing this information has opened my eyes to this book a little bit and I can t wait to sit and read it again with a new point of view on the bookThank you Richardson for taking the time to explain it to meRereview after reread 5 5 06th May 2017Tarn asked me not to write a new review for this so I ust wanted to add on that I really enjoyed this the second time around I knew what was coming but still waited with baited breath for each detail The ending was much enjoyable this time around This was absolutely brilliant I can t wait to delve into the rest of this series. In which history is poised to take dangerous and unpredictable paths; where evil assumes many horrific forms from werewolves to the institutional slaughter of the trenches; and the threat to humanity in all senses of the word and to love is ever constantTHE HUNTED is the free preuel to the full length novel THE DAMNED the first book in Tarn Richardson's gritty and compelling DARKEST HAND TRILOGY featuring flawed inuisitor Tacit Poldek publishing May 20. ,


A great preuel to The Damned Fast paced and exciting it is a great teaser of what is to come for those who have yet to read the first in the series The Hunted is a teaser for The Damned a full length novel to be released in May 2015 but which I have been fortunate to receive an early copy via Goodreads The Damned uickly established itself as a real favourite in my collection and left me itching to read the next and this mini instalment whet the appetite furtherA short story of seven chapters I d allowed the weekend to run through it but ended up reading in one sitting It is good preparation for the full length novel "which follows in terms of readying yourself for the enticing un "follows in terms of readying yourself for the enticing un downable nature of the authors writing Strong characterisation focusing here on the main protagonist with efficient yet descriptive narrative Make sure you have read it before the May release of The Damned as you won t want to leave that pleasure any longer than necessary What can I say I loved this story Poldek Tacit is a must read character He reminds me of Jack Reacher with alcohol I read this story before devouring the first 50 pages of The Damned So pleased i m on Christmas vacation so I can have a lengthy reading session with this excellent character and author Great work What do you think you re playing at Father Without stopping to pause Tacit powered a fist suare into his face and the man went down in a motionless heap About Tacit Poldek is not a normal priest he s an inuisitor traveling through an alternate 20th century Europe to neutralize supernatural threats wherever he finds them Today he seeks the murderer of a priest in Sarajevo before that murderer can reach its next target Archduke Franz Ferdinand The Hunted is adult horroralternate history written by Tarn Richardson and published February 20th 2015 by Gerald Duckworth CoI ran across this series on Tammy s terrific speculative fiction blog Book Bones Buffy and after reading the synopsis of book III of which she was running a giveaway I knew I had to try it out Speculative fiction set against historical backgrounds can often balance entertainment with details that bring a period to life at the same time Winning Bonus The Darkest Hand also deals with church history something I find endlessly fascinating Max Gladstone introduced me to the sort of fiction that explores both faith and magic in the same volume and I ve been addicted ever since So finding the short story preuel to the series available for free on was really exciting Thoughts The pavement around the Priest was slick with blood thick rivulets of darkening crimson snaking from the body drying fast beneath the hot Sarajevo sunA priest is dead The crowd assumes he fell from a window but Tacit Poldek sees the signs someone or something threw this priest to his death As Poldek sets off to find the murderer we uickly learn that this violent brandy swigging priest will stop at nothing to get answers The story moves at a good clip and I enjoyed the chase although the predictable outcome and the repetitive violent nature of the priest s investigative techniues left me feeling meh about the final. The FREE ebook preuel to Tarn Richardson's gripping upcoming novel THE DAMNED Visit or get your copy In the bustling streets of Sarajevo in June 1914 the dead body of a priest lies head shattered by the impact of a fall from a building high above As the city prepares for the arrival Archduke Franz Ferdinand grim faced inuisitor Tacit Poldek is faced not only with the challenge of discovering why the priest has been killed but also confronting other men. .
Third of the story I think the constraints of the short story form hindered potential character development and clever plotting in The Hunted Overall However this free preuel does provide a fast and helpful introduction to the author s style the world "of the Darkest Hand series and to the hero or rather antihero I m certainly interested in "the Darkest Hand series and to the hero or rather antihero I m certainly interested in the series to find out about this dark gritty world Recommended To Anyone intrigued by the idea of gritty world Recommended To Anyone intrigued by the idea of horror and urban fantasy set against a background of 19th century alternate history I would recommend skipping this preuel though and going straight to book I This feels like a prologue than a standalone story mainly published to promise series potential Plot 35Worldbuilding 45Characters 35Writing 35If you liked this review you can read of my speculative fiction reviews on my blog Well no messing about with this Preuel at only 45 action packed pages Straight into the action no holds barred Tacit Poldek a fighting the evils of the world priest comes across a plot for the assasination of the Archduke during a tour through the city I like this character already He seems to be an alcohol dependant cross between The Hulk and Hugh Jackmans portrayal of Van Helsing with all of their charm There are also secret societys The Catholic Church demonic possesion murder and then as if that is not enough a mention of a witch problem Then it ends so now i am really looking forward to reading the rest of these booksI originally rated this as a 4 star Now adjusted to a 5 star My reason for this is because I have now read the rest of the books that follow This book is a small snippet that leads into a huge plot It sets the pace that the others follow on from so for me i feel it is deserving of this change The Hunted by Tarn RichardsonA ripping preuel to The Damned Moves along at breakneck speed Something that the hero Tacit seems rather good at Is he a priest or a mercenary sent to save the world Nearly averts WW1 Ill udged timing or was it meant to be Who controls him Mind his dependence on alcohol could be death of him Not a book for bedtime This short ebook serves as a preuel to Richardson s full length novel The Damned first book in the Darkest Hand trilogy released in May 2015 This book and the full novel give the story of Church Inuisitor Tacit Poldek and his fight against the forces of evil It s actually not as simplistic as it sounds as supernatural forces exist in this worldIn this short story Poldek is in Sarajevo late in June 1914 and stumbles upon the plot to assassinate Archduke Ferdinand an act he attempts to preventIt is only a 45 page story so not a lot happens basically ust an introduction to the main character and some of the other characters who will feature in the trilogy The writing is solid and the plot engaging and I expect I will go on to the full series but most likely not until it is all available it s always nicer to be able to read a complete series rather than having to wait for the installment Tacit is an unlikely hero trying to unravel an assassination plot and oh by the way he has to battle demons werewolves and along the way. Aces the demon rumoured to be at large in the city and the conspirators of the Black Hand organisation who plan to assassinate the Archduke With terrible danger only ever one step away and his private demons silenced only by strong drink THE HUNTED introduces us to the damaged soul that is the unorthodox Catholic inuisitor Tacit Poldek It is a world both like and unlike our own but in which the Inuisition is alive and well yet existing in the shadows;. ,

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The Hunted The Darkest Hand Trilogy #05