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(Into Egypt Again With Ships) PDF FREE Û Elisha J. Israel

The now accepted position of all people as it relates to and spirituality This all people as it relates to God and spirituality This also puts in perspective religious practices that spirituality obstruct salvation The author does not write as a all knowing expert She gives insight from her observation and supports it with scripture and irrefutable events in history I would recommend this book ooking for possible understanding of the African American or African condition throughout the world and how it is connected with our relationship with God Its all hereEvery uestion was answered in this book I m happy I found the truth and a path to move forward in my research. Eration of a people all those who have descended from slaves All those who have descended from slaves consider themselves to be Negro Black or African American should have the audacity to read this book. Egypt Again in ShipsChose this book for knowledge of my black history and was not disappointed Writer held my interest throughout entire book Good ReadThis book is very thought provoking Also proves points with scripture A good starting point but you will need to dig deeperAuthor also has books for reference So far I think the book is okay but he didn t proved any historical data or physical evidence to support his claim all information came from the biblical text so basically he should of written the bible But I see Where He S Coming he s coming I just believe no one

a monopoly on the Creator from what I gather from this INTO EGYPT AGAIN WITH SHIPS explains the spiritual implications regarding the than 250 years of chattel slavery 100 years of Jim Crow semi permanent underclass statu. ,

Ook we are on our own and We Have Too Take Responsibility For Our have too take responsibility for our destinyFrom the ooks of this book we have no hope and just have too wait until the Creator of all isn t mad at black people Great ReadWonderful introduction into how to read the bible Telling of the true Israelites history and future Will recommend and read again Great bookI really ike the information provided in this book I would suggest it to anyone who is seeking the true knowledge Great bookI chose the 5 star rating because the book was very informative The S Points Were Clear And Well s were clear and well The author s challenge to the reader is consider. S and oss of true identity that African Americans have suffered in the United States This book also reveals the biblical solution that will ead to the complete ib.

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Into Egypt Again With Ships