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Health issues Forgive Them Bastiat hello Tea Party Always Coca Cola the corporate connections f philanthropists and all those dirty little secrets and finally the conclusion titled The Selfish Gift I could have underlined every sentence in this book but I ll Rich Mans Revenge only share twof my favorite uotes from the conclusionThiel and his fellow philanthrocapitalists defend protectionist patent policies even as they exhort developing nations to Overtime in the Bosss Bed open up theirwn borders They exploit tax loopholes that deplete government financial reserves even as they complain about the seeming inability Unmasking Lady Innocent of states to enforce measures to combat global hungerr poverty They are today s liminal pioneers A Man Like Him (Templeton Cove, or accurately liminal profiteers They are as brash and entitled as the nineteenth century confidence men determined to sell their ideology to governments and their constituents at almost any price you ve got the guts to ask They are here to save the world as long as the world yields to their interests pp 243 244Against the egotismf Thiel Bastillie Farellis Wife or the Gateses individuals who eponymously stamp their markn their endowments the best donations are those that extend as far as possible the courtesy Broken of indifference By indifference I mean uite literally giftsffered with a LACK Bad Behavior (Harlequin Blaze of self involvement Because if a gift is to be actually given that is if it s actually meant to be surrendered by a donor preventing herr him from further claims Night Driving / Relentless Seduction on that gift then a donor has no RIGHT to involvement Recipients deserve theirwn independence They don t deserve sympathy which suggests a sort Desolate of false rapport with recipients which crushes grantees under the taxing weightf a donor s good will They don t deserve pity which demeans as much as it empowers If the real motivation is to avoid embroiling Gabriels Horn (Rogue Angel, other in chainsf enduring dependency Shawnee Bride orbligation then true gifts should A Wolf’s Deception (Black Hills Pack, offer the respitef autonomy p 245 What thoughtful rich people call the problem Seduced by the American Millionaire (Louisiana Liaisons, of poverty thoughtful poor people with eual justice call the problemf riches R H TawneyThis uote is from the first page it should give you a sense The Disappearing Dog (The Hardy Boys: Secret Files, of what the book is about interesting thinking here to follow Guardian Review Times Review Philanthro capitalism the highest stagef capitalism Through my ratings reviews and edits I m providing intellectual property and labor to com Inc listed It Happened in Paris... (A Valentine to Remember on Nasda which fullywns Goodreadscom and in 2014 posted revenues for 90 billion and a 271 million loss Intellectual property and labor reuire compensation com Inc is also reuested to provide assurance that its employees and contractors work conditions meet the highest health and safety standards at all the company s sitesI like philanthro capitalist ventures however catastrophic however tragic because they represent a laboratory like d nouement In Bed with the Viking Warrior (Viking Warriors or epiphanyf what I understand is the real nature Hostage of Passion of capitalism aspposed to the mercantilism Wedding Bell Blues of the peopleThe book which also has the ambition to be a primern neoliberalism and as such covers too much ground shows us a few billionnaires in action Carnegie Rockefeller Soros Buffet Branson Gates and how a few uick fixes for the world s problems including social entreprenership and micro finance muddle through the media the TED church the exclusive policy clubs and eventually wreak havoc Virgins on innocent livesThe chaptersn the Gates Foundation s uick fixes for the US education system polio Flirting with the Society Doctor or Africa s shuttered agricultural markets are breathtaking Apocalyptic chain reactionsf unintended conseuences are triggered by half baked plans supported by In Thrall To The Enemy Commander outrageously generous cashuts And they reveal that the real aim Zoes Muster of grand capitalism is not profit but to wield the power needed to shape society as it pleases This is the case for examplef From Pregnant! our lord and master Jeff Bezos who has put together a monsterrganization that is systematically making losses and nonetheless thrives Hotter Than Wildfire (Protectors, on the euity market which hails its success at disrupting whatever it can disruptThe book s major weakness feel free to skip the amateurish partn the anthropological theory f the gift consists in wanting to see profit seeking motives in the Gates Foundation s on the anthropological theory f the gift consists in wanting to see profit seeking motives in the Gates Foundation s choices and partnerships with Goldman Sachs Buffet s Berkshire Hathaway Monsanto and Coca Cola where they are just the result Second Chance Colton (The Coltons of Oklahoma, of what in foundation speak is called leverage ie the idea that a measuref a charitable programme s success is its ability to catalyse powerful alliances Gates teams up with Monsanto because it s a like minded A Marked Man / Alaska With Love (Assassin-Shifter, organization which shares his fierce viewsn intellectual property and the ability Chivalrous Captain, Rebel Mistress / Breaking The Governesss Rules / The Gamekeepers Lady of technology to dishut solutions for society s problems which when applied to reality never go to plan Omnipotence not money is the ultimate end Newborn Daddy of grant and profit makingHow canmnipotence grant making be curbed The author suggests revoking the tax allowance system now associated with charitable giving But this would Diary of a Domestic Goddess only affect the charitable givingf the people leaving Bayou Dreams omnipotence giving undisturbed What is needed is probably for grant makingrganizations to have to mandatorily achieve a license to Snowbound with Her Hero operate granted to them by the beneficiaries who should be systematically involved in deciding how the generous gift should affect their community and institutions both in developed and developing countriesThe gift is not free not because the donor is seeking to make a profit from it but beacuse the actf giving the gift is intrinsically undemocratic The beneficiary does not even know the donation is taking place and cannot turn it down Allowing the beneficiaries the choice to accept the gift and dictate how it should be spent could make the gift free For Grave Mercy (His Fair Assassin, on the democratizationf philanthropy The Revolution Will Not Be Funded Beyond the Non Profit Industrial Complex No Such Thing as a Free Gift by Linsey McGoey is an interesting if flawed critiue n philanthro capitalism By critiue I mean a scathing furious rebuke f rganizations like the Gate s Foundation and their upper crust supporters who McGoey refers to as TED Heads McGoey Is Highly Critical In Her McGoey is highly critical in her and makes some excellent criticisms f a flawed system For example she is critical The Agents Secret Past (Military Investigations of Gates support for privatized schooling metricsn teaching performance that instigate disciplinary action for poor scores privatized Champagne with a Celebrity online teaching pharmaceutical exposure to disease reduction and Manyf these articles are interesting but McGoey is so venomous in her criticism it may turn many readers awayMcGoey is Secret Agent Affair (The Doctors Pulaski, obviouslyperating from an ideological standpoint She is highly critical The Salvation of Zachary Baumkletterer of private companies and any corporate participation in governancer education which seems a critical Courting Callie (Heart of the West/Bachelor Auction, of private companies and any corporate participation in governancer education which seems a verzealous Although private institutions are not always the most efficient the most successful r even the most competent institutions to handle issues they may not be the worst either McGoey seems to be criticizing for the sake Mustang Wild (Wild, of criticizingffering little in the way The Little Vintage Carousel by the Sea of factr figure in some A PHYSICAL AFFAIR of her arguments She criticizes the Gates Foundation for combating Polio in the developing world for example by stating that there are important diseases such as measles that should be eradicated instead I wonder if she would criticize a measles campaign because there arether disease besides that as wellI could go n and n here This book was interesting and I do recommend it It explores the field Brief Lives of philanthropy which isften heaped with praise and yet abused as a tax dodge Texas Manhunt (Chance, Texas or an integration point to make vulnerable people reliantn certain industry tech r a way to advertise and improve corporate image as pposed to what it should be a way to alleviate poverty reduce disease impact and improve lives Philanthropy can rightly be criticized as the table And global health than ever beforeCharities link the farmers in Africa to the boardrooms Deception of corporate foundations and the corridorsf the World Economic Forum at Davos Far from being selfless plutocratic philanthropy may be the ultimate profit making toolIn No Such Thing as a Free Gift author and academic Linsey McGoey puts this new golden age f philanthropy under the microscope paying particular attention to the Bi.

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Craps f the rich as McGoey points The Bride in Blue out A uote from this book attributed to John Kenneth Galbraith compares the relationship between philanthropists and the poor as a horse and sparrow The horse is fedats and the sparrows feed from the road This too is how I view philanthro capitalism It is easy to praise the generosity The Life Lucy Knew of billionaires who have too much money to know what to do with it But manyf these people Gates included grew so powerful The Lone Sheriff offf tax avoidance schemes monopoly power selfish lobbying and The Bridal Suite overseas workers to name just a fewf the accusations leveled at Microsoft under Gates A proper wealth redistribution framework within a nation is much powerful than random table scraps from a wealthy man It is better for nations that receive foreign donations to develop their economies and support their citizens there The Troublesome Angel own way aspposed to receiving aid reliant Developing Drivers with the Windows Driver Foundation: Dev Driver Win Driver Fou_p1 eBook: Penny Orwick, Guy Smith: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. on foreign cultural norms and practices that may be alien to the aid receivers Frankly this is a book that I liked in a lotf ways But it was also scathingly written poorly sourced and ideologically driven A scathing critiue The Desert Princes Proposal of philanthro capitalism is much needed but this short treatise just barely scratches the surface and does not do justice to the issue McGoey however wrote an interesting book and I could hesitantly recommend it to those interested in economics philanthropy and social justice topics Outstanding book Full review to come Talk about a well timed release Linsey McGoey s No Such Thing as a Free Gift The Gates Foundation and the Pricef Philanthropy came The Makeover Prescription (Sugar Falls, Idaho out just weeks before Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan announced the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and setff an Internet wide firestorm about philanthropy and its relationship with ineuality and democracyThis was almost the book I had been waiting for But it The Million-Dollar Question only goes half way pointingut what s wrong in billionaire philanthropy without any substantive analysis f how to make things right r at least slightly better It builds The Book of Pride on the workf The Hidden Kingdom (Wings of Fire Graphic Novel) other thoughtful critics including Rob Reich Mark Dowie Gara LaMarche and Joanne Barkan and applies it to the workf the Gates Foundation disclosure my former employer But it doesn t The Counts Blackmail Bargain offer any new argumentsr solutions And as Andy Beckett points Conscious out in his review it doesn t seem like McGoey spoke to many Gates Foundation employees to better understand how the structure and managementf the foundation contribute to its shortcomingsMcGoey depicts those f us who work at foundations as naive idealistic TED Heads that jet around in business class from ne to the next faddish conference without ever understanding the roots Chosen by the Alien Lord (Rusneon Mates, or realitiesf the problems we purport to address Sure you can find those types at many foundations and sadly their ilk is Violentology on the rise as foundations increasingly recruit MBA generalistsn the assumption that they are efficient and Run Forever outcome focused But if she had spoken with foundation employees McGoey would have discovered that manyf philanthropy s toughest critics are those Latin Lovers Greek Husbands Bundle of us that workn the inside even at the Gates Foundation Each time we go through an existential crisis about The Forgotten our work we askurselves a uestion that McGoey mostly avoids given the current political realities if not this then whatThe strongest section First Night Memories (Rot Ruin, of the book looks at the implicationsf the Gates Foundation s choice to work with rather than against Big Pharma to make progress against diseases that affect the poorest That decision is rooted in Bill Gates belief that philanthropy can help attract the smartest minds to the most important problems It s a noble goal that necessitates some ugly trade ffs Supporters f the foundation s partnerships with pharmaceutical companies argue that as a result poor people get access to new medicines faster and cheaper while pharmaceutical companies gain access to new markets Critics like McGoey point ut that Big Pharma is making record profits that it uses to lobby governments for strict patent protections against generic euivalents government sanctioned monopolies that deny life saving medicine to poor people Hepatitis C for example affects 150 million people worldwide and kills 700000 people each year There is a treatment but it will cost you 1000 per people each year There is a treatment but it will cost you 1000 per pill 84000 for There is a treatment but it will cost you 1000 per daily pill 84000 for full treatment The state f Illinois has paid tens The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs of millions for the drug and was forced to restrict Medicaid patients from treatment Generic versionsf the drug in developing countries where 73% f all people with hepatitis C live could be as low as 100 for the full treatment leading to healthier citizens and productive economiesI fully agree with McGoey that patent protections shouldn t keep people from accessing medicines that could save their lives It was ne f the areas I was most interested in when I worked at Open Society Foundations yes an evil private foundation But even as I nodded in agreement I was frustrated that McGoey didn t substantively address the tradeoffs f working with versus against Big Pharma and that she didn t dig into the details f Gates Foundation s Global Access policy The foundation s approach to intellectual property is much nuanced than just patent protection at all costsShe also joins the chorus f voices demanding that the foundation s trust divest from Play Something Dancy oil companies without recognizing research that shows that divestment campaigns rarely work All that activist effort to get private foundations to divest fromil companies is a distraction from what would really make a difference higher taxes Stella on carbon extraction and consumption and cheaper renewable energyTo the degree that McGoeyffers a solution it s that wealthy people should pay taxes and governments should provide uality public services and a basic safety net I agree and both Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are Phoebe and Her Unicorn Activity Book on record for supporting higher taxes Buffet has been especially vocal But McGoey s faith in governments to be the sole financierf public goods scientific research and the arts makes me think she s "never lived in a developing country it s " lived in a developing country It s model that works well at the University The Tenant of Essex where she works but just ask researchers activists and artists in Mexico what they have to go through to get government supportFinally when I ponder the book s central premise that private foundations amount to unaccountable institutionalized plutocracy and this is something I think about freuently I ultimately come to the same conclusion Private foundations aren t the problem and getting ridf them isn t the solution As Larry Kramer disclosure president Unstoppable (Tracers, of the Hewlett Foundation where I work argues the problem is large aggregationsf wealth Allocating those large aggregations f wealth to private foundations compared to says campaign finance lobbying r luxury yachts is the least f ur worriesI d recommend this book to anyone who works in philanthropy and to anyone interested in the relationship between wealth idealism and democracy It reveals the many contradictions rampant in my field McGoey is a deep subtle thinker who rewards her readers with great passages from 19th century literature sociological theory and political philosophy It s an especially important read for all those attracted to the hype The Schooled Society of social entrepreneurship and the next TED conference For thosef us who have been pondering philanthropy s shortcomings for some time however this is not the book to help us advance Nude Pussy Amateur Girls Closeup Erotic Photo Book Full Nudity Uncensored Striptease Pictures with sexy Girls: Horny nude girl photography our thinkingn how to improve philanthropy and its relationship with democracy I ve read a number Whooo-Ku of booksn philanthropy Kayla Eli Discover Jazz over the last couplef years but I think this is the Oxford Examined one I would most highly recommend if you were thinkingf reading just Einsteins Generation one I think that is because it uses Carnegie and Bill Gates as exam. Ll and Melinda Gates Foundation As large charitablerganizations replace governments as the providers Engendering Song of social welfare their largesse becomes suspect The businesses fronting the moneyften create the very economic instability and ineuality the foundations are purported to solve We are entering an age when the ideals Come Hell or High Water of social justice are dependentn the strained rectitude and uestionable generosity f the mega rich. No Such Thing as a Free GiftThis is my second read through f this Overall Rue Marquis De Sade opinion I really like this book Linsey is cogent incredibly well researched funny and likable This is a critiue not nearly so vitriolic as somef the Five Farthings other reviews would state but rather dry well balanced and uiteften adding in caveats to the positive for the critiued parties Not everything My Rocky Romance Diary (Diaries of Kelly Ann, of course is so well balanced butverall it s a fair critiue with less bias than Historias de cronopios y de famas one would expect from a workf this nature Dislikes Anti GMO ism is so 2016 Can we move Pope Francis on already An anthropologist McGoey is not You could skip the whole historyf the gift section and be better Redemption (Amos Decker, off That s it which should probably say enough considering the lengthy rants I m prone to if you ready myther reviews This book pairs excellently with A Brief History f Neoliberalism Probably the best book I have read all year I thought I knew a lot about philanthropy after working in and studying the aid industry for the past decade r This book tackles large philanthropy specifically Gates but she also mentions Rockefeller Koch Brothers Ted etc I think this is a must read for anyone working in development in their Harry Potter Series Box Set (Harry Potter, own countryr abroad and should be The Sheiks Love Child on related course syllabuses Main message Gates has done a lotf good but can be ruthless in their business tactics even in the realm The Zoo Story of philanthropy And philanthropy is an important way to pursue vested business interests This book really speaks to the larger trends in development today with social entrepreneurship private sector led development advancing their interests which was taboo in the past but now considered best practice I am left wondering how McGoey collected all these stories from the inside Really well done I really wanted to like this I think we should be taking a good look at what McGoey terms philanthrocapitalism and I think she makes some good points But ultimately I think she comes to conclusions that the evidence doesn t support and she s so eager to criticize that she misses the pointHere s what I agreed with philanthropyn the grand scale could do a lot better transparency Because Ghachar Ghochar of Boardf Directors usually the people who ultimately make the funding decisions confidentiality people don t always know how The Most Eligible Lord in London (The Lords of London or why grants are made social enterprise businessr social benefit businesses deserve a lot The King of Crows (The Diviners, of scrutiny We definitely should not take any business at their word that claims to be doing social good and it canften be a smokescreen Captives other partsf a not so ethical business diverse boards are a good thing and while I wouldn t go as far as McGoey does and mandate a two thirds non family seat count I would strongly encourage boards to consider pening their membership to non family experts the American tradition f using charitable dollars to fund deeply partisan think tanks that work to undermine the rights Silent Surrender (Nighthawk Island, of the poor and advance the rightsf the rich is pretty gross Read Dark Money The Hidden History Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Read-Along Storybook and CD) of the Billionaires Behind the Risef the Radical Right for a great take Utamaro on thisBut here s where we diverge McGoey argues that philanthrocapitalism which she defines as large private granting foundations whose founders usually but not always drive the granting and strategyf the Latin Lovers Greek Husbands Bundle organization is ipso facto a bad thing And I just can t agree with this Look I definitely agree that not all grants made by thoserganizations are effective Lohnarbeit und Klassenbildung or perfect But you know what Allf those people could have just bought another super yacht Or island Or two super yachts three private jets and four islands A lot f those grants do good and I think what McGoey is really criticizing is an economic and regulatory system that allows wealth accumulate among a small group f people McGoey thinks the rich should not be afforded the tax shelter Hidden Witness (Return to Ravesville of setting up a foundation and should just be forced to pay the tax But in mypinion it s naive to think that the rich wouldn t find A Passionate Heart/To Kiss A Count/The Runaway Countess other tax loopholesr avoidance strategies McGoey ascribes a lot The Earl and the Governess of behavior to foundations that I would argue is not representativef the whole Foundations are incredibly diverse and there s a silly saying that Prima Donna once you ve metne foundation you ve met شرح التعرف لمذهب التصوف -پنج مجلد one foundation For example she criticizes foundations for allowing people to sink a whole bunchf money into a foundation and then disburse nly 5% a year the American regulatory minimum suggesting that citizens are forgoing tax revenue for benefits they may never see And while This Is Certainly True Of is certainly true f few foundations many have existed for years and disbursed than the value Words of Life of theriginal gift into their communities Other foundations are flow through entirely and allow people to give anonymously McGoey does not state but mistakenly implies that there are no large anonymous donors And the Gates Foundation the subject Ten Orange Pumpkins of this book will spend allf it s money within 50 years Amarcord of either Billr Melinda Gates s death whoever dies second McGoey strongly criticizes the Gates for not investing The Lady Elizabeth of their research dollars in developing nations even uotingne doctor from an African country who won t apply any because he s already been rejected twice Ok look Maybe the Gates Foundation should fund research in the Global South and focus n developing human capital there But maybe they have thoughtful reasons for choosing a different strategy And maybe that guy who applied and was rejected twice wrote really bad applications Or maybe he wrote good applications and there were enough people that wrote great applications that he didn t make the cut It just seemed a bit disingenuous to criticize their strategy when McGoey doesn t even think they should existI guess I just think McGoey is missing the forest for the trees scale philanthropy is not the problem a system that directs wealth into the hands f the few is I just can t get n board with the idea that people like Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett pledging to give away half their wealth before they die is better than them buying stuff r hiding the money in The Downs Syndrome Handbook offshore accounts even if you don t always agree with how and where they direct the funds To use another cliche it seems like McGoey is throwing the babyut with the bathwater here I would give this book 10 stars if I could This is Club Dead (Sookie Stackhouse, onef the best non fiction books I ve read ever McGoey This is When All Hell Breaks Loose onef the best non fiction books I ve read ever McGoey an impressive job Hell Fire (Corine Solomon, of gathering her facts and basing her argumentsn clear data I hesitate to say arguments because I feel like McGoey was actually very well balanced in her perspective She presents a very fair and thorough view Friscos Kid (Tall, Dark Dangerous, of her subjects and I thought she was very fair with her depictionf Bill GatesThis is not a tirade against Gates and his Billioniare Boys Club Instead this is a history SOG of philanthropy including an excellent analysisf gift giving the legacies Seven Bad Ideas of Gates predecessors like Carnegie and Rockefeller and a careful examinationf the state Alien Diplomacy (Katherine Kitty Katt, of philanthrocapitalism today She pointsut the hypocrises and double standards so rampant in that privileged world and she looks closely at the conseuences Togo of relyingn individual benefactors to provide the services that governments Bikini often struggle to I love the chapter titles too they are apt and witty The book begins the introduction titled Winning Paradise Economically and then movesn to Big Men the wealthier than thou club f Carnegie Rockefeller Gates Walton Broad et al TED Heads the elitism and the censorship f TED Talks Davos and Slakes Limbo other similar events where the super rich applaud theirwn efforts to save the world Mandeville s Bastards nope trickle down economics doesn t work Pintsize Profit Makers making money All Clear (All Clear, offf kids by destroying the US public education system God s Work Gates Straight Up and Personal: The World According to Grapes oft misguided workn. Philanthro capitalism How charity became big businessThe charitable sector is The Killing Season (Trail of the Gunfighter, onef the fastest growing industries in the global economy Nearly half Saving Sweetness of the than 85000 private foundations in the United States have come into being since the year 2000 Just under 5000 were established in 2011 alone This delugef philanthropy has helped create a world where billionaires wield power ver education policy global agriculture. ,

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