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Ovel I feel a little uncomfortable being negative about these kinds of books This was a horrific time when some terrible atrocities were committed and I applaud the author for *ALWAYS FOCUSING ON THE UNKNOWN BUT *focusing on the unknown but less true parts of history Many of us know the tales of German and Polish Jews during the Nazi reign far less know what Lithuanian refugees faced Even fewer will know of the tragedy this book is about I like that Historical fiction that teaches me something is always appreciated However a few history lessons is truly all I TOOK FROM THIS BOOKTHE STORY IS from this bookThe story is in very short chapters of 2 3 pages sometimes just a few sentences and the perspective jumps between four different people Joana Florian Emilia and Alfred Personally this didn t work for me We spent so little time with each character before moving on that I constantly felt distanced from them never making an emotional connection In the beginning the rapid movement between perspectives even made it difficult to follow the storySepetys for me writes some of the mo. Dvancing Red Army The ship was overcrowded with than 10500 passengers the intended capacity was approximately 1800 and than 9000 people including 5000 children lost their lives Sepetys writer of 'Between Shades of Gray' crafts four fictionalized but historically accurate voices to convey the real life tragedy Joana Joana Vilkas your daughter your sister She salt to *The Sea I Ve Waiting For This Book Ever *sea I ve been waiting for this book ever I finished reading Between Shades of Grey back in AugustI ll admit that I had very high expections for this book and I m lad that every single one of them was met I could not stop reading Salt to the sea I kept telling myself just one chapter just one we all know how well that works I enjoyed reading from every main character and view spoiler wished we ot to read at least one chapter from Ingrid s point of view before she died hide spoiler Such a beautiful yet tragic story Ruta Sepetys has such a way with words Video review to come 45

This Book Was Beautiful It 
book was beautiful It onna take a minute for all my thoughts to set in Video review to come I try I really do but Sepetys s war stories do nothing for me Yes I know I m in the minority I was one of few who didn t love her debut Between Shades of Gray and much preferred her second book Out of the Easy Now she returns to World War II and once again I don t Citrus: A History get itAs with her first While the Titanic and Lusitania are both well documented disasters the singlereatest tragedy in maritime history is the little known January 30 1945 sinking in the Baltic Sea by a Soviet submarine of the Wilhelm Gustloff a German cruise liner that was supposed to ferry wartime personnel and refugees to safety from the ,
St detached accounts of WW2 atrocities It honestly *shouldn t be that hard to evoke sympathy *t be that hard to evoke sympathy some feeling for these poor people but I Building the South Side: Urban Space and Civic Culture in Chicago, 1890-1919 genuinely felt nothing You know those expendable people thatet Cite Right: A Quick Guide to Citation Styles--MLA, APA, Chicago, the Sciences, Professions, and More gunned down in movies while the hero runs from the baduys The ones who the camera brushes over and we never think about again That is how I felt when learning of all the casualties and brutality in this bookThe book is told in one long tedious journey and features many flashbacks that failed to piue my interest THE PRESENT IS LITERALLY ABOUT THEM present is literally about them across the icy landscape and having to show their papers to one soldier after another before finally etting to the boat they want to board I m sorry but it was so boringMaybe I could put it down to recently reading a fast paced exciting and horrifying book set during the Second World War Front Lines but to be honest I just think the author s war stories are not for me I m an emotional reader and this kind of narrative leaves me coldBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Stor. Lithuanian with nursing experience; Florian a Prussian soldier fleeing the Nazis with stolen treasure; and Emilia a Polish irl close to the end of her pregnancy converge on their escape journeys as Russian troops advance; each will eventually meet Albert a Nazi peon with delusions of randeur assigned to the Gustloff dec.
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