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At I feel like they re actually friends of mine I love that feeling and it s something that s often hard to inspire through the written word so I applaud Aaron for thatJulius the world s nicest dragon is growing into himself and beginning to stand up for what he believes As one of the youngest smallest dragons in the Heartstriker clan he is often overlooked or viewed as weak due to his kindness But he is a dragon to watch and his kindness is most definitely not weakness Julius is intelligent and crafty and loyal and those traits inspire loyalty in others Then we have Marci who is a firecracker of a human mage with a weird spirit bound to her She s Julius s friend and business partner and they have the hots for ach other It s adorable Marci is loyal and incredibly intelligent but she s also fool hardy and headstrong which often leads to trouble I ll be honest I found her just the teensiest bit annoying in the first book Not so here She was sassy and Democratic Art: The New Deal's Influence on American Culture emotional and intelligent and talented and loyal and strong and just all in all a very well rounded characterWhile these two are our main characters we also have the other dragons be they Heartstrikers or Daughters of the Three Sisters We get character development from Justin Julius s closest brother and the Knight of the Heartstrikers Chelsie Bethesda s Shade and the most terrifying dragon in the Heartstriker clan but one with a soft spot for her nice baby brother and Katya the youngest Daughter of the Three Sisters and the unlikely ally and friend of Julius We also have Amelia a new dragon mage on the scene She is immensely talented and incredibly uirky choosing to spend the majority of her time drunk and on other planes ofxistence until recent Obsession: An Erotic Tale events brought her back to her own And then there s Bob Bob is just about the mostccentric character I ve come across in any book and I love him for it Even though he acts like he hasn t a care in the world you can see the scarily sharp mind behind the facade He s a puppet master playing Confederate Cities: The Urban South during the Civil War Era everyone using his amazing abilities as one of the three dragon seers on the planet But while dragons all always out for their own good Bob is determined to also do what s best for his family the Heartstriker clan I have to say though that I m dying to see how the pigeon comes into play That has to be one of the weirdest petsverThis was a compelling story and it s a series I can t wait to continue Especially since the next book should provide some backstory on Chelsie who is absolutely fascinating What I love most about this series is its brightness It s fun and light Is there tension and drama Yes Any book without those components would be boring and feel meaningless But I always felt certain that things would all work out in the Convents and the Body Politic in Late Renaissance Venice end There s just a levity to the series that s refreshing So much of the fantasy genre is dark andven though I love the genre it s like a breath of fresh air to find something this light Also there s a severe lack of dragons in urban fantasy and I really love seeing them in this setting I highly recommend this series to anyone looking for something hopeful in the fantasy genre 5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum had to wait at least a day after finishing One Good Dragon Deserves Another to write my review lest I just Edicts of Asoka end up gushing incoherently like a madwoman That s because this book was simply amazing Not only did it manage to beven better than the first book a magnificent achievement in itself considering how awesome Nice Dragons Finish Last was and how much I already loved it to pieces it s also now vying for t Actual Rating 45 StarsSo this is the installment where the series really grabs you by the face sits you down and forces you to see a much bigger picture than you thought possibleI m sort of amazed because I ve never had such a great relationship with any Urban Fantasy I ve picked up before this oneThe first most noticeable difference for me personally was the huge improvement in Aaron s writing style Where there were patches of unnecessary repetition occasional over description the overall feel of this novel was much smooth concise I m actually uite impressed to see an author close such a gap in the span of only one bookGiven the tone of the first one I wasn t 100% sure the story would venture into such Upgrade Soul escalated territory and I ve never been happier to be so wrong The stakes in this book jumped from maybe a 3 4 to a full fledged 10 which isxactly what I needed to happen to bring this series to the next level for meAs with the first I still stand by the idea that the characters are one of the absolute best aspects of the series It s bursting at the seams with a diverse ver growing cast ach so individual realistic to interact with It s not often that a clear character preference doesn T Emerge After I Get emerge after I get bearings in a series but truly I Elizabeth I: Translations, 1544-1589 enjoyedveryone and I can only find myself looking forward to how they will grow developSpeaking of characters my feelings about Marci specifically have changed I did like her in Nice Dragons Finish Last but in this book she really stood out for me Marci is uirky intelligent and she s grown a lot on her own but also her relationship with Ghost is developing into something worthwhile it s uite fascinating to be party toMy only real ualm with this book is that there are a large number of Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist events that all cram themselves into a very short space of time The seuence ofvents seems like it should take much longer than it does and that resulted in the progression of time feeling a bit clunky to meIf Nice Dragons Finish Last did not grip you I implore you to give this second book a chance before writing the series off It s addictive charming in its ccentricity with plenty of fire to back up its smoke 5 count them 5 StarsThis series is a lot of fun for me and delightfully ntertaining I wish I would have written a review as soon as I finished so I remembered all the great deets but alas there are so many books and I forgot I hadn t stopped to tell veryone how great this one isI m usually not a huge fan of beta boys Overall they can be a little boring but not Julian he has so much chaos going on around him there is no time for him to be boring at all Everything in this story happens in a matter of days and so it all goes pretty fast and very nonstop and Julian gets thrown into the middle of it all I blame Bob Julian should blame Bob too since his brother and the Seer of the Heartstriker clan has positioned Julian into the middle of all of his machinations Schemes to foil plots to thwart naps to resume you know how it is This book really developed of the world and all of the magic in it It was crazy all of the magical battles and finding out what Marci s ghost cat really is I was surprised so very surprised and a little bit afraid to be honest I found this to have some greatly original ideas in it that were totally cool Plus we get to meet a few of Julian s siblings and I think all of them are a little on the terrifying side specially when one takes AN INTEREST IN MARCI BUT ONE OF THE THINGS interest in Marci But one of the things totally loved and that made me bump up my rating which was at 5 stars anyway so I guess we are at 55 stars now was this You know that moment in so many books that you read when Geeky Girl A is given an ultimatum by Bad Guy B and they are painted into a corner with the choice they make Then there is that moment when they think I should confess to Cute Boy C what just happened but then they decide that NO bad idea I ll just hide it and then later at Inopportune Time D someone Imaginary Runner else can out their secret and then Emotionally Manipulated Scene E happens and Robin s Eyeroll of Disappointment F happens We all know that trope well right And I thought it was going to happen in this and I was pre internally groaning because I was so disappointed since I was loving the story AND THEN the strangest thing happened THE CHARACTERS COMMUNICATED they actually had a grown up conversation and then worked as a team to solve it Needless to say that made me love the characters Th the Three Sisters Julius has become a key pawn in Bethesda the Heartstriker’s gamble to put her clan on top Refusal to play along with his mother’s plans means death but there’s going on thanven Bethesda knows and with Estella back in the game with a vengeance Heartstriker futures disappearing and. This is one of those series I just find a whole heap of fun It s filled with From Cottage to Bungalow: Houses and the Working Class in Metropolitan Chicago, 1869-1929 exciting ideas about bloodthirsty dragons the lady of the lake humans mages and the first book I definitelynjoyed than I anticipated and this one was Fresh Water exactly the same Filled with action and drama and lots of good twists from the Dragon Seers who can influence the future I just think it s pretty greatWe re once following Julius one of the youngest Heartstrikers Dragons who is currently sealed because he annoyed his mother the great leader of the Heartstrikers She s trapped him in mortal form and so he s living with a human and trying to make a business from magic and helping people He s just a bit too nice Suddenly his mother shows up and tells him she needs him so he s dragged off to be a part of a large meeting between the two most powerful dragon clans Hends up getting dragged back into the drama far than he wanted to and things get French Daguerreotypes even mad after thatW The littlest dragon and his benevolent family are finally backand they are crazier thanver Longer wait for seuel totally paid off because this book was pure unadulterated fun OGDDA is set only a month after the From Notes to Narrative: Writing Ethnographies That Everyone Can Read events of first book justnough for Julius to become comfortable thinking he wiggled out from Bethesda s clawsbefore it all goes to hell Dragon politics is like a mix between Game of Thrones and Survivor and Marcy and our baby dragon are dragged right in the middle of it Oh and there is also pesky little annoyance of Alonguin s famous Dragon Hunter after JuliusBook 2Book 1I think I flew through this in one sitting because simply it was hard to put it down Story picks up pace right from the start and considering there is a time stamp on our characters they can t catch a breather Plot was definitely complex and convoluted comparing to first book but immensely fun because of it There is this part where we finally get some xplanation about magic system and origins of dragons and while it should have been info dumpy I found it really interesting and asy to understand Can we have drunk Amelia s lectures alwaysI loved the idea about DFZ from book 1 and here we got some xplanation of reasons behind Alonguin s actions and reclamation business and I am really looking forward to read where will author take her story next One of my favorite things was Marci I was kind of indifferent toward her after first book but she came into her own here She was going toe to toe with predators and she was smart geeky and awesome all at once Ghost and her became serious players and I really like how author vened the ground between her and Julius and other dragonsBut it s not just the fact that Aaron stepped up her game considerably Twelve Days of Pleasure expanding her world building and bringing some newlements to the table this is the book where we really see why series is called Heartstrikers this is where readers become truly invested not just in Julius but in his ntire clan The story is all about Heartstrikers and their weird family dynamic I freaking love Julius s siblings Bobduh Justin newly introduced Amelia A melia and new favorite Chelsie what the hell happened in China have a lot of page time and I could have read ten times pages of their banterDid I mention that Bob is the best Thank you for contactingEveryone s Favorite Heartstriker Alas all of our seers are busy at the momentFortunately for you I already know what you re calling about Rest assure that Your Concern will be addressed in the order in which it was received Assuming I care andor rememberHearts and kisses your infalliblebrotherBob Seriously not a dull moment 5 I just finished listening to the second book of the Heartstriker family dragon saga and I am stoked This is turning out to be one of my favorite new series Ms Aaron has found the right map to my heart and it is populated with dragons Although I love Julian him being all idealistic and adorable and all Marcy is still the stronger character and her potential is unlimited But I am I love with Chelsy and Katia They stole the show for me in this one upstaged only by the oldest Heartstriker daughter now there is a lady I would love to guzzle some Margaritas with I do feel bad for the ntire white dragon clan after all the colemeties at the Gustave Caillebotte: The Painter's Eye end and hope our guys help them settle the score If there was something I was not too found of it was the ruling committee thatveryone agreed on for the Heartstrikers It doesn t seem like a good idea for a clan of power crazy manipulating Grand Illusion: The Third Reich, the Paris Exposition, and the Cultural Seduction of France egocentric and back stabbing dragons to rely on consensus for law and order I foresee many issues because of it and it will make a dent in Julian Marcy relationship The dude who does the narration of the Audible version of the book is amazing He is a perfect fit for the characters and I thoroughlynjoyed itI know I sound very fangirly but I really had fun with this one and am very impatient to get the next one Recommend it for fans of fantasy in urban setting and DRAGONS Need I say The seuel to Nice Dragons Finish Last was an improvement in very way possible There is just so much of verything which made the last book Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild enjoyable that the series is shaping up to be a fantastic one The worldbuilding wasxpansive as we get to see and learn about the magic of dragons and of the spirits of the Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets earth Rachel Aaron has created a really uniue setting for this series and the backstory of how dragonsnded up on Electromyography for Experimentalists earth was truly captivating Even though thexposition can sometimes come across as a bit of an info dump I was too happily lapping it all up to be really bothered about itThe development of the characters was wonderful While Julius was still as nice as Forgetful of Their Sex: Female Sanctity and Society, ca. 500-1100 ever you just cannot mistake him for being weak and definitely not stupid With the machination of his oldest brother who was one of three dragon seersver in xistence Julius was placed as the central chess piece towards an ndgame which relied on his uniue un draconic personality to succeed It was frankly uite masterful Marci s magic potential grew by leaps and bounds and what was ven intriguing was the development of her relationship with her spirit which comes in the form of a ghost cat This is definitely one human to watch out for The growth of her romantic relationship with Julius was also handled well I hate plot devices where characters don t communicate or talk things through Fortunately this was not an issue here Julius older siblings were truly the icing on the cake Crazy Amelia the Planeswalker uirky Bob the Seer awesome Chelsie the Shade and obnoxious Justin the KnightChampion ach and Wicked Loving Lies every one of them is great in their own special way and they were much fullyxplored in this instalmentAbout one third in the La heredera del mar everscalating vents made it ver so hard to put the book down There were loads of revelations and cool action set pieces replete with awesome displays of magic And it was all wrapped up in an xciting dge of the seat climax which was then followed by an arth shattering vent I am absolutely hooked on Heartstrikers now This review can also be found at Booknest Full review now postedI didn T REALIZE HOW MUCH I NEEDED DRAGONS IN MY realize how much I needed dragons in my Man this book was so much fun It was Aramaic Bowl Spells: Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Bowls Volume One everything I was hoping to find in the first book and then someMy issues with the writing feeling unpolished and clunky in the first book were completely nonxistent in this follow up The prose transcended being simple sentences on a page and disappeared until I wasn t seeing words on a page but instead saw the vents of the book playing out like a movie in mind That is the highest compliment I can pay to a fantasy novelist whose prose is merely a vehicle for the story they re telling SUCH AS BRANDON SANDERSON WHILE I LOVE BEAUTIFUL PROSE as Brandon Sanderson While I love beautiful prose that crafted by Rothfuss and Kay I also appreciate stories that become so real in my mind that the prose disappearsThere was so much character development in this book Seriously the characters we met in the first book were cute and interesting but a bit two dimensional In this second book they are fleshed out so well th. After barely scaping the machinations of his terrifying mother two all knowing seers and countless bloodthirsty siblings the last thing Julius wants to see is another dragon Unfortunately for him the only thing dangerous than being a useless Heartstriker is being a useful one and now that he’s got an in wi.

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N this Geography of the Gaze: Urban and Rural Vision in Early Modern Europe even and I liked that there wasn t any insta love There is attraction between Julius and Marci and there is a friendship there first and foremost so that it is believable that they have feelings for one another and that those feelings might be changing into something romantic I love how they work with one another and try to let the other person be who they are and trust them Plus I really get who Marci is and I love her superxcitable and inuisitive nature You mean like dragon healing magic Marci asked Groove: An Aesthetic of Measured Time excitedly Cool How does that work Julius couldn t help but grin at that Leave it to Marci to bexcited about the magical part of her magical first aid than the actual aid You ll have to ask her he said nodding at Ysolde who d gotten her orders from Katya and was now walking toward them at a stately pace It didn t seem possible but Marci looked One Wild Weekend evenxcited than before Eeeee Is that one of the Daughters of the Three Sisters She looks like a freaking Valkyrie This was totally worth getting smacked into a wall for There are some really great and crazy plots going on it this and I am so Forgetful of Their Sex excited to continue on with this series What an unexpected Gem It s OFFICIAL The Heartstrikers series now belongs to my shelf of Favorites YEYWarning This review contains lots of blabbering fangirling and random fanarts done by me so no suing ok For higher res gerynhtumblrcomThe story begins a few months after the first booknds and what a start it is We finally get to meet Bethesda the BossMother of the Strongest Dragon Clan and some of her older children We also have a few Naturally Naughty Wicked Willing epic Bob and Justin scenes that made me want to sueal There was a short period starting at around 30% up to almost the middle of the book where there was just talking info dump and not muchlse But in a few moments F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby everything changes and there is dragons fighting to the death Followed byven amazing scenes and character development and just pure awesomeness Don t get me started on the last 10% Ok ok story so Julius the runt in his family and the only truly nice dragon in the world and Marci an ultra powerful and Walled (The Line, easilyxcitable magician Julius s best friend and business partner are having some great time saving stupid humans from love spells gone wrong and dangerous magical creatures Things aren t perfect but Julius has never been happier in his life far away from family Cruel Attachments: The Ritual Rehab of Child Molesters in Germany expectations UNTIL Until he s whisked away by his mother to the Hearstrikers stronghold and forced to participate in dragon politics As if Julius isn t mortifiednough being in such proximity to his older aggressive and power hungry siblings he also has to deal with members of the Three Sisters clan trying to kill him and a scary premonition about the destruction of all Heartstrikers And where on arth is JustinCharactersJulius and MarciJulius If there was a character I was slightly concerned about it was Julius I was worried that his nice ness will start to annoy me that he wouldn t grow as a character and that I ll get tired with him being so kind and considerate I know a few of my GR friends were still a little bit disappointed in the nd but I wasn t Julius DID volve for me and best of all he learnt to stand up for what he believes in no matter what He doesn t lecture veryone any but when he does try it s hilarious he is not afraid to fight for his friends and I really Tempting Fate enjoyed seeing the dragon side of his personality I definitely like himven now And don t get me started on the last 10%Marci Marci s actually pretty awesome here I m really curious to see how her and Ghost s story will develop in the third book I m glad to see her proving to be super useful and not bragging about it as much Plus she s perfect for Julius and they are adorable together Marci and JuliusJustin I loved loved loved Justin I almost regret not seeing of him and Julius interacting Despite being clutch mates Justin can be the complete opposite of his nice little brother and their uarrels and misunderstandings are hilariousJustin and JuliusSometimes it feels like Justin is the comic relief character but apart from Julius for me he s the most loyal and actually the nicest Heartstriker around He cares about his siblings far than he lets on and he IS willing to go overboard for his family ven for his mother Nevertheless he s still rather overambitious and full of himself a typical dragonJulius and JustinBethesda We also finally get to meet the Mum The big Dragon Boss of the most powerful clan in the world Bethesda is one brutal and ferocious hell of a lady who doesn t mind manipulating her own children and getting rid off them if they disappoint herI also accidentally drew her looking a bit too young But then again dragons don t really age BethesdaAmelia Another new addition to the cast is Amelia The ldest of Bethesda s children and the heir of the Heartstriker s clan And I ADORE her XD AmeliaDespite "being one of the most powerful and crazy "one of the most powerful and crazy around she isn t that interested in gaining her mother s favor or overthrowing her Amelia would much rather prefer to spend her days on a tropical beach drinking alcohol and One Giant Leap enjoying the peace and uietUnfortunately being the sole survivor of Bethesda s first clutch she s also her mother s biggest threat and main target for her assassins Bethesda and Amelia Conrad Bethesda s bodyguard and the largest dragon in the family I am intrigued by Conrad hope we get to see of him in the third book Chelsie and ConradChelsie I wish I had an overly protective older sister like Chelsie Who knew that Bethesda s cold blooded assassin will have a soft spot for her little brothers Haha anyways Chelsie was brilliant in this book She was one of those characters that I thought were very 1 dimensional and predictable when I started the series I was of course completely wrong By thend of the first book I Knew The Characters Especially knew the characters Apocalyptic Cartography especially ruthless and nasty dragon siblings were complicated than they first appeared but now my heart is shattering into tiny little pieces thinking about view spoiler Bob s unreuited love for Estella and Chelsie s slavery to Bethesda sniffsniff hide spoiler 455 starsSimply a superb improvement in ualityOne Good Dragon Deserves Another is the second book in Rachel Aaron s Heartstrikers series and it is a VAST improvement from the first book The first book was a 35 stars read for me this book received 45 stars rounded up on Goodreads from me Urban fantasy is really not my favorite genre and that s why I m completely surprised by how much Injoyed this book The story itself isn t ven something special it s great of course but it s the combination of all the other lements in the book such as the characters action seuences world building #and prose that made this book so damn compelling to read #prose that made this book so damn compelling to read just flows impeccably wellIt s been a long time a month and A Bride for McCain eleven books to be precise since I was thisngaged in reading a book Heck I Heart and Soul / Almost Heaven even thought that I was near a reading slump or something because the pastleven books have been a mix of bad mediocre good great but none of them were amazing The first book Nice Dragons Finish Last was a part of SPFBO 3 competition it s such a shame that the competition can only count the first book understandable but still a shame because this book alone blew very book or winner that I ve read in the history of the competitionThere simply isn t any dull moment in the book One of the missing aspect of the first book despite it being fun was an ngaging and tense plotline Aaron fixed this completely here making the first book simply a prelude and introduction to the world story and characters There were a lot of moving parts in the storyline and although Aaron finished the main storyline in this book if you take a close look beneath the fa ade of the main story it s obvious that Aaron is saving a lot of plotline for future revelations this means Bob s grand plan surrounding Julius and I can t wait to find out how it all will play out The story was also tense but at the same time it was still lighthearte. Algonuin’s dragon hunter closing in the stakes are higher than ven a seer can calculate But when his most powerful family members start dropping like flies it falls to Julius to defend the clan that never respected him and prove that sometimes the world’s worst dragon is the best one to have on your side. One Good Dragon Deserves Another