EBOOK (The Conueror's LadyThe Mercenary's BrideHis Enemy's Daughter) À Terri Brisbin

Ide His Enemy's Daughter Once irresistible to women Soren Fitzrobert's life was changed forever by a brutal wound Now Soren has taken revenge by claiming his Enemy's Daughter Left Temporarily daughter Left temporarily by his invasion innocent Sybilla trembles before the scarred barbarian But it's not ntirely out of fear Forced into marriage Sybilla must surrender to Soren's seduction one sense at a ti. The Conueror's Lady To save People And Lands The Lady Fayth Is Forced To people and *lands the lady is forced to a powerful Breton knight Brave *the lady Fayth is forced to a powerful Breton knight Brave honourable Giles Fitzhenry is a born warrior who has never been able to shake off the shame of his illegitimate birth Giles has conuered all but the ultimate battle will be for his new lady's loveand her utter surrender The Mercenary's Bride Brice Fitzwilliam is awar. ,
Ded the title and lands of Thaxtednow the warrior waits to claim his promised virgin bride But Gillian of Thaxted will be no man's prize She will however submit To The Conuering Knight's the conuering knight's physiue and dark piercing yes Brice thought he would pleasure his new wife out of duty but it's become a nightly pleasure The chink in his armor will be if he gives his heart to his new br. .

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The Conueror's LadyThe Mercenary's BrideHis Enemy's Daughter

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