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The Legends Club


Don ship to Navy as their ship sunk the basketball game I not remember #not remember Williams as Dean Smith s assistant the between these two men was very interesting especially after Williams left and went to Kansas and then during the times Coach Smith talked to Williams about returning to NC to take over as head coachStories about Dean Smith were hilarious I have always pictured him as a curmudgeonly man but I know his players and coaches loved him I think that this is why his dibilitating illness was so shocking to everyone around him The final visit when the Krzyzewskis went to see Dean and his wife was absolutely heartbreakingThe history surrounding Krzyzewski and Madison Suare Garden was intriguing The tribute that was done by the Duke Players NC Players when Duke played Madison Suare Garden was intriguing The tribute that was done by the Duke Players NC Players when Duke played was beautiful especially when this moment was also shared by Coaches Krzyzewski Roy Williams It was sad but in the end it was hilarious because curmudgeonly Coach Dean Smith really would not have liked all of the pomp and circumstance offered in his honor He always said Never be proud of doing the right thing just do the right thing And I sincerely believe that he would have said do it without drawing attention to the situation A very well researched bookFinally in the words of Dick Vitale all of these coaches are part of the All Michelangelo Team Coaches who are brilliant artists at work For those of s who live and breathe any one of these three ACC basketball teams UNC Duke or NC State this is nostalgia It is reliving our memories some that make Real Love us so happy and some that are infuriating because all of our love and passion is for one of these teams and we have none for the other two Mine is for the my alma mater and belovedniversity The University of North Carolina I did however gain a deeper The Rhetoric of Reaction understanding and some greater measure of respect for the other two coaches if not the programs they ledlead It looks beyond their public personna and shows a side that the other two fan bases don t always consider Well done I enjoyed the walk down memory lane especially the walk with a man for whom I have great respect not only for his coaching ability but also for h I m a bit rusty in the art of reviewing books right now and though this may not mark a triumphant return for me this read moved me enough to put that aside John Feinstein is a prolific and talented sports writer particularly in the college basketball world This time last year with the Madness of March fast approaching I read his Last Dance Behind the Scenes at the Final Four and found The Legends Club is a story about the passage of time and coming full circle with the coaching legacies of Dean Smith Jim Valvano and Mike Krzyzewski The stories this book tells convey the depth of their intense rivalries yearly chase for national titles of top ranked programs the battle for coveted recruits and the nuanced personalities that each of these coaches brought to their respective programsThe stories of Valvano and Coach K begin in 1980 where they assume control of basketball programs in the highly competitive ACC basketball conference at NC State and Duke While these two new hires acclimated to their new roles UNC s legendary Dean Smith managed a highly respected and successful national program despite the fact that he was chasing his first championship for the Tar Heels Each of these coaches would achieve great success leading highly recruited players to a collective eight titles and countless Final Four appearances Amidst their in state rivalries each coach endure With two nonfiction bestsellers sitting on my table I reached first for John Feinstein s The Legends Club I m a fan of his sports books and I ve even read some of his books on golf But this time he covered my favorite basketball conference the ACC and three remarkable coaches The subtitle is Dean Smith Mike Krzyzewski Jim Valvano and an Epic College Basketball RivalryIt s the perfect time of year to discuss the three men who coached in North Carolina bringing one National Championship after another to the state But theniversities themselves couldn t be different and the men who coached the basketball teams couldn t have been different Now only Coach K is left the one who climbed the highest pinnacle But from his earliest days at Duke and Valvano s days at North Carolina State they coached in the shadow of Dean Smith at North Carolina It was his state he recruited the players from the state and the newspapers covered and loved his program But Feinstein despite being a Duke graduate manages to write beautifully about all three coachesIn March of Rt time as head coach of Army and worst of all no one could even pronounce his name The announcement caused head scratches if not immediate calls for his head and on this note his career at Duke began      The table was set nine days later when on March 27 1980 Jim Valvano was hired by North Carolina State to be their new head coach The hiring didn't raise as many eyebrows but with the exuberant Valvano on board two new coaches were now in place to challenge Dean Smith and the most sensational competitive decade in history was about to The Ghost Light Kids Get Hooked unfold      In the skillful hands of John Feinstein this extraordinary rivalry and the men behind it come to life in aniue intimate. How would you feel if you were coaching against North Carolina s Dean Smith Personally I would be very afraid In John Feinstein s book The Legends Club he describes three of the best coaches in basketball ever and how they competed against each other and other teams This book falls into the category of historical fiction In 1980 Duke and NC State had just hired two new head coaches Mike Krzyzewski and Jim Valvano This led to an intense decade of basketball between these three schools There were three main characters in this book Dean Smith Jim Valvano and Mike Krzyzewski If you know a little about basketball these three People Are The Pinnacle Of Excellence At are the pinnacle of excellence at there sport Dean Smith coached at North Carolina for thirty six Years They Were The Best Of The Best The Top They were the best of the best the top the food chain The year 1980 was huge for college basketball Two new coaches had arrived at NC State and the prestigious Duke both in the same conference as North Carolina Jim Valvano got the head coaching job at NC State Jim was a great man a man that someday I want to be like He treated everyone the same with love kindness and much glee He treated his players the same way He wasn t the best technical coach in the world but he knew how to get the best out of his players Mike Krzyzewski arrived at Duke with lofty aspirations He s had the privilege of coaching some of the best college basketball players ever Christian Laettner for example is probably the best player to ever play in college He won two national championships in his four years at Duke Those championships would be the first two for Duke University and Coach K Coach K and Coach Valvano are great coaches but they were no match for the veteran Dean Smith While losing a lot to Deans teams over the years in a way they were winning They gained much knowledge through defeat they figured out how Dean was successful In this book you ll see how three men can be great friends as well as fierce competitors I give this book a five out of five stars There is so much juicy and interesting information about these three men and schools that I didn t know I thought John Feinstein did a fantastic job of giving a lot of really cool info without making it too long with his choice of words I also enjoy analyzing and watching basketball It would ve been cool too watch Dean Smith fiercely coach North Carolina in his hay day but Feinstein paints a pretty good picture in the mind of what it was like All in all this was a fun read The book sometimes descended into the fate of so many sports books knitting together statistics and records of seaso OUTSTANDING Picture me screaming this from the rooftopsJohn Feinstein brilliantly weaves together the coaching lives of three of the greatest coaches in men s college basketball Dean Smith Mike Krzyzewski and Jim Valvano all three from North Carolina schools and all of these schools within 20 25 miles of each otherSome interesting tidbitsThe interactions with their players those they were recruiting as well as other coaches staff people was fascinating Even though Krzyzewski and Bobby Knight did not speak for a number of years Krzyzewski still applied principles that he had learned from his mentor One which I thought was especially interesting Don t be afraid to call an early time out if you need itI also loved seeing through the story Krzyzewski run out onto the court and grab the front of a player s jersey get in his face and tell that player that he did not lose a game for them he helped them get that far This was a fabulous opportunity to mentor a young player and he did it the right way I can picture another specific coach doing the complete opposite I cried buckets during the part about Jim Valvano s illness and death I remember this time vividly It s hard to believe that it s been almost 23 years since we lost this funny and dazzling man Had he lived Valvano would have turned 70 this yearValvano once said that there are three things you should do everyday 1 Laugh 2 Think 3 CryValvano s legacy in the form of the Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research aka the V Foundation is a most poignant gesture Don t give Grey (Fifty Shades, up don t ever givepValvano once said Cancer may rob me of my physical powers But it cannot touch my mind it cannot touch my heart and it cannot touch my soul Those parts of me will live on forever The information surrounding the Duke Navy game at the beginning of Chapter 21 was in a way hilarious and yet I could totally get Krzyzewski s intense feelings and the attitude they conveyed about this particular gameI literally laughed out loud when I read about the Duke fans chanting Aban. The riveting inside story of college basketball's fiercest rivalry among three coaching legends University of North Carolina's Dean Smith Duke's Mike Krzyzewski and North Carolina State's Jim Valvano by the king of college basketball writers #1 New York Times bestseller John FeinsteinOn March 18 1980 the immensely powerful Duke basketball program announced the hiring of its new coach the man who would resurrect the team restore glory to Duke and defeat the legendary Dean Smith who coached down the road at UNC Chapel Hill and had turned UNC into a powerhouse Duke's new man was Mike Krzyzewski The only problem was no one knew who Krzyzewski was he had a so so record in his sho. .
980 in a nine day period MIKE KRZYZEWSKI AND NORTH hired Krzyzewski and North State hired Jim Valvano Krzyewski was thirty He had played and coached nder Bobby Knight coached at Army At thirty four Valvano was coming from Iona Valvano was instantly a hit with the media Coach K Feinstein says Every single day he found himself competing against an icon and a rock starFeinstein writes a beautiful book about that competition He takes readers to the games to the highs of the wins and the lows of the losses And although all three coaches competed on the national stage their greatest rivals were each other Feinstein didn t have the chance to interview Valvano or Smith for the book but over the years covering basketball in North Carolina he had numerous opportunities to interview both He interviewed Coach K and the widows of both of the other coaches a number of former players and coaches It s a remarkable basketball bookFeinstein otes Keith Drum of the Durham Morning Herald as saying repeatedly There s a lot of hate in this league He was talking about the coaches But Smith and Krzyzewski and Valvano found their way to respect In fact Krzyzewski and Valvano formed a strong bond after Valvano left coaching went to ESPN and then learned he had cancer The three chapters in which Valvano s cancer is covered made me cry Everyone who follows college basketball knows the Jimmy V story and his heard his heartbreaking speech at the ESPYs just eight weeks before he died Jim Valvano comes alive through the words of people who loved him especially his wife Pam And he comes alive through Feinstein s bookI could go on forever We Love You, Charlie Freeman uoting stories from The Legends Club It s the perfect time of year to pickp a book about three remarkable coaches Do yourself a favor If you love college basketball love the rivalries the coaches and the characters of the sport try The Legends Club Should you read this book 1 Are you a UNC Duke or NC St fan If so your excuse for not reading this book is invalid You HAVE to read it You ll probably even walk away with an added respect for your team s nemesis 2 Are you at least modestly interested in college basketball If so you ll find this book fascinating Read it If not skip it 3 Would you like to grow as a leader If so this might be worth your time It can t hurt to learn about some of the greatest leaders basketball has ever known 4 Do you have a heart If so you ll be moved by Jimmy V s battle with cancer Dean Smith s dementia the relationships that formed between these 3 men In 1980 North Carolina was already established as a legendary basketball program with a legendary coach Dean Smith That year the two biggest rivals of the Tar Heels Duke and North Carolina State hired Mike Krzyzweski and Jim Valvano respectively That led to a decade of intense basketball between these three schoolsJohn Feinstein considered by many to be one of the best writers of college basketball captures the spirt of this three headed rivalry by telling the story of not only the successes on the court of these three coaches but by also exploring what made each one of them so intense despite having distinctly different personalitiesFeinstein is a no nonsense writer as he tells stories of the recruiting wars between the three the intensely competitive fire inside each one against one another and insightful stories that bring the reader inside the mind of each coach Feinstein gives each time eual time through the time that all three coached However I felt that Feinstein did his best work when writing about the discovery of Valvano s cancer and all that happened The Messy Accident (An ABDL Story) until his death in 1993 The stories have been told before but not like this Feinstein should also get extra kudos for getting Valvano s widow to openp so freely about the loss of her husband This section made for some of the best reading in the entire book Readers who have enjoyed Feinstein s previous books on college basketball such as A Season on the Brink and The Last Amateurs will enjoy this one as well Covering the game and the three schools who were coached by these three legendary coaches in his It Looks Like This usual informative style The Legends Club is a book that every basketball fan should add to his or her collectionI wish to thank Doubleday Publishing for providing an advance review copy of the book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review The Legends Club Dean Smith Mike Krzyzewski Jim Valvano and an Epic College Basketball RivalryBy John FeinsteinKindle Edition5 StarsIf you like mens college basketball you will love this book You might love it a little if you are an ACC fan or alum which I am It s about. Way The Legends Club is a sports book that captures an era in American sport and culture documenting the inside view of a decade of absolutely incredible competition Feinstein pulls back the curtain on the recruiting wars the intensely personal competition that wasn't always friendly the enormous pressure and national stakes and the battle for the very soul of college basketball allegiance in a hot bed area Getting to the roots of the NCAA goliath that is followed religiously by millions of fans today Feinsteinses his nprecedented access to all three coaches to paint a portrait only he could conjure The Legends Club is destined to be one of Feinstein's biggest bestseller. ,